Chapter 269: You Must Have Worked Hard for Your Cultivation to Reach thus FarThe cultivators retreated under Chen Ming order, while the Demonic Autachs ignored them. They came here to for the Sages!

Chen Ming released his sword swarm and covered the battlefield with a thought.

Chen Ming sensed his teleportation swords’ position, wanting to enter the fight, but the Second Sect Leader had other plans. Yang fire roamed around his body, blazing towards the skies, and becoming a red hot sun in an instant, “Chen Ming, where you go, I’ll be there to fight you!”

The Second Sect Leader was like a sun, warping his vicinity with his heat. The earth dried as he moved his hand into sending an exploding palm!

Chen Ming eyed him and waved Dao Empyrean Bamboo as a sword, cutting the yang fire palm, then blinked over to Wu Jiang’s battle!

His style was to always show up at those secondary targets. He blinked behind Seventh Sect Leader, Bi Yuesheng, who was now unfolding his arms and was about to strike Astral Sage with ice spears!

Chen Ming struck with Dao Empyrean Bamboo at Bi Yuesheng, who sensed it coming and condensed a three-inch-thick Origin Ice behind him.

The ice got blown away in chunks, and despite not receiving any wounds, it still sent him into coughing blood. Bi Yuesheng glared irritated at Chen Ming, “You’re dead!”

Yet Chen Ming was already behind Third Sect Leader. He devoted his life to cultivating a fist art to perfection, the Six Daos Demonic Fist!

“Beneath the six Daos, all are dust!”

Demonic energy surged as Third Sect Leader was about to launch a fist at Sword King Pavilion Sage. But sensing Chen Ming’s arrival, he turned and struck behind him. Chen Ming released the Conquering Immortals Art clashing with his attack. In mid struggle, Chen Ming grabbed Third Sect Leader’s hands!

Conquering Immortals Art and Six Daos Demonic Fist collided, sending Chen Ming flying for ten li while Third Sect Leader went even further!

Third Sect Leader raved, “Chen Ming, you think you are enough to mess with all of us?”

Third Sect Leader wanted to attack when a second glance told him Chen Ming was back to Wu Jiang and the four Sages’ battle, behind Fifth Sect Leader.

Mo Tu sensed his coming, and a tremble from him sent the rivers and mountain imprint on his cloak straight at him. Caught off guard, Chen Ming had no choice but to take it head-on.

Mo Tu turned and laughed, “Chen Ming, you know nothing about me. My back isn’t a weakness!”

Chen Ming wiped the blood from his mouth and reappeared next to Mo Tu launching Conquering Immortals Art. Qiongqi and Flood Dragon flew, blowing Mo Tu out of the fight.

Chen Ming saw how there were still three more Demonic Autarchs in Wu Jiang and Sages’ battle. This couldn’t be allowed. He blinked, this time behind Ninth Sect Leader’s back. He saw the others were taken by surprise so he had his guard up. He sent a ghost claw at Chen Ming!

Wu Jiang said, “They’re only two. With Chen Ming’s slippery style, if we keep ignoring his constant meddling, you won’t ever help me. Deal with him first and leave these four old fools to me!”

The seven nodded, with Second Sect Leader saying, “Elder brother, be at ease and leave it to us. We will avenge fourth brother!”

Chen Ming’s heart eased a bit as the seven Demonic Autarchs were rushing over. I finally left some room to breathe for the Sages. The question now is, how do I fight seven of them?

Chen Ming glanced at Zhong Tongzi, who clenched his teeth when he sensed his look, “No choice! Below my eyes, all shall be laid bare!”

Zhong Tongzi’s pupils flickered as he charged Second Sect Leader.

Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched. This fool can only hold one of them.

Six is six anyway. As the Demonic Autarchs had him surrounded, Third Sect Leader spoke, “This punk’s style is erratic. Make sure you don’t injure each other!”

Third Sect Leader was set on punching Chen Ming, who resisted with Conquering Immortals Art. Then Bi Yuesheng came from behind with an ice spear!

Chen Ming blinked away and the two pulled back, avoiding friendly fire.

He blinked, but four Sect Leaders were waiting for him. Mo Tu’s landscape imprint bore down on Chen Ming, to crush him to pieces!

The Star Chart flew up and held the landscape at bay!

The Ninth Sect Leader swished his sleeves, sending a ghost claw with each arm, “Ha-ha-ha, how will you run, now that I have you trapped?”

The claws sent sparks in contact with Chen Ming. The Ninth Sect Leader raged, “This punk is also a hardship cultivator!”

Chen Ming’s body wobbled as Eight Sect Leader’s attack reached. His perfected skill was Endless Water Leg. A thin layer of water covered his leg sending a river with a swipe.

Chen Ming stumbled back from the kick, with blood dripping from his mouth.

One versus six is no way to live!

Don’t come to me with others being unparallel geniuses and whatnot, killing a bunch like nothing. I’m still a f*cking Dao Comprehending realm cultivator alright? I’m already skipping realms as is!

At least the danger value helps, and isn’t just an empty number!

With Chen Ming suffering injury after injury, Zhong Tongzi asked in a panic, “Are you alright, Alliance Leader?”

Chen Ming wanted to curse, What does it look like? But held back, “Yeah, peachy!”

Zhong Tongzi took a deep breath. He could only keep one of them occupied.

His hands were tied. Second Sect Leader alone kept throwing him back with each strike.

He could only rely on his eyes to see through his opponent’s moves and stall Second Sect Leader.

Third Sect Leader was laughing, “Chen Ming, you won’t escape today’s judgment. I heard from elder brother how you’re close to our demonic sect in style in each of your attacks. Even your third disciple is on our side, while your second disciple likes Sacred Maiden. He’s practically ours too.”

Chen Ming glanced at the six sect leaders, his mouth cracked in laughter, “I’ve been wanting to say this line for so long, but never had the chance.”


Mo Tu smiled, “It’s not too late to join us!”

Bi Yuesheng laughed also, “Surrender is your only choice!”

Zhong Tongzi and the Sages gazed at Chen Ming. They hoped he wouldn’t turn to the demonic sect. Then came Chen Ming’s response, “You must have worked hard for your cultivation to reach thus far!”