Fiend General Stag had many wounds. He might have had great power but lacked the strategy to go along with it.

Chen Ming offered his hand to support him, “Fiend General Stag, this defeat leaves us with a few dozen Great Fiends. You’re the only one I could save.”

“Wandering Crow, if it weren’t for you, I would’ve been dead already. I will never forget this!”

Carrying Stag, the two returned to Pitfall Mountain. Along the way, he asked why Stag lost and the response he got, “I might be a Fiend General but had only skimmed through the art of war. I planned to do a night raid but didn’t expect the enemy’s ambush. It looks like they have a great commander!”

“Pff” Chen Ming barely reigned his laughter, ‘White Fox Mountain’s Fiend General is akin to a cat. For you to come up with such a heaven-defying and awe-inspiring plan, shows you have a flawless talent!’

Chen Ming stifled his laughter, “You were beautiful!”


“I mean, your plan was perfect, but the enemy wasn’t stupid. Victory and defeat are found everywhere. We will return to Pitfall Mountain’s main force to come up with a plan and regain this loss! “

“Right, I lost this time but not the next battle. I will ask for forgiveness for my crimes and return to the battlefield!”

Chen Ming’s letter left Archfiend Azure Lion gobsmacked, ‘Fiend General Stag was routed! How can this be?’

The five planted Fiend Generals reported there was an important spy among his forces sent by the enemy Archfiends. ’Do you mean to tell me that the spy is Fiend General Stag?’

At first glance, everything seemed to be in order. The Fiend Generals Gorilla and White Wolf were the ones tasked with capturing Great Fiends, while Savage Bull was his bodyguard. All but Fiend General Stag had high positions, making it reasonable if he rebelled.

He didn’t even consider Wandering Crow. Firstly, he was not important. Secondly, the battle was lost before he even arrived, it had nothing to do with him.

But on second thought, there was no value for a spy to reveal himself at the start of a war. A true spy would use the best opportunity to rebel. Today’s deliberate loss looked completely fake.

When Chen Ming and Stag arrived, Archfiend Azure Lion glared with his golden eyes, “Fiend General Stag, do you know your crimes?”

Fiend General Stag cupped his hands, “Archfiend, servant lost this battle, but not the next. I will massacre White Fox Mountain. Please give me one more chance Archfiend, let subordinate redeem himself!”

Archfiend Azure Lion saw the heavily wounded Stag and knew he was rescued from a bloody battle. ‘Maybe I was thinking too much. Fiend General Stag’s loyalty is unwavering.’

Chen Ming added, “When subordinate arrived, Fiend General Stag fought with his life on the line, killing more than ten Great Fiends and countless fiends. If it weren’t for his outstanding military skill, the enemy would’ve been more coordinated!”

Adding his explanation, it made Archfiend Azure Lion relent and nod, “Alright, I will give you a hundred Great Fiends and ten thousand fiends. This time, you must win! But you’ll be attacking Old Turtle Pond next, understood?”

Stag’s eyes burned, “General received the order. I will destroy Old Turtle Pond’s fiends until not even their shell remains!”

Archfiend Azure Lion waved his hand, “Go.”

For a while, Chen Ming didn’t receive any significant orders or requests to leave for the battlefield.

Chen Ming’s understanding of the troop deployment in this period increased, knowing where Archfiend Azure Lion’s forces were hiding.

The only thing left was to find the chance to leave Pitfall Mountain, give this intelligence to the five Archfiends and settle the terms with them.

Chen Ming was drawing the final map when he felt a powerful wave of energy from outside. He stashed the map in his storage ring just as Archfiend Azure Lion stepped in, “And what is our Wandering Crow doing?”

Chen Ming cupped his hands, “Archfiend, what need do you have of subordinate?”

White Wolf appeared behind the Archfiend Azure Lion, “Want me to break his limbs?”

Archfiend Azure Lion waved his hand, “No need, normal methods won’t work on a spy.”

Chen Ming thought, ‘All novels are full of cheats.’ A big spy like him never had an instruction manual to go by, he only watched 007’s movies hundreds of times. Why was it that only the lead role could cheat and lie through anything?

Chen Ming said, “I don’t understand. What are you trying to say?”

Archfiend Azure Lion laughed, “Even exposed you still continue your act?”

“What exposed? Archfiend, what do you mean?”

“Very well, since you’re still acting, I will explain. I have someone in Black Tiger Mountain.”

Chen Ming stood up, “What do you want to do, Archfiend?”

“Wandering Crow, relax, I don’t plan on killing you, you are still a genius. I have many other creative ways of making you talk.”

As a spy, even when discovered, he would still keep his cool. Chen Ming saw the unfavorable situation he was in, got up then charged towards the cave’s mouth. Archfiend Azure Lion’s eyes flashed, “You want to kill yourself? No chance! Your life is no longer in your hands!”

Archfiend Azure Lion waved his hand and a power surge immobilized Chen Ming on the spot.

Chen Ming said, “I don’t understand, I am not even a Fiend General’s match so why have you come here in person?”

The Archfiend laughed, “You think I’m stupid? The one who has you is the one who wins this war. Sending a Fiend General wouldn’t have put me at ease. What if you were stronger than a Fiend General and escaped?”

‘But of course!’ He knew that a Main Character could fight above his level, and kill with ease the one sent over to capture him, giving him experience and treasures in return. This only happened to a Main Character and not to Chen Ming.

‘No Main Character treatment for me!’

If he knew you were a threat, then even a moron would know to make sure you were dealt with.

And so, Archfiend Azure Lion came in person, to avoid further problems.