Chapter 277: Decisive Battle (IV)Chen Ming stood for a full hour on the command terrace, making sure the two sides were wound together tighter than the bark on a tree. Of the thousand li range, that this battle covered, Yan Mountain’s army held half in tow with its awe-inspiring force!

Zhuo Qingyao was a hardship cultivator, an expert in wars of attrition. She was in full spirits and showing her mettle, wanting to press on and keep going.

The difference between hardship cultivators and normal cultivators was clear to see at this point. The first could fight tirelessly for a long time, while the latter were useless once they ran out of spiritual power.

Spirit stones were used up en mass, along with pills, to recover their empty reserves. Each side spared nothing in this violent war.

Chen Ming watched the hardship cultivators’ fierce melee on the ground and every kind of spiritual sword dancing in the air. The fallout always ended with a pile of bodies, reaching the heights of hills.

Chen Ming nodded, The time is ripe. With the state of their involvement with each other, if I go behind and attack the demonic sect, they would panic and lose all morale!

Chen Ming returned to the mountain valley and activated the array, sending him next to the two sect leaders. He saw the tunnel leading outside ready, and perched himself on the highest location, “This attack on the enemy’s rear will allow us to live through it only if we win. If we enter their forces, they are sure to block us in returning to the array. This battle must be won! Or we will all die!”

Sword King Pavilion Sect Leader shouted, “On the path to immortality fighting is endless. We won’t return until we break the demonic sect!”

The cultivators shouted with him, “On the path to immortality fighting is endless. We won’t return until we break the demonic sect!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Good, follow me in killing them until not even their armor is left!”

Chen Ming jumped on his cloud, with Dao Empyrean Bamboo in hand, taking the lead in charging at the demonic sect’s rear!

Two million cultivators followed him out and killing all in their path. Most demonic cultivators stood no chance to the sudden onslaught. How could they, when they were the reserves in this war?

Chen Ming led his force like a hot knife through butter, straight to the wall, giving a taste of their power to the demonic sect!

Second Sect Leader was looking at a man who just came to report, “Chen Ming is coming from the rear, leading two million soldiers on a path of killing. Our forces are in chaos!”

Second Sect Leader’s eyes flashed in shock and rage, “What?”

The scout repeated, “Chen Ming is coming from the rear, leading two million soldiers on a path of killing!”

Bi Yuesheng’s eyed exuded desolation, “It’s over, it’s all over… Our main force is now in a stalemate with the righteous armies. With Chen Ming leading the raid behind us, there’s nothing we can do!”

Second Sect Leader said, “No! We haven’t lost yet. You must know what losing means in this war. This will decide the outcome of the continent! Our glorious demonic sect of thousands of years cannot fall under our watch. We won’t have any dignity left to face our Immortal Master or the later heroic generations of the demonic sect!”

Bi Yuesheng said, “But what can we do at this point?”

Second Sect Leader slapped him, “Aren’t we here? Send my order. Fight to the death!”

Chen Ming’s assault through the enemy was accompanied by a metal tornado, fashioned from his ten thousand swords, a meat grinder wreaking havoc to all demonic cultivators.

Second Sect Leader appeared in front, with Bi Yuesheng standing next to him, staring at Chen Ming. Second Sect Leader began, “I should have known. You’re not able to unleash a complete immortal art, and only use teleportation arrays, something a heaven ranked array master can do with ease. ”

Chen Ming said, “It’s too bad you came to realize at this late hour. This war is my win!”

Second Sect Leader said, “I’ve followed elder brother for three hundred years. I saw with my own eyes how he ruled the demonic sect, how he walked to the highest position on this continent, overlooking the land. This will never perish under my watch. The curtain will not fall as simple as this on the demonic sect’s glorious history!”

Chen Ming eyed him, Is this fool stalling? Is he done yet?

You might be taking it easy, but I’m on the clock here. My side doesn’t have the advantage on the frontlines. I need to send the two million soldiers and save the day.

Second Sect Leader continued, “The lands were in neverending chaos. I and elder brother fought demonic cultivators and righteous Sovereigns until the demonic sect became the great faction it is today. I will never lose. Elder brother must win this war. Only winning will we have the chance to open the path to immortality, helping elder brother become immortal…”

Chen Ming rolled his eyes, then waved, “You two, keep these two annoying blokes busy. The rest will follow me to the frontlines.”

Sword King Pavilion Sect Leader and Steel Ox Valley Sect Leader exchanged a glance. They wanted to enjoy the feeling of victory for a moment longer, but they felt ashamed when they heard their leader’s order. They cut off Second Sect Leader’s speech and went on the offensive.

Chen Ming turned a blind eye to the four’s battle, If not for this Immortal Master running low on spiritual power, you think I would listen to you blabber on and on?

He saw how the situation was dire on the wall as he waited for the two million soldiers to arrive near him. Chen Ming waved, “Steel Ox Valley hardship cultivators, charge!”

The earth quaked with the assault of ten thousand oxen. They roared, and trampled in their rush, turning each kill into a bloody rain.

Noticing the attacking enemy behind them, the demonic sect was in disorder.

They toiled for a full day. With spiritual power almost empty, with weary bodies, adding to this the raid of the righteous army, they could barely put a token of resistance.

Chen Ming led the charge and it only took him a moment to ran through the enemy army!

Chen Ming walked among magical arts as if he was on a midnight strolls.

A Demon Sovereign was still giving orders somewhere ahead, “Gather the Sovereigns! We must stop the Lord of Yan Mountain! If we let him kill his way over here, the consequences will be disastrous!”

Chen Ming tilted his head, dodging an arrow. He walked behind the said Demon Sovereign and patted his shoulder. Yet the Demon Sovereign ignored Chen Ming. “Don’t bother me, I’m busy! The Lord of Yan Mountain is a complete freak. Just how did he become a cultivator? Or is it that his teaching is better?”

Chen Ming gave an offhanded reply, “I favor the later.”