Chapter 270: Now Do You Understand the Farmer God Sword Art?There wasn’t one Demonic Autarch who didn’t curse Chen Ming in their hearts.

You must have worked hard for your cultivation to reach thus far.

This line was, in general, used to urge the other into surrendering. On many such occasions would usually be followed by another: Since you reached thus far, is it worth it, giving your life away?

Why do you even mention this in your current situation?

You wanna urge us to surrender now? Are you high?

Third Sect Leader flipped, “Enough wasting time, kill him!”

The six Demonic Autarchs drew nearer. Chen Ming was relying on the spiritual sword to blink out of their attacks, but they had the numerical advantage.

Just as Chen Ming blinked away from Third Sect Leader’s incoming heavy fist, a river was rumbling right at him!

On other matters, the Sages had Wu Jiang surrounded. They were Beneath Immortals, true, but their power wasn’t up to par.

The four’s cultivation didn’t have the help of auras, diminishing their attacks.

But a Beneath Immortal wasn’t to be taken lightly. Their battle was out of the norm, ranging in thousands of li and wrecking everything along the way. Chen Ming and the six Demonic Autarchs fought in mid-air since the ground was unrecognizable.

A Beneath Immortal battle, in theory, could collapse a continent and even sink it.

Of course, reality proved that no Beneath Immortal would actually release immortal arts at the continent.

The river attack threw Chen Ming as it hammered him, and Bi Yuesheng was hot on his tail with an ice spear. But Chen Ming tapped a sword and blinked away. He waved Dao Empyrean Bamboo and sett up Eight Extremes Array. He chose this array in particular because of its mist effect, blocking the others’ vision for a short while.

The mist spread for a hundred li and Second Sect Leader only rolled his eyes as he shouted, “Scarlet Sun!”

He was a veritable sun, bringing light upon the world from the sky, dispersing the mist and letting Chen Ming reappear in everyone’s eyes.

The six Demonic Autarchs went after him. He had no intention to get surrounded and fight back in killing an Autarch. That’s just not feasible!

To do it one needs skill.

The six Demonic Autarchs didn’t release any large scale magical art as they assaulted Chen Ming, to avoid friendly fire. They bared their weapons at him at the same time, making him cough blood across the whole sky.

Chen Ming held on for a while thanks to his strong body, erratic blinking and a few misgiving on their part.

Third Sect Leader said, “He’s a slippery one, but with us six having him surrounded, his death draws near!”

Bi Yuesheng smiled, “Today marks the end of Chen Ming!”

Mo Tu eyed the Star Chart hanging overhead, “With him gone, the righteous faction will be without a leader. How can a headless army be a match for the demonic sect?”

“Who knew this plan of killing those four fools would draw a big fish over!”

Chen Ming’s body was bloody, but his energy never staggered thanks to his Limitless Dao Body reaching small success in its fledgling stage. He even had time to wonder how powerful his constitution would be when it reached perfection!

The battle pressed on. Zi Tianzang and the rest of the Righteous Autarchs were rushing to Jade Void Temple with everything they had. Since they weren’t at their sects when it happened, they couldn’t teleport here.

Zi Tianzang took out his compass and asked.

Zi Tianzang: “What’s the situation?”

Silence reigned for a full fifteen minutes.

Zhong Tongzi: “Alliance Leader has no way of responding. He is facing six Demonic Autarchs!”

The hearts of the rushing Autarchs tightened. Chen Ming was of the same rank as them. He wouldn’t last long in one versus six.

This news made them speed up even more, wanting to reach the battle sooner.

Wu Jiang was resolute in his plan to come here, bringing Demonic Autarchs on a surprise attack and catching the Righteous Autarchs off guard.

Zi Tianzang: “How long can Alliance Leader last?”

Bai Wuxia: “It will be a miracle if he lasts two hours. I think we won’t even recover his corpse by the time we get there!”

Zi Tianzang: “We still need to go. If we lose this battle, then there will be no hope for winning the war. ”

Two hours later.

Chen Ming’s perception has dulled getting hit for so long. He stood among the six Demonic Autarchs and yelled, “This is on you. You force me to do this and have no choice but to use the same move when I killed Owl. Farmer God Sword Art!”

“With this sword art, the world will lose color, sun and moon will dim, the sky and earth will change places, the mountains and rivers shall crumble!”

They panicked when they heard this move killed Owl. Such a sword art was far from average. Chen Ming even went as far as to call it Farmer God Sword Art. Bearing the word God in its name, it was bound to be ineffable.

Mo Tu was anxious, “What happened? Chen Ming’s gone!”

Bi Yuesheng said, “Fourth brother’s stealth art was unrivaled in this land. This stealth art must have gone beyond it. Chen Ming is laying in darkness, waiting for a mistake on our part and deal the finishing blow!”

The six Demonic Autarchs’ nerves were stretched taught. They watched the sword storm, afraid Chen Ming would make a sudden charge from any sword at any moment!

Twenty breaths slowly ticked by, wen Mo Tu asked in puzzlement, “What now? Is Chen Ming still waiting for a chance?”

Third Sect Leader said, “Chen Ming’s cunning knows no bounds. Don’t let him play you!”

Behind Third Sect Leader, Chen Ming made himself noticed. His arms released a devastating blow in the form of Conquering Immortals Art!

Third Sect Leader staggered, with blood leaking from his mouth, “You’re dead, Chen Ming! Daring to come at this time will only result in your end. And we will help you make that a reality!”

The six swarmed him, but then found something off about him. He didn’t have the manner of a man who coughed blood several times. He was even nimble enough to dodge all of their attacks!

When another two hours dragged by, Chen Ming roared again, “You made me do this. This time I will unleash the true Farmer God Sword Art for you to bear witness!”

Chen Ming let the sword swarm on fly mode, while he vanished back at Yan Mountain, “Ugh, I can’t take it! I’m dying! I need to get some much-needed pills before returning! This Farmer God Sword Art, sure is handy, proving its worth with each trial!”