Chapter 281: A New Beneath Immortal“Ding! You triggered a mission, Rescue Li Suyi. Reward: 300,000 merits.”

Look, even the mission came.

Chen Ming hat to admit, he came out alive out of this one all thanks to taking this hideous crow form.

Wu Jiang was a Beneath Immortal, despite wounded. Adding to that his deviant auras, if he didn’t do something to gain another power boost, Wu Jiang would wipe the floor with him, or his corpse.

He had a danger value of 7000 and, now after that great battle, a stockpile of two million spiritual knowledge points.

It wasn’t enough to advance all Dao Palaces to Divine Palace stage and, as the advancement mission was nearing completion, the demand for spiritual knowledge would only grow higher.

The only way to improve was through a constant stream of spiritual knowledge.

But how in the hell am I supposed to get all that spiritual knowledge in just seven days?

Chen Ming took stock of his Dao Seeds and reckoned the hefty stash of cultivation methods from the demonic sect would raise that number to 1080.

Chen Ming had never cultivated any demonic cultivation methods so far, so he would gain a substantial amount this time around.

He had 430 Dao Seeds on him and to form the rest 600 he would need ten million spiritual knowledge. How was he going to get them in seven days?

Chen Ming returned to Yan Mountain, pondering on a quick spiritual knowledge earning scheme. The best choices were the B ranked missions, but he only got two up till now, while still ongoing. Since when were they so easy to complete anyway? Just based on those two B ranked missions, completing them would take years.

Hold on! Chen Ming checked his mission tab: Evil Belongs in Hell’s completion rate, 74.2%.

Chen Ming recalled how he could turn it in after a mission reached 60%, but since it was far from the perfect rating, the reward would be cut down.

I really owe it to that bunch of little bastards!

The first B ranked mission was at 74.2% and should net a fine reward.

Compared to the All-out War, Evil Belong in Hell was faster in gaining completion. The main reason came from needing to handle Ghost Immortal’s forces. The rest of the unfinished mission should be related to those he hadn’t found out yet, along with the demonic sect’s remaining demonic cultivators.

Clenching his jaw, Chen Ming’s felt his heart bleed, but nothing was more important than his disciples, “I want to turn in Evil Belong in Hell.”

“Ding! Warning, Evil Belong in Hell’s completion rate is 74.2%, with a good rating. 60% is normal, 70% is good, 80% is excellent, 90% is outstanding and 100% is perfect.”

“I chose to turn it in.”

“Ding! Calculating reward. Due to it having only a good rating, you lost a lottery ticket, items, and fame. Since it surpassed 70% the surplus is converted in a small amount of spiritual knowledge.”

The first B ranked mission, the highest mission he ever received was turned in just like that.

The mission Chen Ming has struggled on for five years has now ended. He got nothing else besides spiritual knowledge, more than eleven million of it. He guessed that if he received items, they would be immortal equipment, with a high chance of one of them being a piece of top immortal equipment.

But it no longer mattered. There’s no point in thinking about it now that it’s over.

It was time to boost his power. He didn’t get the short end of the stick however since the spiritual knowledge was high enough to break the heavens.

Chen Ming went to the center of the Yellow Sea, preparing to advance a hundred Dao Palaces to the Dao Seed stage. He could pass the resulting tribulation on a whim, not even capable of even bother him while comprehending the Heavenly Stellar Array.

The tribulation cloud gathered above, with Chen Ming at its center. In the raging sandstorm, rays of starlight began descending on him. He turned a blind eye to these theatrics, relying on his Limitless Dao Body to fight it off.

Chen Ming stepped into a ray of starlight and began focusing on the intricacies of the Dao. Days passed, with Chen Ming passing one starlight for another, all the while comprehending the Heavenly Stellar Array. Along with this, his merits were shrinking fast, bringing him one step closer to understanding the array in its entirety.

After three days, Chen Ming comprehended a thousand starlights. A seed of truth budded in his heart, “So this is Dao, this is the secret to how the Heaven operates.”

A star cluster made itself noticed before Chen Ming’s eyes, with three thousand stars shining within.

Chen Ming walked underneath, raising his head to gaze upon it.

Three thousand stars, each representing a Dao, each moving in an inscrutable pattern as they formed a Star Chart, linking the Daos together, into this Heaven and Earth. No, this wasn’t about the continent but about this Star Chart.

The star cluster floated within a river of stars. Next to them were more stars, with each forming their own in the end.

Zi Tianzang had a foreboding feeling. The Sages left the key to the path to immortality to him when they decided to face Wu Jiang in battle. But what he felt now was it being under attack!

The other Autarchs from the ancient immortal sects felt it too. Zi Tianzang called an urgent meeting in their enormous camp at the Sky Canyon. When he saw the nervous looks on them, they knew something of great importance was happening.

Zhong Tongzi said, “Just what in the hell is going on? Why the sudden meeting?”

Zi Tianzang took a deep breath, “Someone is assaulting the path to immortality. The gate leading to it almost burst open!”

This news shocked them to the core. They were Autarchs, ones than new the deepest secrets in these lands. As this continent didn’t have an immortal, the four ancient immortal sects gathered their forces into sealing the path to immortality, preventing any outside immortal’s greed to reach these lands. This also served in severing its ties with the stars.

The last time the path to immortality was under attack was when Wu Jiang broke through to Beneath Immortal. Then who was it this time?

With a new and sudden arrival of a Beneath Immortal, no one could figure it out if this was a blessing or a disaster. But they were certain on one thing, none of the ones present here was the one advancing. Who could it be?

Bai Wuxia sucked a deep breath, “A new Beneath Immortal emerged.”

Zi Tianzang said, “And this person is in the prime of his youth. Such a Beneath Immortal has the power to change the state of the continent. Might it be the demonic sect’s Second Sect Leader?”

Sword King Pavilion Sect leader said, “Is it possible that it’s the Alliance Leader?”

Zhong Tongzi said, “Unlikely. Alliance Leader killed an Autarch because he unleashed a magical art of devastating proportions. One strike needs his entire spiritual power reserve. Have you ever seen a peak Autarch kill another without much effort?”