Chapter 282: Going to the Demonic Sect, Aiming for the World!This left everyone guessing, with no clue as to whether this sudden change was for better or worse. A new Beneath Immortal, and in his prime too, was a terrifying being for the entire continent.

Haven’t they all seen the battle of Wu Jiang and Sages reshaping the landscape into a sea?

Chen Ming was still far off from reaching such height. He rattled the door to the path to immortality because he slipped through its cracks, glimpsing at the stars beyond.

Chen Ming’s eyes reflected the stars, and the stars seemed to roam within them. They formed a Star Chart, while the one thousand lights on his back glittered.

“Ding! You comprehended the Heavenly Stellar Array(incomplete).”

With the last 80 Dao Seeds taking shape, Chen Ming felt his power changing, surging in his body; the power to reshape the land.

Chen Ming saw how his danger value rose to 8400.

This boost was huge, rising by 1400!

But that wasn’t the most important part. He finally surpassed the limit and had a Beneath Immortal’s power. He was above 8000, translating in each of his attacks unleashing a Beneath Immortal’s might!

I see now why it’s B ranked. It was enough to help me reach Beneath Immortal!

First, I need to get used to my strength.

Chen Ming shouted in the Yellow Sea, “Wind fiend! Show yourself!”

The sandstorm whistled as it were, without a change. Wind fiend disdained to even blow sand his way.

Chen Ming wasn’t angry, and smiled instead, punching the sand. It rained destruction over hundreds of li and revealed wind fiend’s figure!

The fist blew wind fiend out of his hiding, without harming him since he was sand. The sand shifted in his image as it flew to Chen Ming and cursed all the while, “Lord of Yan Mountain, we had a deal. With our deal concluded, we have no need to bother each other.”

Chen Ming chuckled, “How can one have a sound sleep with one next to their bed? The times have changed.”

Wind fiend smiled, “What’s your point?”

The Star Chart behind Chen Ming enveloped the lands. Wind fiend looked up to see it extend for ten li. It bore down on him until he couldn’t even lift a finger!

Wind fiend got the full brunt of Chen Ming’s power and blurted in shock, “You became a Beneath Immortal in just a few years!”

Wind fiend had no clue as to his sect’s secrets, only a spectator to Chen Ming’s growth. His speed left everyone in the dust!

Wind fiend only felt this power from Wu Jiang, and now Chen Ming gave off the same feeling.

The times did change, no longer was it Wu Jiang’s era. The continent had itself a new Beneath Immortal, one in its prime.

With Chen Ming a Beneath Immortal, he no longer tolerated wind fiend’s close proximity to Yan Mountain, despite being harmless to it. He wanted wind fiend’s obedience.

As his body was, in fact, the entire Yellow Sea, he had no way to leave. Wind fiend hanged his head, “I, Rushing Wind, am willing to swear allegiance to sir, in hope that I can fight for the honorable Mountain Lord.”

Chen Ming took another look at him, a playful one.

At this time, this wind fiend obeys me just like that?

With wind fiend acknowledging him, he must mean he would obey as long as Chen Ming lived. Once he was gone, or dead, would he no longer listen?

The Star Chart pressed down again, scattering wind fiend’s sandy body. Wind fiend was panicking, “I, Rushing Wind, am willing to obey Yan Mountain. It will never perish, I will fight for it without rest and with my life!”

The Star Chart vanished, returning to Chen Ming’s back. Chen Ming approved, “Remember your words.”

Zhuo Qingyao was with the other nine Autarchs when Chen Ming blinked next to her. She was practicing her sword with Ling Xian pleasantly cultivating at the side. A glance at him got Chen Ming worked up, “Ah, Qingyao, my second disciple, when outside and, regardless to whom, always talks how he is a person standing above all on Yan Mountain, fearless in face of everyone but his Master.”

Ling Xian froze. How does Master know what I talked with Xiao Mao’er?

Second disciple… Master, can you be any clearer?

What will I do if head senior sister figures it out?

Ling Xian got up, with light and swift steps carrying him towards a safer haven. But then Obelisk cut him off, “Second junior brother, saying it like that must mean you were looking for a spar, no?”

Ling Xian waved his hands, “Head senior sister, it’s a joke, nothing but a joke. Don’t take it seriously!”

Zhuo Qingyao said, “As Yan Mountain’s Second Sect Leader, you have yet to break through to the Transcending realm, to become a Sovereign. It seems I need to give you a thorough teaching!”

Seeing his two disciples enjoying themselves, he didn’t mind it as he spoke, “I will be gone for a while. You need to be more serious in cultivation, and not disturb the war preparations.”

Zhuo Qingyao bowed, “Yes, Master. Oh, right, are you going to rescue third junior brother?”

Chen Ming smiled, “Speaking as such is the same as saying that your Master wants to become the first under heaven!”

Chen Ming fluttered his sleeve and was gone. Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao watched his figure drifting further away. Ling Xian said, “Master wants to fight Wu Jiang.”

Zhuo Qingyao said, “Isn’t it normal? He is our Master!

“Yeah, he will win because he’s our Master!”

Chen Ming walked inside the main camp, in the Autarchs meeting hall. But noticing them all here, he felt a tad awkward.

Zi Tianzang noticed him, “Alliance Leader, there’s a high chance someone became a Beneath Immortal.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Is there something wrong about it?”

Zhong Tongzi said, “Alliance Leader, how confident can you be? That’s another Beneath Immortal! It is enough to change the direction this war is heading.”

Chen Ming said, “What’s the problem? I am that Beneath Immortal.”

All stared at Chen Ming, shocked, No wonder Chen Ming didn’t bat an eye. He is the new Beneath Immortal!

Chen Ming said, “I am going to the demonic sect. Since Wu Jiang wants to fight, I will oblige him! Going to the demonic sect, aiming for the world!”