Chapter 268: Clash of GiantsThe Sages were shocked, Why is Wu Jiang here?

There had few Sovereigns while the enemy came with eight sect leaders!

Wu Jiang was enough to hold them off, but now that there were an extra seven sect leaders, it was the same as getting killed!

Astral Sage said, “Notify the Alliance Leader!”

The latest news baffled Chen Ming. After a week-long killing spree, he got another hundred Dao Palaces at the Divine Palace stage and bumped his danger value to 6800. He found it odd how there was no word of Wu Jiang after all this time.

His compass shook all of a sudden. One look was enough to give him a startle.

Grave news!

Wu Jiang took demonic sect’s Autarchs and launched a surprise attack on Jade Void Temple!

What to do?

Chen Ming stashed the nation weapon, There’s no time to think. The bell was tolled!

Let’s first see if it’ll reach enough people. He teleported next to Zhuo Qingyao, “Are there any Autarchs nearby?”

“Zhong Tongzi is three li that way!”

Zhuo Qingyao rushed to Sky Canyon and so did Zhong Tongzi.

Chen Ming flew to him without any delay on the way, thanks to the Alliance Leader title. He kicked Zhong Tongzi’s tent flap just to burst into him and his female disciple scrambling for clothes. What the hell did I just witness?

“Are you guys modeling? In the camp?”

Zhong Tongzi was darting his eyes all over the place, but nodded at his words, “Alliance Leader is all-seeing. That’s exactly what it looks like!

This mix up almost caused Chen Ming to lose track of the matter at hand. He gave himself a face-palm, Why did I even bother coming?

“Uh, right, Wu Jiang is attacking Jade Void Temple. You are to come with me and provide support!”

Zhong Tongzi glossed over what happened and exclaimed, “What!? Wu Jiang is attacking Jade Void Temple? Alliance Leader, let’s go!”

Chen Ming returned to Zhuo Qingyao and opened the teleportation array on the spiritual sword, “Come!”

Chen Ming jumped in and landed on the cliff. He put away the spiritual sword he just used and activated another teleportation array, “This array leads to Yan Mountain. It’s the quickest way to Jade Void Temple. Hurry!”

The two sped through the Yellow Sea, straight for Jade Void Temple. Chen Ming found the speed a bit slow for his liking. Without a second thought, he pulled a five-colored cloud and said, “This will speed things up. My cloud is really fast!”

Zhong Tongzi didn’t hesitate and climbed aboard. Chen Ming gauged the direction and shouted, “Hang tight! Here we go!”

A thunderous boom was left behind as a beam of light ran straight through a mountain. Zhong Tongzi almost got thrown off, but being an Autarch and all helped. He said, “Alliance Leader, how many men does Wu Jiang have?”

Zhong Tongzi only now got to ask the crucial question.

Chen Ming sat on it for a bit, “Didn’t you check your compass?”

Zhong Tongzi’s face was aflame, “Because of this and that, I had no time. I will look now.”

Just this glanced almost poped his heart off in the clouds!

No freakin’ way!

All of the demonic sect’s Autarchs are there, and so is Wu Jiang!

Even if the four Sages block Wu Jiang, there are still those seven Autarchs to deal with!

The others won’t make it in time. Are we to fight seven of them with just the two of us?

“Alliance Leader, can I jump off?”

Chen Ming skidded to a halt, then eyed Zhong Tongzi, “Why the sudden request? I never knew you had such a righteous air around you. What a fearless and strong hero!”

Zhong Tongzi was puzzled, “What do you say that, Alliance Leader?”

Chen Ming pointed below. Zhong Tongzi glanced down on seven demonic sect Autarchs staring back at the two unexpected guests, “Pff!”

“Alliance Leader, let me puke first!”

Chen Ming rolled his eyes, No one is better than my Qingyao. Under the symphony of retching noises, Chen Ming turned to the seven Autarchs, who’s eyes spat endless rage!

Second Sect Leader’s lone arm shook and a Taiji symbol at him spun around it, “Chen Ming, you’re a pain in the ass to find!”

Zhong Tongzi straightened his waist, “He is cultivating the Yin Yang Harmony Art. Gathering yin to replenish the yang. The yang energy is enough to burn the heavens and boil the seas!”

“None of our righteous faction’s eight Autarchs are his match!”

Chen Ming stared at the red-clothed Second Sect Leader, “Is that guy that strong?”

In the sky, Wu Jiang led the other six sect leaders into pushing the four Sages in retreating. The four Sages were also Beneath Immortals but had dim auras.

Yet those auras were something like Rash Youth Aura, Fine Black Hair Aura, Glorious Prospects Aura. No wonder xuanhuan novels say the old grow weaker. How do you even activate these old auras?

At least give them Old me Outchats Youths Aura!

How could they beat Wu Jiang without the help of auras?

Second Sect Leader eyed the two and smiled, “For you two, I am enough. As for them, once they finish they will soon join us in playing with you!”

By the time he finished, the Sages had long flown further away.

Chen Ming wasn’t one to waste time on senseless talk, “Attack!”

Zhong Tongzi had no choice, and he couldn’t even run. This battle is lost, the situation is dire. Ghost Immortal is about to come out and all we can do is meet him head-on!

Chen Ming flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo while tacking stock of his teleportation spiritual swords. Only five were left. If the rest weren’t in Demonic Domain then they were on his disciples. Better than nothing!

In a blink, ten thousand swords filled with sword intent roamed the battlefield. A glance over the compass told him the other Autarchs were in a mad dash to his location. I can only attack for now!

“Ding! You triggered a mission, ‘Battle of Giants’. Only a true and powerful expert, who can suppress heroes with his sword, can be called one of the two rulers of this continent. Please draw the attacks of the seven Autarchs! Reward: 500,000 spiritual knowledge, 60,000 fame.”

Oh, hell!

You’re expecting one to beat seven?

Chen Ming rose his head, taking in the whole war zone. Wu Jiang’s saber art swiped in the sky crumbling tens of mountains! The shockwave drifted over blowing up the righteous cultivators on the ground. That alone wiped out a hundred thousand of them.

In such a battle of Autarchs, not even a Sovereign had value. “All except Zhong Tongzi are to retreat to a safe distance!”