Chapter 284: As Luck Had It, So Am IChen Ming was outside the Demonic Sect even before noon.

With the Demonic Sect wound up as tight as bark on a tree, there was barely anyone keeping guard. Chen Ming chuckled, “It seems like Wu Jiang is anxious in his wait for me. Let’s go.”

The rest soared behind him as they trekked through the demonic sect unchecked.

Wu Jiang saw the sun and figured noon was almost here. It was only now that he spotted Chen Ming and the nine Righteous Autarchs darting through clouds and landing before the gallows.

Li Suyi saw how all demonic cultivators had different expressions. He watched Chen Ming take a slow walk towards him. Li Suyi had so many things to say and didn’t know where to begin, “Master!”

Chen Ming cast an assuring glance his way then crossed eyes with Wu Jiang.

Wu Jiang cracked a ruthless smile, “I didn’t expect you to actually come here!”

Chen Ming said, “I’ve been through this demonic sect many times before, so why can’t I? Oh, silly me, you don’t know that!”

Wu Jiang glared, “I used to think there is no one who can contend me, but you, Chen Ming, forced the demonic sect at every turn. I have to admit that you are strong, but…”

“But what’s the point in saying all this. As long as I live, I am the first under heaven. No one can resist my will!”

Wu Jiang got up and drew a light-blue saber from his back and tossed it at Li Suyi, “Do you know what’s a Beneath Immortal? Someone who can’t be stopped. If I want to kill, no one can resist. Since you came, I will let you bear witness to your precious third disciple’s death!”

The demonic cultivators roared, “Head Sect Leader is the sole ruler!”

“No one can defy Head Sect Leader’s will!”

Chen Ming flew in front of Li Suyi and released spiritual power from his left-hand’s fingers, stopping the saber in mid-air.

Chen Ming’s mouth curled into a faint smile, “I hear you’re a Beneath Immortal. As luck would have it, so am I!”

Wu Jiang watched him stunned, “That’s not possible! You were just an Autarch before, how could you advance so quickly?”

The Righteous Autarchs were now in full belief of Chen Ming’s power, of being a true Beneath Immortal!

Even the five demonic sect sect leaders were stunned.

A Beneath Immortal was the strongest person on this continent. Didn’t that mean Wu Jiang was no longer the sole Beneath Immortal?

Chen Ming said without turning, “Take him and leave!”

Dragon Sovereign turned into a golden dragon in mid-flight, taking Li Suyi and Xiao Mao’er in his claws.

Wu Jiang wasn’t about to sit still, “Kill them!”

The five Demonic Autarchs sprung the ambush as they flew at Dragon Sovereign, but how could the other eight Righteous Autarchs let that happen? They intercepted them and, thanks to the numerical advantage, Dragon Sovereign had it easy in getting away.

But there were plenty of Sovereign and Demon Kings around ready to block him, despite not having the power to do so. It was only a matter of time before Dragon Sovereign killed his way out.

The Autarchs and the demonic sect’s army clashed, while Chen Ming, like a beacon in the darkness, watched Wu Jiang. Their eyes met and each could see each other’s killing intent.

Wu Jiang waved the light blue saber back to his hand, flashing with boundless lightning, “I can only have a life and death battle to decide the outcome. I will fight with all I have, the greatest respect I can show you.”

Chen Ming swirled Dao Empyrean Bamboo with both hands, unleashing a blue wind. From this wind, spiritual swords came pouring out.

Wu Jiang said, “Do you know the name of this saber? It’s Winter Lightning.”

Wu Jiang’s opened his left hand, where a black wooden sword appeared with a green bud on it, “A thousand years ago, Flying Sword Sect was the strongest on the continent, their saying reaching every corner. ‘Sabers have winter and summer, while swords are separated into spring and autumn.’ You should have Autumn Snow, paired with this Spring Soil of mine. The two swords combined form the immortal weapon Spring and Autumn. Sword cultivators are doing everything with feeling, following heaven’s will. While we, saber cultivators, love to defy it, hacking the fate we deny. Thus, my two sabers are called Winter Lightning and Summer Snow.”

“An this here is Spring Soil. For a battle among the strongest two on the continent such as this, I think it won’t lose to that battle of a thousand years ago between my Master and Flying Sword Sect Sect Leader.”

Wu Jiang threw Spring Soil in front of Chen Ming. Holding Spring Soil, he refined it in an instant, as if it returned home after countless ages. He pressed it together with Autumn Snow, transforming into a new weapon. The new sword lost the characters for soil and snow, with only the ones for spring and autumn remaining.

Chen Ming regarded Wu Jiang, He is truly driven. He didn’t give me Spring Soil out of foolishness.

It would have been impossible to become Head Sect Leader otherwise.

He was first under heaven for hundreds of years, the crown of an era.

This was his pride and what he did was even more prideful, even more arrogant. Only the most domineering saber cultivator could perform the perfect saber strike and making the saber intent in his chest move with greater force.

This would also strike a blow to Chen Ming’s Dao Heart. Chen Ming was the challenger, and the title of first under heaven still belonged to Wu Jiang.

Wu Jiang’s act told Chen Ming, You’re not worthy of my attention, you’re beneath me.

A glance at Chen Ming’s sword told him it worked. His saber intent deepened while Chen Ming’s sword intent dulled.

But what he didn’t expect was Chen Ming’s chuckle, “This trick is useless on me. I came for one reason only. To fulfill this purpose, I will ignore everything else.”

“You should know that only your death will give me peace!”

“I don’t have that many tricks and ploys. My only focus right now is to kill you.”

“As long as my killing intent is strong enough, pure enough, the rest is nothing. Only alive can one witness the vicissitudes, can one see who has the moon, the sun and the stars in his palm!”