Chapter 279: Suyi’s Assassination

The demonic sect.

With Wu Jiang’s return, the demonic sect’s recovered their morale. The demonic cultivators gathered once again, with Li Suyi and the Sacred Maiden not missing from the crowd.

The Sacred Maiden’s name was Xiao Mao’er(1), of delicate figure and nimble like a kitten, hence the name.

She, like Li Suyi, couldn’t leave the demonic sect.

Lately, Li Suyi looked as if he was planning something. Even if she wasn’t aware of it, now she couldn’t even see through him.

But why am I trying to see head senior brother’s heart?

Speaking of, if she was to be married off to Ling Xian, and became Dao companions, what would be the point of calling him head senior brother? Isn’t it more like third junior brother?

Li Suyi was settling things in his room. He was looking after Wu Jiang.

This had been going on for more than a dozen days, with today marking the fifteenth day.

Li Suyi took the usual walk behind Wu Jiang’s courtyard. Wu Jiang was watering a pot of autumn chrysanthemum, “Who is it?”

Li Suyi said, “It’s me.”

Wu Jiang said without looking, “Ah, Suyi. Since when did you become a Sovereign?”

There was no trace of movement on Li Suyi’s face, “About a month ago.”

Wu Jiang nodded, “Why didn’t you report to me?”

Li Suyi drew near, drawing Demonic Blood Saber.

Li Suyi spoke with each step, “My advancement can’t change the current situation.”

He was just three steps away. A slash from him would reach Wu Jiang. And that was what he did.

If it was any other day, he wouldn’t have gotten the chance to assassinate Wu Jiang. He was too strong, but in his wounded state, Li Suyi might actually succeed!

The saber halted on Wu Jiang’s neck, blocked by his spiritual power.

Wu Jiang said without turning, “I shall give you another chance. Tell me, you wanting to kill me is a challenge to take my position as the demonic sect Head Sect Leader?”

Li Suyi’s mouth leaked a trace of blood, “Will you even believe if I said it?”

Wu Jiang was angry, “I can choose to. A great saber like you must not rust away.”

Wu Jiang looked back at Li Suyi, who didn’t go and say what he wanted to hear, “Do you have a death wish? Why did you enter the demonic sect in the first place?”

“I wanted to live, and so I joined the demonic sect.”

Wu Jiang asked again, “Yet after you came, you had many clear chances to return to Yan Mountain. Why didn’t you? ”

Li Suyi chuckled, “Yan Mountain of then had no chance of beating you. You are Wu Jiang, the invincible Wu Jiang! If I returned then, Yan Mountain would have suffered from your attack. I could only choose to stay!”

Wu Jiang showed a disappointed smile, “I see. Then why, pray tell, you chose Chen Ming and not I?”

Li Suyi said a simple phrase, “I call him Master.”

Wu Jiang nodded, “Oh, right, your Demonic Blood Saber Art is something he taught you. He gave you the saber and guided you through your cultivation method. He gave you everything while I, never bestowed you with anything.”

Wu Jiang waved, “Guards, take Li Suyi away. Inform the continent that he attempted to assassinate this Sect Leader. Such great disrespect earned him a public execution seven days later. A great saber shall lay buried but will have ten thousand swords to keep him company!”

Li Suyi looked at Wu Jiang, “You were never wounded!”

Wu Jiang laughed, “Even if I was, you have sorely underestimated me. I am a step away from becoming immortal, not just a mere Beneath Immortal. Even hurt, I am still the strongest on this continent!”

The demonic sect lost at the Sky Canyon battle, while the righteous faction took a turn for the best. Chen Ming’s fame exploded, aspiring to the position of ruler of all lands. The cultivators had total faith in the battles that were to come.

But then news began to spread of demonic sect’s head disciple attempting to assassinate Wu Jiang. He offended his elders and shall be executed seven days later as an example!

The righteous cultivators were making wild guesses, not understanding what this meant, “Ya Mo assassinate Wu Jiang?”

“Isn’t Ya Mo the demonic sect’s head disciple? Why would he do this?”

“Everyone must have forgotten, Ya Mo was Alliance Leader’s third disciple first and foremost. One that was later captured by the demonic sect!”

“By the looks of things, Ya Mo must have bottled his emotions, bidding his time!”

“I see now why his hands are clean of righteous cultivators blood. It was all because Ya Mo was waiting patiently for his chance!”

Ling Xian pointed out: “Isn’t it because I kept him busy each time, taking away his chances of bloodying his hands?”

When Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao caught wind of it, they rushed to Chen Ming. Ling Xian burst through the door, “Master, third junior brother is going to be executed by the demonic sect!”

Chen Ming stood blankly. He felt a bit guilty at this, I do have a third disciple that now suffers in the demonic sect!

He was weak before, fearful of Wu Jiang, but now he was strong. It was time to see how powerful Wu Jiang was.

Chen Ming said, “There’s no need to panic, he is your Master’s disciple. As long as I am here, none of you shall suffer!”

Dragon Sovereign came in with a storm, “Alliance Leader, you can’t go! This is the demonic sect’s ploy. Li Suyi already belongs to the demonic sect and whether the fact he assassinated Wu Jiang or not is unclear. Not to mention our army is recuperating. If we attack now, even if we march without stop, it will take more than seven days. Only you can reach the demonic sect in time! But they will be prepared to kill you!”

Chen Ming looked at him, “I know the demonic sect is luring me in, but I must go either way!”

Dragon Sovereign kowtowed, “Since your heart is set, nothing I say can dissuade you.”

Chen Ming said, “I will go and scout the demonic sect for a bit. I will return shortly.”

Chen Ming took to his crow form and in a flap of his wings, he was already deep in the demonic sect territory. He left five nation weapons here. Chen Ming flew towards the Demonic Sect to discern the truth.

If he could take Li Suyi away at the same time, it would be the best. Who knew, maybe he could even snatch the Sacred Maiden while he was at it.

Chen Ming looked left and right in the Demonic Sect, flew on peeks and scoured the foot of the mountains but couldn’t find where they held Li Suyi. He didn’t catch one trace of him.

Chen Ming then heard a demonic sect disciple calling, “Greetings Sacred Maiden!”

Chen Ming rolled his eyes thataway, This kitten-like girl is Ling Xian’s Dao companion?

Doesn’t it make her one of us?

Chen Ming perched on Xiao Mao’er’s shoulder, “I am the Lord of Yan Mountain. If you think about it, you might go as far as calling me Master. Let’s go to a more convenient place to talk.”

(1) lit. little kitten