Chapter 275: Decisive Battle(II)The wall lit up for a hundred li, as array after array activated to fend of Yan Mountain’s assault. Spiritual swords launched from the wall dropped like a rainstorm.

The hardship cultivators from Yan Mountain only spared a glanced above, since that side belonged to those immortal cultivators, while their battlefield was on the ground!

Earth began to shake, dust rose, and the stampeding mounts of the Yan Mountain’s hardship corps rushed at the wall!

Up above, Ling Xian was leading the attack, “Scarlet Tide, activate blood aura and release the King Slaying Swords!”

The blood aura flashed over the corps, blocking the incoming flying sword rain, then countered with their own!

Countless spirituals sword clashed midway with a crisp sound, flinging sparks!

Zhuo Qingyao was on her cloud, leading the charge of the hardship corps on the wall when the hundred thousand water attribute demonic cultivators on the wall started their chant, “Wind swirls together and the rain falls, Heaven Flood!”

Out of nowhere, a ten li wide river fell from above the wall, rushing straight for Yan Mountain!

Zhuo Qingyao looked at it in annoyance, “A mere river dares block my way? This sword shall cleave it!”

Zhuo Qingyao’s sword left a large hole in the river, through which she guided her soldiers to the wall!

In the sky, King Slaying Swords fell on the enemy, clashing like hail on the arrays.

The wall suffered a ripple but held.

From inside the arrays, flying swords once again targeted the Scarlet Tide.

The swords landed on the blood aura, but it felt hard like iron, turning the attack harmless.

Even a Sovereign or an Autarch would have a hard time breaking the blood aura.

Since the flood had no effect, those demonic cultivators made way for others, “Mother earth heed my call, Lava World!”

The torrent of spiritual power burrowed into the earth, igniting the whole wall in a crimson color. The front of the wall began melting into lava, with flames rising one after the other and turning into firewall!

The firewall bared Zhuo Qingyao path. Chen Ming saw how the blood aura was great for both offensive and defensive purposes. But now found its shortcoming. If the enemy changed the landscape, the hardship cultivators would have no way to go forward. I’ll need to rectify Yan Mountain’s army system later.

Zhuo Qingyao saw the lava but didn’t give any sign of stopping, “Where are the Yan Mountain disciples? Clear a path!”

Three thousand clouds flew, with Zhang Ming in the lead. They flew straight towards the lava and when he touched it, spiritual power exploded, “Boundless Ice!”

The lava hardened into stone the instant the ice fell, helping the hardship corps behind Zhuo Qingyao resume their assault. Almost all Yan Mountain disciples were at the King rank. Earth wall, chasm, torrent, ice spears, all kinds of magical arts were released all around them, paving Zhuo Qingyao’s charge at the wall!

The highest level on the wall held the demonic cultivators tasked with blocking Yan Mountain’s Regalia Legion with magical arts. On the second level, there were a hundred thousand demonic hardship cultivators strewn on the battlement with bows at the ready. In a blink, a rain of arrows began to fall over Zhuo Qingyao and her corps!

Zhuo Qingyao waved, “Discard your helmets and charge!”

Yan Mountain’s hardship cultivators couldn’t cultivate Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art, but they had something much stronger to defend them. Armor, full-body armor with two slits for eyes.

The troops armored to the teeth threw their helmets, revealing pairs of icy eyes as the savage beasts beneath them rushed ever closer to the wall.

Zhuo Qingyao was the first to approach the gates. One swing was enough to crack them like an egg!

The gates fell on the ground, revealing the endless black-clothed men behind, stretching far into the horizon.

The cultivators were beyond shocked, “They’re Wu Jiang’s subordinates, Black Guards. They are the most elite army of the demonic sect!”

“Even with the Black Guards, defeat isn’t certain!”

“That’s the strongest hardship corps of the demonic sect. It is said their bodies are as strong as black iron!”

The demonic cultivators cleared a path for nine Sovereign, who waved their sabers as they rushed headlong, “Kill!”

“Kill them!”

“Kill all righteous cultivators!”

When the two armies met, crackling and shattering echoed in all directions.

Zhuo Qingyao trailed Obelisk behind her as she moved forward. Donned in crimson armor, black hair flowing in the wind, and with awe-inspiring valor, she jumped at a Sovereign and performed a hegemon sword slash!

The Sovereign used his heavy saber.

Yet the heavy saber proved no defense, as it was crushed to pieces and the Sovereign turned into a pile of meat. Zhuo Qingyao pressed on as if nothing stood in her way, slashing left and right, releasing sword intent over the entire gate along with solemn killing intent!

Two Sovereigns astride savage beasts, each wielding a long saber, charged at Zhuo Qingyao with their weapon crossed!

Zhuo Qingyao jumped, flipping over the sabers. In mid-jump, she kicked the two’s back, throwing them off their mounts and into a cloud of dust.

Zhuo Qingyao didn’t linger as she skipped to the closest Sovereign and behead him. She held the power of eight sacred beasts, hacking her way throw the throng of soldiers, not sparing one.

Led by her example, the hardship corps was right behind her in the assault through the gates. It was their dream to run them through, clearing this checkpoint and reach behind enemy lines!

Zhuo Qingyao stood in the center of the gates, watching the incoming Black Guards from all around her. Her left moved across the blade, sending an endless storm of sword energy, a hurricane to engulf her enemies!

Zhuo Qingyao’s sword blew the closest to her tens of li away. She stood there, beyond the gate, baring anyone who dared set foot near her!

Chen Ming’s eyebrow twitched from her killing spree, “Her violent tendencies have reached another peak!”

The cultivators watched with shrinking hearts how this marvelous girl unleashed brutal attacks. It was beyond dreadful!