Chapter 266: Ten Thousand Swords Subdue Demons(III)Zhong Tongzi: …

Bai Wuxia: …

Wind Reign Sect’s Sect Leader: …

Dragon Sovereign: “Alliance Leader can teleport between swords. He must be jumping from sword to sword and rain destruction upon the demonic sect.”

Zhong Tongzi: “I heard that Alliance Leader has ten thousand swords.”

They were shaking in fear, That’s what you call a monster through and through!

Since when were teleportation arrays toys?

Ten thousand swords darted over the Demonic Domain, extending Alliance Leader’s reach to every demonic sect!

Zi Tianzang: “With Alliance Leader keeping the demonic sect busy, we need to speed up our war preparations!”

On a gloomy night, Zi Tianzang stood on Astral Immortal Sect’s mountain peak. He empowered his roar with spiritual power, “War is coming, a war where the outcome is unclear. Only if we fight to the death will one side collapse and end the war. By Alliance Leader’s order, Astral Immortal Sect is to move out!”

Stars shined above the sect as flying sword followed one after another in cutting the sky. They carried cultivators eager for battle, tearing apart at a ten thousand li cloud in its path.

Steel Ox Valley.

A horde of black oxen shook the earth as they galloped in front of the valley. Countless hardship cultivators held their spears, spurring on their oxen to get to Sky Canyon faster. Steel Ox Valley’s Sect Leader was waving his spear in the lead of these hundred thousand strong soldiers, “By order of Alliance Leader, we march to Sky Canyon to engage in war! We were born in Steel Ox Valley and we shall give our lives on the battlefield!”

A group of reckless men urged their oxen to go faster, “F*ck that demonic sect up!”

“True men don’t fear death!”

“We will ask heaven who in this battle shall be forgotten in the flow of time!”

The horde of black oxen charged without rest, leaving the Sect Leader to eat dust, covered in a pile of dirt. The Sect Leader coughed a mouth of dust and cursed at the Steel Ox Valley disciples, “These little bastards almost choke me to death!”

Yan Mountain.

Zhuo Qingyao wore red clothes and had Obelish strapped to her back as she descended the mountain. Three thousand Lords were waiting in silence on the praying mats at the foot of Yan Mountain. They shouted in unison at the sight of her, “Head senior sister!”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded and walked on the stage where Chen Ming held his lectures, “By Master’s order, all Yan Mountain disciples are under my command! The demonic sect rains terror, Ghost Immortal causes destruction, in times of imminent crisis such as these, Yan Mountain will leave its lands to bring peace to the continent. All Yan Mountain disciples, lead your Regalia Regiment and move out!”

The endless Yellow Sea was soon tinted scarlet from Regalia Legion’s march. The sky, the earth, all gained a red hue as Yan Mountain bared its fangs and claws in this great war.

A mortal kingdom.

The people looked to the sky to see drifting scarlet clouds, casting their aura over and beyond them. “What’s happening?”

“What is going on with that red cloud?”

“Look, there’re immortals on the cloud!”

“Millions of immortals…”

The people looked in fear and kowtowed in quick succession, “Please spare us, immortals!”

“We were good!”

But a moment later, the red cloud was gone, unclear of its heading.

“What happened in the immortals’ world?”

“They’re so many immortals in the world!”

“A great battle must be unfolding!”

Many kingdoms witnessed this unique scene perhaps the first and last time in their lifetimes. They used to stay hidden, hardly coming out in the world, but recently, people whispered sightings of immortals flying int the sky and rushing in a direction. Others saw hordes of black oxen stampeding out of a gorge!

They seldom saw one cultivator for tens of years yet now, like an overgrown river filled with carps, they saw them in droves!

A cultivator unable to advance to the Dao Initiation realm said, “The Will of Heaven has arrived and all cultivators are striving for ownership!”

But mortals’ guesses did not influence the war. The struggles of cultivators were something mortals couldn’t control and the only thing left was to resign themselves to fate.

The righteous armies were in a rush to reach the battlefield at Sky Canyon, to play their part in this war.

Among the deployment, Chen Ming knew of the importance of Jade Void Temple and stationed the four Sages along with a million cultivators for defense.

Ghost Immortal was sealed there.

This was a war that affected every corner of the continent. From the Dao Initiation realm and higher, all cultivators joined the war effort. The demonic or righteous faction, having held a grip on this continent for thousands of years would finally have a decisive battle to settle on its sole ruler.

The next day, Wu Jiang saw how more and more circles were added to the map, “Chen Ming is no immortal, and can’t keep releasing magical arts. The time will come when he will run out of spiritual power, the perfect chance for us to kill him!”

Then he asked, “How long has it been since Chen Ming’s last appearance?”

The reporting Demon Sovereign was so tired he was about to faint but answered after some thinking, “Fifteen minutes!”

Wu Jiang smiled, “He must be recovering his spiritual power. His last location was Night Demon Sect, and there’s a teleportation array near there. We will go there and kill him!”

A crowd of demonic cultivators followed Wu Jiang to the teleportation array.

Chen Ming was dead tired, “I can’t take it, I’m dying. This exhaustion is too much, I’m going back to Yan Mountain.”

Chen Ming always carried Yan Mountain’s teleportation sword. He blinked on Yan Mountain then walked beneath the Heart Enlightenment Tree and jumped. He hugged Bifang Crane close to his chest, “Little green, don’t move, let me catch my breath!”

As the spirit of a Heaven Spirit Vein, it was rich in spiritual power. Chen Ming hugged Bifang Crane and used all his remaining strength to take big gulps of air. With 800+ Dao Palaces working around the clock, the spiritual energy was transformed into spiritual power. Chen Ming snickered, his mood returning, and stole the dry fish from little carp’s hand and threw it in his mouth.

Then, well, little carp was rolling on the ground bawling his eyes out.

“I say, you guys’ appetite is still large. What, I only ate a single dried fish, so why so upset?”

Chen Ming took another couple of gulps of air, face content, “How exhilarating, one more breath!”

Bifang Crane was helpless as it turned its head, face crimson.

Chen Ming took a curious peek at him, expression weird, “You can’t be a female, can you?”

Bifang Crane rolled its eyes, “Even a male would feel awkward to how tight you’re hugging!”

Chen Ming was honest, “You don’t understand, breathing is to some what cat loving was to others. They would see the cat, snatch the cat, pet the cat, sniff the cat. And I sniff you. What’s wrong with that?”