Chapter 280: From the Moment I Saw YouXiao Mao’er’s heart jumped, Master came?

Xiao Mao’er’s peeked with utmost caution at the crow on her shoulder, Does that implies Master is this crow?

Then a black puppy licked her shoe, drawing her attention, and making her look as it gazed back.

Xiao Mao’er turned to the crow on her shoulder, but it was gone.

Xiao Mao’er came to a natural, and rational, conclusion, Master is sure to be this cute and adorable little puppy. Xiao Mao’er lifted it and ran to her room.

Chen Ming fell something was off watching her snatch and grab the puppy to her room, Eh? The hell she took the dog for?

She closed the door behind, placed the little puppy carefully on the table, then curtsied, “Master, this place is safe, you can change back!”

Chen Ming who stood by the window felt as if an arrow struck his knee, hitting the ground with a thud.

When he got back to the window, he saw Xiao Mao’er still talking with the utmost respect to the puppy, “Master, why aren’t you changing?”

The puppy answered by stretching its paws, faced Xiao Mao’er and a stream fell from the heavens above like the ‘milky’ way, taking great pleasure in the simple joys of life.

Xiao Mao’er rushed to cover her eyes, “I never knew Master was like this! You’re such a scoundrel!”

Chen Ming: …

“Cough, cough, cough. I am here.”

Xiao Mao’er made a u-turn on the spot, to find the crow at her window, Oh, so Master was the crow…

Chen Ming feigned ignorance as he asked, “What are you doing grabbing a dog for?”

At the perp’s mention, Xiao Mao’er threw it out, “Uh, Master, that’s, I wanted to take a look. Yes, just for a look…”

Chen Ming didn’t feel like pursuing this dog damned topic, “Where is Li Suyi held prisoner?”

“Master, you can’t be thinking of stealing head senior brother, uh, third junior brother, right?”

“Why not? Oh, right, make yourself ready. You’re coming with!”

“I can’t, Master. Head Sect Leader knows you can escape through teleportation arrays. The entire Demonic Sect’s space is sealed from Wu Jiang’s array! And regarding third junior brother, I do not know where he is.”

Chen Ming pondered, “It seems Wu Jiang isn’t a fool. I can only save Li Suyi seven days later, at the execution. Right, don’t stray too far from him at that time. If I come, I will take you both out of here. If not, Li Suyi will threaten with suicide, throwing tantrums to high heaven!”

Xiao Mao’er covered her delicate mouth, asking in amazement, “Ling Xian never said that to me. He said that on Yan Mountain, he alone stands above everyone else! Yet the only one he fears is his Master. That everyone holds him in high regard!”

“That kid is tooting his horn! En, I will have a nice chat with his head senior sister and fourth junior sister, to rid Ling Xian of his senseless bragging!”

Chen Ming then flew to a tree outside. He needed to know Wu Jiang’s power to plan accordingly.

In any case, I’m the Alliance Leader. Got enough fame and adequate wealth. I just don’t believe I can’t deal with a bunch of people.

Hovering above the Demonic Sect for a while longer, he soon found Wu Jiang. He was giving orders, “From here you will spring an ambush, old second, from behind the mountain. If Chen Ming comes, we must keep him here!”

Second Sect Leader bowed, “Yes, elder brother!”

“Old sixth, you will command thirty Sovereigns to set an ambush near the entrance, and block Chen Ming’s retreat!”

Sixth Sect Leader bowed, “Understood, edler brother. Leave it to me!”

Chen Ming inspected Wu Jiang among the crowd:

‘Danger value: 8100 (9999)

Danger rating: cataclysm


Saber Dancer Aura

Description: I am dancing among the saber waves, where not even a leaf can reach. Death is like the wind – always by my side!

Effect: for cultivators of the quick-draw art, it allows them to possess a keen perception regarding the 18 types of blade weapons.

Demon King Aura lv 2

Description: all demonic cultivators shall bow

Effect: control over the demonic faction.

Saber Heart Aura lv 3

Description: the world is everchanging, the river flows to the east, and my saber shall cleave it all!

Effect: increase perception in the saber Dao. Saber arts have a certain increase in power.

Seven Sabers Aura

Description: he has seven sabers, each with a story to tell.

Effect: with each saber drawn, power rises by a tenth.

World’s Crown Aura

Description: first under heaven.

Effect: has a certain psychological intimidating power against all cultivators.

Ruler’s Presence Aura

Description: the land is in the palm of my hands.

Effect: greatly increase morale of troops in times of war.

Sovereign’s Dominion Aura’

From these layers of aura alone, Chen Ming’s mind raced a mile a minute. Aren’t the Saber Dancer Aura and Seven Sabers Aura a bit overkill?

Besides King Slayer Aura, all my auras are dirt in by comparison!

With a danger value of 8100, and even in a wounded state at that, I now see how this guy killed the Sages. A peak Wu Jiang must be a super boss. While I am just a grand boss, palling in comparison!

Sigh, such a pity that I need to figure out a way to kill you. With such a danger value there’s no need to even try it head-on. I am one who has the Farmer God Sword Art after all. As an array master, alchemist, tool refiner, I need to use my strong points!

From the moment I saw you, I can’t help but want to kill you!

Chen Ming was getting ready to fly when he picked on Wu Jiang’s words, “You must keep in mind that Chen Ming’s cunning knows no bounds. He can turn into a small animal, posing no danger at first glance. If you come upon such a harmless and inoffensive creature, you might actually stumble upon Chen Ming!”

Second Sect Leader’s eyes turned at the small puppy at Wu Jiang’s foot and yelled, “Watch out, elder brother!”

Second Sect Leader’s palm struck, turning the puppy into mush. He took a deep breath, “How fortunate it was just an ordinary dog!”

Chen Ming’s heart jumped, It can’t be that my cover is blown, right?

Chen Ming moved around the treetop with careful steps, when a disciple said, “Senior brother, look! Can that crow be Chen Ming?”

Another disciple glanced at Chen Ming and, after a long and hard look, slapped the first disciple, “Are you an idiot? Sect Leader said Chen Ming takes the form of small harmless animals. And what is that? A crow, and a damn ugly one at that. How can it be the illustrious and famed Righteous Alliance Leader?”