Chapter 267: Eating and SingingWu Jiang was leading his people to Chen Ming’s last sighting when Demon Sovereign came to report, “Head Sect Leader, he moved again!”

Wu Jiang halted, including the people behind him. They saw how his back figure was increasingly frightening.

The unrivaled paragon Wu Jiang has been mocked at, not once but countless times, by Chen Ming in a single day.

He was the first under heaven, one that shouldn’t be provoked.

Wu Jiang snickered, “Since he avoids direct confrontation, I will force him out! There’s a saying in the art of war: ‘If the enemy is swift, attack what he protects’! Let’s see what happens if I storm Jade Void Temple. Will he show up?”

On the second day of his ongoing slaughter, Chen Ming found the enemy recalled his troops, converging on Wu Jiang under an Autarch’s lead.

“Does Wu Jiang plan on gathering all forces to counter my attacks? ”

“Not a bad plan.”

“Since you left the door wide open, myself shall begrudgingly take a stroll about your home, to see if there’s any good stuff inside.”

Demonic sect’s gate.

Chen Ming found no sight of demonic cultivators, with just two words on the gate: Demonic Sect. Only Wu Jiang’s headquarters could have them in this entire Demonic Domain.

It would have been far harder for Chen Ming to enter but, now that the place was empty, it couldn’t have been easier.

Chen Ming passed the gate, into the Demonic Sect, but his awareness picked no one. Li Suyi and Sacred Maiden must have been transferred someplace else.

Cultivation methods and the like should still be here, right?

Chen Ming was walking towards the Scriptures Pavilion and, from a rough glance, the Demonic Sect’s layout entered his eyes. This Demonic Sect sure is a battle sect. All it has must be from robbing. There’s nothing useful here at all. He didn’t go to vex the spirit here since not even an Autarch could get the Heaven Spirit Vein’s spirit. Even the wind fiend patriarch had no chance of snatching his spirit vein’s spirit. The one here must have Wu Jiang’s spirit pact so taking it wouldn’t work. He’d just had to look for scriptures.

Chen Ming roamed his eyes over the books, Good, very good. They’re all here.

He took the first one he saw and, in two hours, the place was empty while his storage ring was fuller.

I wonder how many Dao Seeds will I form with this harvest.

Wu Jiang’s force was in the course of mobilizing. The righteous faction now has time to deploy. But the more I kill the more help I give them on the battlefield.

Chen Ming flashed back to the cliff, then blinked through each of the other nation weapons, just in case he might bump into the moving army.

Of the 72 demonic sects, not all paid in tens of thousands of spiritual knowledge, but the total did bring him to two million. Things were different now. If he were to bring a never before cultivated Dao Palace to the Divine Palace stage he would, more or less, need twenty thousand spiritual knowledge.

The amount he had was enough for a hundred Dao Palaces. He was never one to linger on things and squandered every point, all for the sake of progress.

With more than a hundred Dao Palaces now at the Divine Palace stage, Chen Ming’s Heavenly Tribulation became harmless. A flicker of Dao Empyrean Bamboo was enough to scatter it. But since Chen Ming wanted to understand the Heavenly Stellar Array in the Heavenly Tribulation, he took the day to overcome it. The outcome was a hundred and more stars populating the Star Chart on his back.

With this effort, Chen Ming’s danger value finally worked its way to 6300, a genuine Sovereign’s power!

But even so, he still scrapped the idea of skipping stages and challenge against Wu Jiang. It’s pure nonsense. Doesn’t that Autarch have multi-layered auras on him?

Skipping stages must conform with the basic law of being a youth!

Even when duking it out with the assassin, Chen Ming had to use a super special and unique Farmer God Sword Art to win, mind you.

While he was passing the Heavenly Tribulation, he thought it would be good to also search for demonic sect’s army.

Seven days later, beneath Jade Void Temple.

In the murky night, Wu Jiang motioned for a full stop. He chuckled at the sight, “I was wondering what was their plan and it seems those four geezers set up camp here.”

Seventh Sect Leader, Bi Yuesheng smiled, “Head Sect Leader, we will seize Jade Void Temple in one fell swoop and free Ghost Immortal!”

Wu Jiang smiled, “They must be thinking we’ll return to Sky Canyon, never crossing their minds we will use such a radical plan!”

By Yuesheng snickered, “Let’s see how many of us seven Sect Leaders, besides fourth, will these geezers manage to block!”

Wu Jiang said, “This is a rare occasion. These four half-dead senile fools are the only ones who can hold me back. If even one dies, these lands shall belong to me! We have to kill these fools for good this time!”

Wu Jiang drew a five-foot-long and one-inch-thick saber, dark-red in color and keen blade. He smiled, “This is called Assemble of Talents, the one I used in killing all those demonic cultivators to climb to my position as Head Sect Leader. Today is a fitting chance for it to kill those four geezers with it! Let’s go!”

The four Sages were living it up. The battle was going down at Sky Canyon anyway, and they weren’t needed as of yet. They started eating hotpot in Jade Void Temple. Astral Sage dipped a piece of pork in the pot and put it in his mouth, “Oh, the taste is magnificent. Sages, dig in to your heart’s content!”

Sword King Pavilion Sage tried the mutton, “I recall those times when we were filled with vigor and ambition. Yet eight hundred years passed by without notice, with us growing older with each passing day.”

Snow Mountain Sage said, “We were called the Four Righteous Princes. What fond memories they were, those days of hunting monsters and banishing demons!”

Tie Yi Sage said, “Do you recall that one time when a talented girl wrote us a poem?”

The four exchanged a knowing smile, “Proudly drawing a sword and overlooking the lands, who can outlast the vicissitudes of time. Wait for day’s beautiful light, and the sword shall come.”

The four were enjoying food and singing, filled with exuberance. Then the mountain collapsed…

A shout came from the sky, “If the old don’t die they turn to deceit. Old geezers, Wu Jiang has come in King of Hell’s stead to take your lives!”

The four jumped in the sky and saw Wu Jiang in the lead of the seven sect leaders, glaring at them like tigers!