Chapter 285: You Gave me the Sword Spring and AutumnKing Slayer Aura, Killing Intent Aura, and Warmonger Aura were all activated. Why would a king slayer care about the world when he was on the path of killing rulers?

Wu Jiang ran down the mountain with his saber drawn, while Chen Ming held the sword with his left as he rushed upward.

The two met halfway, one unleashing thunderous lightning while the other dyed the surroundings in his sword intent.

A pinnacle killing force birthed at contact.

They struck in an instant yet they didn’t separate, still unleashing attacks. The sword intent tore the lightning while the lightning came from all directions.

They exchanged tens of moves in a blink, with sword images and saber waves blended to form an intricate net, while they themselves only left afterimages.

Another earth rumbling echo spread. At first, one would think it was from a single strike, but it was made from eight!

The Autarchs watched the two’s struggle with incredulous eyes. Zhong Tongzi said, “It’s only just begun yet it’s this intense?”

Bai Wuxia said, “Can Alliance Leader win?”

They had no certainty, not when it came to the long-lasting titleholder of first under heaven, Wu Jiang. Forgetting the fact he also killed the four Sages.

Alliance Leader was just a brand new Beneath Immortal, and his only advantage in this battle was that Wu Jiang was seriously hurt.

Bi Yuesheng smiled, “A green Beneath Immortal thinks he can challenge elder brother? It won’t be long before he shall fall dead at elder brother’s hands.”

Second Sect Leader smiled, “Elder brother has been using a single saber so far!”

Zi Tianzang wasn’t too pleased by this, “Alliance Leader is an array master. How is a saber cultivator fighting an array master in melee to a draw an achievement?”

The Demonic Autarchs were lost for words. Chen Ming’s main cultivation was down the path of arrays.

Wu Jiang then pulled his second saber, “As matters stand, I will need to use two blades to kill you.”

Wu Jiang’s left hand drew Summer Snow from his back.

It had a pitch-black blade with snowflakes inlay. Wu Jiang held Winter Lightning in his left and Summer Snow in his right as he charged. Chen Ming tried to block but soon found that Wu Jiang’s saber art was twice as fast.

Strong to such extent?

Chen Ming jumped back, taking his sword to his back where he charged the Sword Sea attack. The ten thousand swords gathered into Spring and Autumn, adding weight to the sword as heavy as a mountain.

Yet for him, it couldn’t be any easier to wield it.

His body made up for it in spare.

How could the thousand stars on his back not support a sword?

The Sword Sea was, in fact, ten thousand swords as a whole.

Chen Ming then rushed to attack. Where Wu Jiang was fast, he was heavy. Where Wu Jiang was like lightning, he was like Mt. Tai!

Chen Ming struck without deceit, and straight!

Wu Jiang crossed his blades while sliding three steps back, yet he wasn’t afraid.

Chen Ming’s sword was heavy and strong, something his saber intent couldn’t compare. But he was Wu Jiang. Was there anyone better than him with blades?

Wu Jiang planted his foot, giving of saber afterimages as he struck. Chen Ming, with as sword intent reaching the heavens, hacked at the saber net, making Wu Jiang retreat another three steps.

But he saw that Wu Jiang came out unharmed.

Chen Ming never thought his star attack would be rendered useless against him.

Wu Jiang’s steps kept shifting as the two fought in close quarters. Despite Chen Ming pushed him back again and again, he didn’t accomplish much else. If Wu Jiang wanted to take it on, then he would lose, but he made use of his quick saber to fend it off.

Wu Jiang’s afterimages had Chen Ming in their center, yet he stood among this rain of saber waves motionless and steady as a mountain.

The two fought bitterly for fifteen minutes, until Chen Ming saw how blood seeped out of his Daoist robe.

He was wounded despite his impregnable robe.

This Saber Dancer Aura is out of this world!

If it weren’t for his peak understanding of sword arts, Chen Ming would have lost by now.

He pushed Wu Jiang back with a strike while downing a pill bottle, “It’s time to get serious. You’ve had landed your fair share of hits and now it’s my turn!”

Chen Ming tried it, to teleport out that is, but was impossible. Yet it seemed fine as long as he kept it between his nation weapons inside the Demonic Sect.

The sealed space of the Demonic Sect was to cut it off from the continent, but to seal the entire demonic sect was impossible.

Chen Ming waved Spring and Autumn as he called upon the other eleven nation weapons. He had no intention of relying on spiritual weapons when a blow from Wu Jiang would render them as useful as pieces of metal.

Wu Jiang stood among the eleven weapons, steady and motionless, waiting for Chen Ming’s next attack.

Chen Ming appeared in a blink behind him. Wu Jiang’s eyes flashed, Found you!

He struck with Winter Lightning behind him, blocking Spring and Autumn. Wu Jiang slid three steps back and Chen Ming blinked on his left.

Wu Jiang blocked with Summer Snow.

Chen Ming shifted among the eleven swords while Wu Jiang responded each time with one of his own sabers in an explosion of sparks.

Wu Jiang was having some trouble at first, but now he was all instinct when defending. He knew the weapons had teleportation arrays on them and once he found the pattern, he would know Chen Ming’s destination.

In just fifteen minutes, Wu Jiang had it all figured it out, despite the slight difficulty it imposed on him. When Chen Ming blinked again, he only laughed, “Got you! You’re dead!”

Wu Jiang looked to his left and hacked with his saber!

Chen Ming appeared surprised to find him having it all figured it out. He waved Dao Empyrean Bamboo in his right to block the attack, then blinked away.

Wu Jiang stood among the revolving eleven swords, “It won’t work, I’ve seen through your small trick. In the face of a true Blinking Art, or World Leap Art, even I would feel fear, but now, you no longer have any place to hide!”