Chapter 286: I’ll Return You this Saber Called Grass CutterChen Ming vanished into thin air, with Wu Jiang’s eyes staring at the last nation weapon he was on, “This time you die!”

Chen Ming blocked one strike, but what about two strikes?

One saber rose while the other fell, right at Chen Ming’s presumed destination.

Wu Jiang felt something was off since Chen Ming appeared behind him instead. He watched Spring and Autumn’s blade coming out of his chest, spreading fresh blood.

Chen Ming spoke from behind, “When I reforged them, I hid a little surprise. This Overflowing Void has a connection with two swords. In these four years, no one has ever found it out, except you!”

Wu Jiang boiled with rage, sending Spring and Autumn flying with his spiritual power, while also taking some of his blood with it.

The five sect leaders were in a panic, Wu Jiang is hurt!

Wu Jiang was actually hurt!

“Elder brother!”

“Elder brother, are you alright?”

This caused no little shock to the eight Righteous Autarchs. Wu Jiang struck Chen Ming many times, and now his retaliation pierced Wu Jiang’s chest. Not enough to kill him, but this wound piled on his injured body.

“Alliance Leader is amazing!”

“Alliance Leader will win!”

Wu Jiang half-knelt among the eleven nation weapon, demonic energy surging around, “It’s just a hit. Our fight has only just begun!”

Wu Jiang tore at his robe, exposing his bandages. He pulled a heavy saber as the blood dyed the cloth red, “This is called Tyrant, the weapon I forged when I took the position of Head Sect Leader. That was also when I declared myself the hegemon of these lands. A hegemon walks the path of might.”

Wu Jiang slashed at Overflowing Void while holding the heavy saber with both hands. The saber’s force spread to the whole mountain range, cleaving the sky and exposing the stary sky.

Overflowing Void fell on the ground, broken. Chen Ming sensed it so.

Is this Wu Jiang?

Everyone knew that a Sovereign’s weapon was a nation weapon. A nation weapon was supposed to be something that held, but Wu Jiang severed one in one strike. The power of his saber was enough to collapse the sky!

The Autarchs now understood the meaning of Beneath Immortal. With no immortals, no one else could contest them!

Only immortal equipment was unaffected by their attacks. Everything else was crushed into nothing.

A Beneath Immortal had the power to change the landscape and split the heavens!

The scar in the sky has yet to heal, showing Wu Jiang’s ability in punching a hole in the heavens.

Chen Ming sensed Wu Jiang’s power was on the rise with the drawing of his third saber.

He recalled the Seven Sabers Aura, a dreadful one. He had to get ready and release more powerful strikes.

The Star Chart appeared on Chen Ming’s back, but something was different than before. It was the Alleaven Stellar Array(incomplete)!

A galaxy appeared above, and this time he could release its power with an array. All living things on this earth felt a large pressure, the pressure from the Allheaven!

What was Allheaven? It was all living things in the world!

Under the large sky, Allheaven laid!

As the pressure fell, Wu Jiang felt as if mountains rested on his back!

Stars flickered in Chen Ming’s eyes. He stood among the crowd like the son of stars descended on this earth!

The entire demonic sect was forced to one knee, even the sect leaders. The only exception being Wu Jiang, still holding his stance.

While the rest demonic cultivators, even the Sovereigns, were unable to lift a finger under Allheaven Stellar Array(incomplete)’s power!

One by one, the Demonic Sovereigns were pressed harder into the ground, and blood began to flow from their mouths as the weight was too much to bear!

The Demon Kings felt their entire skeletons creaking, turning to pieces. Each bone in their body began fracturing in succession.

And as for Dao Initiation realm cultivators, they fell flat on the ground, dead.

The clamor of war died out in a blink, leaving the Demonic Sect in a deafening silence. They didn’t even have the chance to wail before dying.

The Demonic Autarchs felt an ineffable fear gnawing at their hearts when they saw Chen Ming, “Is this ‘all are equal under an array’?”

“This has a simple meaning, that all will die! Under an array, all life will perish!”

Even the Righteous Autarchs felt fear in their bones, “A heaven ranked array master spreads such dread?”

Zi Tianzang said, “If Alliance Leader ever wants to wipe out our sects, he only needs to unleash this array and all will fall lifeless!”

A heaven ranked array master had the power to resist an Autarch. But a Beneath Immortal with this profession told them just how much of a devastating existence one was.

Chen Ming smiled, “Since you like stars so much, I’ll give you a full sky of them!”

Wu Jiang said, “I haven’t lost!”

Chen Ming chuckled, “Oh, yeah, your Grass Cutter is still with me. You are missing a saber and perhaps it will help you if you have it.”

Chen Ming threw Grass Cutter before Wu Jiang. He didn’t even spare a glance towards it. Was this any different from when he gave Spring Soil to Chen Ming?

Chen Ming also wanted to strike a blow at his Dao Heart!

If he took Grass Cutter, he would admit six sabers lacked in landing a killing blow on Chen Ming. This thought would already take root in his heart, losing the battle before it even started. This was the same as placing his hope of defeating Chen Ming on his last saber. But he had the third saber drawn. If he picked Grass Cutter, then it meant forsaking his third saber.

He wasn’t Chen Ming, he didn’t have King Slayer Aura to ignore these, and not affect his Dao Heart. If he lifted Grass Cutter, the notion in his heart of being unequal would die. His power would never reach its peak.

Saber cultivators were very mindful of the path of the hegemon. They had the notion of being a paragon in their hearts!

Wu Jiang held the five-foot-long Tyrant as he stared at Chen Ming, “Six sabers are enough to kill you!”