Chapter 271: Victory or Defeat, Winning or Losing, it’s all Based on ActingThirty breaths passed and the six Demonic Autarchs looked at each other in dismay. Third Sect Leader spoke, “It can’t be that Chen Ming ran off, can it?”

Mo Tu said, “It’s possible!”

The six’s eyes landed on Zhong Tongzi, “How about we get rid of Zhong Tongzi since he’s here?”

Zhong Tongzi’s back was cold with sweat, from the six’s eyes creeping over him. Then Chen Ming popped back into play with his loud laughter, “Humph, a bunch of rats, not willing to take my Farmer God Sword Art!”

The six turned to Chen Ming, while Zhong Tongzi and Second Sect Leader carried on with their fight. In a one versus six battle, Chen Ming should be on the short end of the stick when it came to spiritual power. Mo Tu said, “Fighting us six for so long, Chen Ming’s spiritual power must be close to empty. Let’s kill him first!”

Third Sect Leader said, “Yeah, he’s the Alliance Leader. With him dead, the morale will fall and the army will be in chaos. Kill Chen Ming!”

Chen Ming looked at the six while calculating something. I wonder how strong will the second stage of Conquering Immortals Art be. Regarding magical arts, the strongest he had was Obscure Gates Swordplay. Although the Obscure Gates Swordplay embedded with sword intent was a trump card against Sovereigns, when it came to Autarchs, its use was limited since pretty much all knew something about intents.

The strongest magical art he could improve on was Conquering Immortals Art. It even needed half a million merits, which tore at Chen Ming’s heart. Laboring for two long years, he scrounged up two million for when he needed to form three thousand Dao Seeds. But now that he had to spend such an amount in one go, it pained him.

But as Chen Ming sat and thought about it, On this continent, there’s likely no chance I can form three thousand Dao Seeds. He pretty much got most of the cultivation methods here. Adding all from the demonic sect, the righteous faction, the fiend race, he would end up with a thousand Dao Seeds, give or take. That’s a long way from three thousand.

The cultivation methods of fiends on this continent were very few, while there were no Buddhist Sect cultivation methods to speak of. It’s impossible to reach three thousand Dao Seeds here, and can only learn the second stage of Conquering Immortals Art.

Moreover, the stockpile of pills can’t keep up with such expense!

I have enough to last for a day. But this will be too much of a loss.

Chen Ming spoke in his heart, “Comprehend Conquering Immortals Art’s second stage!”

“Ding! You consumed half a million merits. You comprehended Conquering Immortals Art’s second stage, Sea Gazing!”

Chen Ming’s eyes flashed as the second stage’s secrets echoed in his mind. He seemed to be standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean, gazing at the waves, at the rise and fall of the tide, at the sun’s dawn and setting of the moon. Every living creature shifted in this sea of life, changing ever so slightly. And he, stood there on the precipice, towering and unflinching.

At that moment, he understood the meaning of Sea Gazing. The living was the sea while he gazed at them.

Why Sea Gazing?

Only standing above the sea, would one catch a glimpse of it!

“I see it now!”

The six Demonic Autarchs looked at Chen Ming, feeling a never before encountered pressure. Or more aptly spoken, they felt a sudden change from Chen Ming’s figure, that he transcended the mortal world!

What was even more bizarre, was that they could feel as if this was the very first time they met Chen Ming!

What is going on?

Chen Ming’s arms shook, the endless spiritual power roaming around his body!

In his surroundings, the winds built a storm and the dust flew. The spiritual power rose and fell like a tide, forming a sea on Chen Ming’s body. And from this seas, Flood Dragons darted in and out while Qiongqis laid in hiding.

If Chen Ming released one pair of Qiongqi and Flood Dragon before, he now unleashed a sea of them!

This sudden leap in quantity spread dread all around, enveloping the sect leaders and making them believe they were a mere drop floating aimlessly in an ocean!

Chen Ming stepped on a wave, with his hand making gestures. His left hand shook and a tide rushed out, his right hand shook and moonlight shined over ten thousand li!

Third Sect Leader was freaking out, “T-this is the great success stage in an immortal art. Only an immortal can fully use an immortal art at this stage!”

They all knew immortal arts, but only at small success and entry stages. Yet Chen Ming’s Conquering Immortals Art was unleashed at the great success stage!

What did this mean?

That only an immortal could release such arts!

They began falling back, afraid of taking even one step closer to Chen Ming. This kind of immortal art was enough to wipe them all out!

This unbelievable power was something that shouldn’t be found on this continent!

Yet the sect leaders only watched Chen Ming from afar, still having him surrounded.

Chen Ming whined inside, This move is strong, I give it that, but it’s just one attack!

With his large spiritual power, he could only do it once!

But what am I supposed to do afterward?

There were two choices laid before Chen Ming. The first was to intimidate the sect leaders into cowering from attacking, stalling for time so that the other Righteous Autarchs would come to his rescue. The other was to launch it, which might kill or wound heavily one or two of them!

This attack is straight to the point, and recovering spiritual power will also take longer!

It won’t be like before, needing between 20 to 30 breaths. Just what choice should I make?

Sigh, once again the time has come to put my acting skills to the test. It is time to display my, Immortal Master Chen, Oscar-worthy skills!

Chen Ming walked toward the sect leaders. His gait was composed, as if no one was around him!

“I am already unrivaled in this land!”

The sect leaders’ hearts skipped a beat!

Is he saying that Wu Jiang is no longer his match?

Chen Ming resumed his intimidating play, “Cultivating for ages, times flies and soon 13 years went by. I climbed Yan Mountain, cultivated to comprehend the Dao, read thousands of scriptures, trained in hundreds of magical arts, yet only a sigh remains. The natural law doesn’t change, time is without remorse.”

The sect leaders calmed down, yet they watched Chen Ming with extreme vigilance!

Is Chen Ming holding his unparallel speech and reflecting on his life just ’cause he just broke through?

Chen Ming continued, “Countless people cultivate in vain, unable to enter the path of immortality! I, who had lived his life by the sword, seeing many sword arts, have only one remark. Every sword art is after my own heart. Yet in the eyes of the mortal world, they are all hollow!”

The Demonic Autarchs’ hearts stirred. Mo Tu made an incredible effort to gather up his courage and said, “Chen Ming, don’t try to scare us!”