Chapter 276: Decisive Battle (III)The gates area sank into a melee. Ling Xian wasn’t far behind, leading the Scarlet Tide, enveloped in blood aura, to rain flying swords on the wall’s arrays.

Chen Ming flew on the commanding terrace, surveying the battle. The main force of the enemy was entangled with Yan Mountain. Other areas should be weak enough to let the rest of his generals surmount.

As for why he didn’t send them to add pressure on the gates, it was simple. The battlefield was vast and Yan Mountain’s army extended for tens of li. If he pilled others over, they would only stand by and watch.

I have eight Autarchs on the ready here, while Dragon Sovereign is with Yan Mountain’s army, bringing in the rear.

Chen Ming said, “Zi Tianzang, Zhong Tongzi, and Bai Wuxia, take your forces and strike the enemy in a thousand li radius. You don’t need to pursue breaching the wall, but must show enough might to draw their numbers.”

The three cupped their hands, “We will commence at once.”

Chen Ming said, “Steel Ox Valley’s Sect Leader and Sword King Pavilion’s Sect Leader, gather your men. I have something special in mind for you! The rest are too keep busy as many of their forces as possible!”

Chen Ming’s gaze traveled far into the distance, disappearing the next moment and standing before a nation weapon in the Demonic Domain, “This is the closest place to the battle. It shouldn’t take long to reach the back lines, right?”

He grabbed the sword and, through the Vanishing Immortal Sword Art, he flew on it behind the enemy lines.

Keeping this up for half a day, the sword soon reached the furthest back lines of the enemy.

Chen Ming glanced around as he flew lower, then created a large cave leading ten li underground.

When he came back on the frontlines, the two sect leaders were standing beside him, armies at the ready.

Countless bodies fell from the sky. While many belonged to the enemy, there was some falling from their side. The red blood spread on the ground, leaving no spot untainted, while the ground itself was unrecognizable.

Most enemy forces are entangled. It is time to finish them off.

Chen Ming said, “Follow me!”

He led them to a hidden mountain valley, and stabbed a nation weapon in the ground, “I will open a teleportation array, and you are to enter after me. We will strike them from behind and deal them a devastating blow!”

Steel Ox Valley Sect Leader said, “The enemy must be oblivious to Alliance Leader’s skill in taking so many troops through a teleportation array and striking from behind! The sword cultivators from the Sword King Pavilion and the hardship cultivators from Steel Ox Valley are the best at killing, giving an even better result!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Sword King Pavilion Sect Leader will be the last to go through, to cover the back. Steel Ox Valley Sect Leader will come with me and set up the troop formation!”

“Understood, Alliance Leader!”

He went through the array and Steel Ox Valley Sect Lord arrived next to him with a smile soon after, “Alliance Leader is of unmatched intelligence. The demonic sect has no way of detecting us ten li underground. They wouldn’t even consider us being right under their noses!”

Chen Ming waved for thousands of spirit stones to fall, with the nation weapon at their center. He used his spiritual power to enlarge the array on the sword to a hundred meters, with its twin array on the other side doing the same. It was enough to carry a thousand cultivators!

Sword King Pavilion Sect leader smiled, “The array is open. Men, kill them all! The time has come for us to slaughter monsters and vanquish demons. Charge!”

They went through the array one at a time, with Steel Ox Valley Sect Leader designating them to the side to let the rest follow through.

In six hours two million soldiers made their presence known. This endeavor left Chen Ming’s spiritual power reserves at thirty percent.

When he saw Sword King Pavilion Sect Leader, he knew that all were here.

He said, “Wait here and open up a tunnel to the surface while I hammer in the final details!”

“We shall comply.”

Chen Ming returned to the battlefield, on the commanding terrace. The Autarchs were waiting for his orders. They’ve been fighting for almost a day now and their spiritual power was close to depleting. It should be the moment to sound retreat, no?

Chen Ming empowered his voice with spiritual power, “Press on, keep fighting! Any who retreats will be a traitor!”

Thanks to the added oomph, even the demonic sect heard him loud and clear.

While the Autarchs were complaining how hard it was to keep this up for this long. With how matters stood, there was no point in fighting to the bitter end right now!

His prowess as an Autarch slayer, one that fought seven by himself, finally showed itself. As the strongest righteous cultivator, no one dared to disobey his direct order!

And with the added prestige from his name, they didn’t doubt his commands. Zi Tianzang sighed and shouted, “Astral Immortal Sect, press harder!”

The Demonic Autarchs on the wall saw this, with Bi Yuesheng being the first to comment, “Chen Ming wants to end this, to fight till last!”

Second Sect Leader said, “If he doesn’t take advantage of elder brother’s wound, they will never get the chance. Chen Ming is growing impatient!”

Bi Yuesheng grinned, “This way, wining couldn’t be harder for them! Our side might be loosing on the offensive part, but we have a defensive position. In a siege, the attacking force will suffer more than us!”

Second Sect Leader said, “All men, to the wall! We need to defend no matter what. We can’t let them through! If we persevere through this, they will need a long time to recover for the next round!”

Chen Ming saw how the demonic sect sent its troops en mass, to block the holes in the wall. They wanted to send the righteous army back dead!

On the other side, the attackers managed to breach the wall in some places. In these tight places, the battle was even fiercer, each side pushing at the other with all it had. And in these gaps, bodies began piling up, soon turning into a veritable wall in and of itself.

Across the battlefield, all kinds of magical arts flew about, shining every corner of it, and the places where the battle was at its most fervent.