Chapter 278: Decisive Battle(V)

The Demon Sovereign found the voice somewhat familiar. He turned to see Chen Ming’s left on his shoulder and his right holding a nation weapon stabbed in his abdomen, “Chen… Ming…”

Chen Ming pushed him from his sword, letting him bled out on the ground. When he saw Zhuo Qingyao at the gates area, she was covered in blood, but most of it from her enemy’s, fortunately.

Zhuo Qingyao noticed his gaze and turned to look at him from afar. He only smiled as he unsheathed his ten thousand swords at the walls. A glance was enough to unravel all the intricacies in the arrays and destroy their cores with the spiritual swords. In moments, sections of the wall crumbled one after the other, as everything, in five li around Chen Ming, was leveled.

With such a large breach, many righteous cultivators charged through, assaulting the demonic sect!

Zhuo Qingyao jumped on her cloud and bowed before Chen Ming, “Master.”

Chen Ming put his arms on her shoulders, taking a closer look at her, “You’re not hurt?”

“I’m fine, only bruises.”

“With your cultivation, there should be no scars left. You’ll be as beautiful as before, but you still need to be careful. Carry on.”

“Master, why are you so concerned about scaring my beauty all of a sudden?”

“If you’re not, the other will think I mistreat you, damaging my reputation!”

She rolled her eyes, Why was I expecting something else? then resumed throwing herself at the enemies.

Ling Xian bounced in glee towards Chen Ming at this time. He stood ten feet away, observing Master’s cherishing look for head senior sister, thinking, Maybe if Master cherishes me the same, he’ll impart more of the Conquering Immortals Art.

Ling Xian complained, “Master, my arm feels broken!”

Chen Ming rolled his eyes, saying without remorse, “What is a flesh wound in the face of a true man? Run along and attack the enemy for your Master. If I remember this right, your cultivation realm in Dao Canon should give you an endless supply of spiritual power!”

Ling Xian: This is the complete opposite of head senior sister’s treatment!

Chen Ming continued, “Hurry it up now, and get to work!”

How come you took your time in checking head senior sister’s wounds?

This is sexism I tell you!

Chen Ming closed his eyes, guiding his swords on the path of slaughter. He wanted to create a veritable hole through the enemy!

The swords danced above, armed with sword intent and releasing sword arts, killing a King rank with each passing!

In Chen Ming’s surroundings, demonic cultivators started to fall one by one like a wave.

In a tea break, no demonic cultivator was anywhere near him, alive that is.

In the wake of Sword King Pavilion and Steel Ox Valley’s raid, the war took a sudden turn. The Autarchs assaulting the walls were now aware of Chen Ming’s plan. The enemy resistance was only growing weaker by the minute, “Attack, stay strong! We will end it all on this day!”

The wall caved again and again. Despited the defensive position of the demonic sect, the righteous army’s flanking attack left them at an impasse!

But the superiors’ orders were to fight to the death, with no better choice but to keep going. With the fall of more and more demonic cultivators and the spreading collapse of the wall, the righteous cultivators had more space to charge in their camp, to attack without restraint!

The demonic sect’s banners fell slowly on the murky earth drenched in blood. Despite covered in blood, they were set aflame and soon were blazing. Even the black night couldn’t mask the flames of war across the battlefield.

Chen Ming took to the skies, overseeing the hundreds-of-li-wide battle. He could only sigh, Why should I bother with fate? I, Chen Ming, am now writing the storyline!

What is fate? All these beacons of fire in the night are fate. Fate means the winner is king while the looser a bandit!

The world of cultivators was always enveloped in this cruelty. When walking different Daos, only life and death could set right from wrong!

Chen Ming of now could finally say, These lands are almost all mine!

The battle continued. The righteous faction’s morale was at an all-time high, while the demonic sect fell back again and again.

The righteous faction pushed through and crushed the opposition, leaving the demonic sect barely surviving. Bodies piled in mountains, be it of Kings, Dao Initiation realm cultivators, or Sovereigns. This was a night filled with countless losses.

Bi Yuesheng saw the battlefield and knew the demonic sect lost.

They were demonic cultivators, but it didn’t make them fearless. The morale has hit rock-bottom, and further fighting would only result in pointlessly throwing one’s life away.

“Second brother, we need to stop fighting. We won’t have any chance for another battle if we don’t!

The demonic sect has lost, with an untold number of casualties, while the righteous cultivators were sweeping through them like nothing!

Second Sect Leader knew that for each second he delayed, a hundred thousand demonic cultivators could die. If he didn’t stop, then the defeat would be devastating.

Second Sect Leader lowered his head in helplessness, “Retreat! We will have our chance when elder brother recovers!”

Bi Yuesheng’s spirits were lifted, “Retreat! Second brother ordered a retreat!”

The demonic sect heard the order and each bitter wall defender began falling back. But the righteous cultivators weren’t about to let it end like this, hunting down as many as they could.

On this night, with the loss of the demonic sect, they used the last of their strength to run toward their main camp, while abandoning the corpses.

Chen Ming ordered for a three-day-long chase, killing more than a million. Only then did he stop the hunt. With the overwhelming advantage on their side, there was no reason to send lone teams deep in enemy territory and suffer an ambush.

In this great battle between the righteous and demonic factions, the first landed an overwhelming victory. The leader in this campaign, Chen Ming, had his fame reach the sun, so much so he was ever nearer to hold the position as the leader of the entire righteous faction.

In a commanding tent before the demonic sect, Chen Ming and the Autarchs gathered here to tally the results.

Chen Ming asked Zi Tianzang, the one in charge of battle statistics, “How many enemies have we killed in this battle?”

Zi Tianzang replied with a fervor, “In this grand battle, we swept the enemy like they were never there. Their losses are no less than seven million! Of the crushed demonic armies, only three million returned alive. The demonic sect suffered a great blow to their might!”

Chen Ming nodded, then asked, “Then what of us?”

“Even in such a great victory, the losses tally to two million and a hundred thousand cultivators. Many cultivators have injuries, and their equipment is damaged. They all need time to recover!”

Chen Ming nodded. He then saw how his B ranked mission, Evil Belongs in Hell, reached 73% completion, while Total Battle was at 58%.