Chapter 272: Skill Shouting!Chen Ming ran his eyes over Mo Tu as if he was looking at a dead man, “What if I am and what if I’m not? I have nothing to say to bugs. How can mere commoners contend with me, a dazzling moon?”

Chen Ming waved, making Dao Seeds appear behind him one by one, “Three thousand Daos, I comprehended the mortal world’s three thousand Daos. To me who has three thousand Daos, ten thousand are a mere trifle!”

Dao Seeds appeared on Chen Ming’s back shocking the Demonic Autarchs. They had never seen anyone with so many Dao Seeds.

Even Zhong Tongzi and Second Sect Leader stopped fighting and watched Chen Ming. Zhong Tongzi said, “You mean to tell me that Alliance Leader reached the unparallel stage?”

Second Sect Leader felt a heavy pressure, one that came from Chen Ming, “The danger I sense from him is even stronger than elder brother’s!”

Countless stars roamed in Chen Ming’s eyes as he spoke in a solemn and dignified manner, “I am without equal in these lands!”

Chen Ming moved, while his mind went a mile a minute, Now who would be the best choice to start with?

Second Sect Leader has 7000 in danger value, no way I can insta-kill him. He’s out.

Being too weak, they won’t buy it. Gotta go for the average.

Mo Tu took a step forward, “Brothers, don’t listen to his lies! He was an Autarch just now. Even if he broke through, he would only become a much stronger Autarch, similar in power with second brother!”

Chen Ming’s heart flatlined, Damn Mo Tu, you’re messing up my act. This draws the line!

Chen Ming eyed Mo Tu as he yelled, “As thou wished, my first step as unparalleled will be to walk over your corpse!”

Chen Ming performed some hand gestures, unleashing a tide. The black surface of the sea grew into a sky-high wave, flowing into his fist.

Mo Tu held the landscape imprint but it proved paper-thin in the face of Chen Ming’s attack. Chen Ming flew and struck Mo Tu right in the chest!

Mo Tu’s body cracked open like a watermelon, leaving only pieces behind!

“Ding! You killed Mo Tu. Reward: 100,000 spiritual knowledge, 5,000 fame.”

“Ding! You killed Mo Tu. The advancement mission rate increased by 10%.”

“Ding! You killed Mo Tu. Evil Belongs in Hell mission rate increased by 3%.”

“Ding! You killed Mo Tu. You received a lottery ticket which resulted in a page from Boundless Demonic Dao Catalog.”

All Demonic Autarchs sucked a cold breath, This kid is dreadful beyond compare!

He killed an Autarch in one punch. Chen Ming had to be a Beneath Immortal, if not higher!

When on the mountain, you’ve no worry of firewood. The most important thing right now is to ensure my survival!

Second Sect Leader howled, “Brothers, run! None of us is a match for Chen Ming!”

The remaining six Demonic Autarchs were pale as paper, fear taking root in their hearts. With but a step, they were far away in the distance!

Zhong Tongzi shouted, “Ha-ha-ha-ha, Alliance Leader is unrivaled in these lands. You will all die!”

Chen Ming raved, “Where do you think you’re going? See how I flip my hand and end your miserable bug lives!”

Zhong Tongzi felt endless worship and respect. With Alliance Leader at such stage, there’s nothing to fear! Did you see how he wiped Mo Tu? In one punch!

Zhong Tongzi watched the Demonic Autarchs running for their lives. He couldn’t help in chasing after them. But just as he was about to jump into it, Chen Ming laid his hand on his shoulder, “Stop stop, don’t chase. My spiritual power is almost gone. This attack is strong enough but it takes a dreadful amount of spiritual power. It left me bone dry!”

Zhong Tongzi whispered, “Alliance Leader, aren’t you unparalleled?”

Chen Ming rolled his eyes, “Since when being unparalleled was that easy!”

Chen Ming said, “Keep shouting you’re chasing them from here, while I’ll be using Farmer God Sword Art to return to Yan Mountain and recover my spiritual power!”

Chen Ming felt his Dao Palaces empty, not enough for even one teleport. He operated Dao Canon, sucking the spiritual energy in ten li range and turned it into spiritual power. Only then he could return to Yan Mountain.

Zhong Tongzi saw the six Demonic Autarchs on the horizon. If he had stage fright now when he left it would turn into dread!

He wasn’t Chen Ming! He couldn’t fight six on his own!

“Thou shall stop! I, Zhong Tongzi, will follow Alliance Leader order and crush you!”

The six turned a deaf ear to Zhong Tongzi’s ravings, not even looking back as they flew as further away as their speed allowed it.

“Let him try, while we leave post-haste. Only elder brother might be Chen Ming’s match!”

“We need to look for Ghost Immortal when we get back. We have to think of another plan!”

“There’s no way we’ll stay here!”

The six were hating themself for having only one pair of legs, not able to run faster!

Zhong Tongzi was getting bolder from their actions, “A bunch of trash are afraid of taking even one of Zhong Tongzi’s attacks?”

“You cowards! Isn’t there anyone brave enough to fight me?”

When they flew for two hours, the six Demonic Autarchs landed on a mountain range, “Isn’t Chen Ming chasing?”

Bi Yuesheng looked back, taking a breather, “How fortunate. We must have thrown him off!”

Second Sect Leader said, “I never would have guessed Chen Ming would reach Beneath Immortal and stand next to elder brother!”

Bi Yuesheng said, “Chen Ming isn’t like those four Sages. He is a Beneath Immortal in the prime of his youth, boundless in might!”

Third Sect Leader said, “Hold on! If Chen Ming is a Beneath Immortal, adding to it his weird movements, how come he couldn’t catch us?”

The six Demonic Autarchs exchanged glances, finding the matter more intricate than it seemed, “Damn Chen Ming! He played us!”

“I’ve seen this trick before. He either burned his lifespan or his blood essence. Chen Ming must be half-dead!”

“Damn you, Chen Ming! You went as far as fooling us! If this gets out, our dignity will be worthless!”

They were imagining what tomorrow would bring when this would spread to the whole continent. The six Demonic Autarchs were scared of Chen Ming and ran away. The feeling was hard to bear, “We can’t let our reputation we built our whole lives get ruined in one day!”

Second Sect Leader said, “Chen Ming must be hanging by a thread. We need to return at once!”

They all nodded and flew back to Jade Void Temple!

They flew at top speed, but still slower than before, taking three hours to return. Zhong Tongzi and Chen Ming were talking about what to do next when he felt a shiver run down his spine. Then he heard Second Sect Leader, “It was you who cursed us for being rats, right?”

Zhong Tongzi turned his head and waved, “Humph, you’re far from enough to take even one of Alliance Leader’s attacks!”

Second Sect Leader burst in laughter, “Chen Ming, we saw right through your trick! Kneel and admit your wrongs and I shall burn incense on Yan Mountain!”

“If not, humph, I will leave it barren!”