Time until Grand World Opening: three years.

It wasn’t hard to guess what it was. I would stir many talents into joining, seekers for fame and beauties all around, striving to become the best, with great auras to boot. To avoid the deadly fate of being killed by these geniuses, one should at least stand aside while hoping for the best.

This piece of information reached the Archfiend Azure Lion’s ears but stopped there, leaving the five Archfiends in the dark.

They seemed to think their alliance could inflict serious damage to Archfiend Azure Lion.

On the verge of setting out, Great Fiend Black Hawk arrived before him, grinning from ear to ear as he handed over a plain ring, “Lord this is something servant has discovered. I offer it to you!”

Chen Ming picked it, Is this the reward?

He infused his spiritual power into the ring and found it to have a space of ten square meters. It wasn’t large but a storage ring was high-level stuff.

Chen Ming blew spiritual power on the ring, washing away the dust and also giving it a polished shine, like a brand new silver ring.

After putting it on, he went to the Archfiend. Azure Lion didn’t look worried, and from the look of things, he seemed to think he’d already won.

Archfiend Azure Lion saw the last arrival and asked, “Recently, the five Archfiends surrounded Pitfall Mountain. Are you afraid?”

“They are nothing, how dare they anger Pitfall Mountain, they are asking for death!” Replied Chen Ming.

The four Fiend Generals glanced at him, Isn’t your reaction too quick?

Archfiend Azure Lion didn’t wait for them to speak and followed after Chen Ming’s response, all the while encouraging him, “Precisely, they’re mere five Archfiends, nothing Pitfall Mountain fears! You think Pitfall Mountain has only four Fiend Generals? “

It was ludicrous! Were the four Fiend Generals made out of five? It made no sense!

Archfiend Azure Lion waved his hand, “It’s time to reveal Pitfall Mountain’s power. Tell the hidden Fiend Generals in Thousand Serpents Cave, Old Turtle Pond, White Fox Mountain, Black Tiger Mountain, and Blazing Mulberry Nest to meet me!”

And then they were nine…

Chen Ming’s heart skipped a beat, I need to reevaluate my opinion of Archfiend Azure Lion. He even sent five Fiend Generals to lay low. When they’ll rebel, the damage will be catastrophic, shifting the course of this war.

Chen Ming had no intention of informing the other Archfiends because he didn’t even know where those Fiend Generals were hiding and by the looks of things, Archfiend Azure Lion already delivered the order. This was just him giving them the heads-up.

Pitfall Mountain’s war preparation took a strange turn. Archfiend Azure Lion knew his secret was exposed and used his trump cards. Unable to defend against the betrayal of the five Fiend Generals’ betrayal, their morale hit rock bottom while the Archfiend Azure Lion’s ranks were bolstered with five more Fiend Generals, more than a thousand Great Fiends and countless fiends.

Archfiend Azure Lion’s strength increased as the days went by and the five neighboring Archfiends united, assembled the troops and surrounded Pitfall Mountain, wanting to fell Archfiend Azure Lion in one fell swoop.

The five Archfiends didn’t use any strategy while the Azure Lion sent for the five undercover Fiend Generals to launch attacks against them.

The flames of war soon spread from Pitfall Mountain’s border towards the other areas, making it clear Archfiend Azure Lion’s ambition to rule them all and forcing the five Archfiends to set their sights on their sixth.

That would be Chen Ming of course.

They didn’t invite him and he didn’t care. These five fools weren’t enough to deal with Archfiend Azure Lion and it wouldn’t be long before they’d accept him as one of their own.

In this one versus five war, Archfiend Azure Lion controlled the battlefield, and with the power to swiftly destroy an Archfiend’s territory, it was no wonder the other side was afraid after constant defeats.

This day, Archfiend Azure Lion sent for Chen Ming, “Wandering Crow, some time has passed since you’re coming here and I don’t doubt your loyalty. Fiend General Stag is in a precarious situation as he battles White Fox Mountain’s troops. Lead the Eagle Peak’s fiends to provide support and relieve the pressure on him!”

Chen Ming didn’t delay, “I will crush White Fox Mountain!”

Archfiend Azure Lion smiled in content, “Go.”

But when Chen Ming stepped outside of the cave, “Ding! Triggered undercover mission’s third objective: cause Fiend General Stag’s defeat. Reward: 800 spiritual knowledge and 80 fame.”

Well off course there’d be this kind of mission! This won’t be easy. First, must make Fiend General Stag suffer an ingenious defeat, and I cannot be the reason behind Pitfall Mountain’s loss. What’s even more important is to not have Archfiend Azure Lion cast any suspicion on me later.

This was a troublesome matter that needed to be thought out perfectly. He stepped on his fiend cloud and flew towards Eagle Peak and convened with the other Great Fiends preparing for Fiend General Stag’s fall. It would be hard to win, but to lose, Chen Ming had tons of tricks.

But he still needed to be subtle, careful not to get his cover blown.

“Ding! Completed undercover mission’s third objective. Reward: 800 spiritual knowledge, 80 fame.”

Eh, what happened?

Why did Fiend General Stag collapse before he even began?

What point had Chen Ming’s honey trap, multi-layered schemes, and misdirection tactics now?

Hold on, this Stag could still prove useful.

Question: how could a spy avoid detection?

Answer: when another more outstanding than him appeared!

And Fiend General Stag was ‘outstanding’ enough. His mission was completed without even lifting a finger. How could he leave such a nice person to die?

And of course, he also wanted Stag to contribute to the destruction of Pitfall Mountain.

Chen Ming cackled, making the Great Fiends under him nervous. He stood up and jumped on his fiend cloud, saying, “Let’s go help Fiend General Stag!”

Flying for a full day, he arrived on the battlefield and saw that Fiend General Stag’s army has collapsed, with the enemy Fiend General on Stag’s tail.

White Fox Mountain’s Fiend General was confused. They were evenly matched before so why did Fiend General Stag’s army suddenly collapse?

When he saw Chen Ming’s arrival, White Fox Mountain’s Fiend General understood, So Fiend General Stag is one of us! Why else would Wandering Crow be coming to save him?

Fiend Generals knew of Wandering Crow’s identity since they were army leaders, it wouldn’t bode well to harm one of their own.

With Chen Ming’s arrival, White Fox Mountain’s Fiend General ordered a full retreat.

Fiend General Stag was still dazed, Even with Wandering Crow’s arrival, you shouldn’t be so obvious in your retreat.

White Fox Mountain’s Fiend General felt that his Oscar performance was pathetic, and followed with, “The enemy’s Archfiend arrived, retreat!”

Fiend General Stag came out of his stupor, So that’s how it is. They think Wandering Crow is an Archfiend. If he knew White Fox Mountain thought him as an ally, Stag wouldn’t know what to say.

I’m not, I wasn’t, it’s all a lie!