Chapter 287: Battle for the CrownChen Ming wouldn’t have dared fight this Seven Sabers Aura possessing Wu Jiang if it weren’t for the Allheaven Stellar Array.

Since you don’t want to, then don’t blame me.

Dragon Sovereign teleported Li Suyi and Xiao Mao’er to safety thanks to Chen Ming’s teleportation array he left behind. With the three’s return, the righteous cultivators felt something amiss.

The average cultivator had no way of knowing what happened, but the Sovereigns did. They circled around them with only one thought on their mind, how was Chen Ming and Wu Jiang’s battle for the crown.

“Sir Dragon Sovereign, how is the battle with the demonic sect?”

He said, “No one can say for sure who will win or lose between them. Only the two of them know, or perhaps not even them. I don’t have time to talk, where is Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader?”

Dragon Sovereign wasn’t about to hand the two over to any other but Zhuo Qingyao.

Under the guidance of the Sovereigns, Dragon Sovereign reached Zhuo Qingyao where he spread his claws, releasing Li Suyi and Xiao Mao’er, “I have brought them and now I shall return to the battle.”

He left with the final word.

Li Suyi looked at Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao, and the others did the same. Li Suyi wanted to leave but Ling Xian stopped him, “Third junior brother, where are you going?”

Li Suyi said, “How can a sinner like me return to Yan Mountain?”

Zhuo Qingyao walked over with a light step, “Only your Master says if you can return or not!”

Li Suyi smiled, “Now that I’m a Sovereign, can you two stop me?”

Zhuo Qingyao karate chopped Li Suyi and he hit the ground like a ton of bricks.

Zhuo Qingyao glanced at him with some guilt, “I think I’m too strong. Was I perhaps too heavy-handed?”

The demonic sect.

The eight Autarchs had the five Demonic Autarchs surrounded. With the suppression from Chen Ming’s array and the numerical disadvantage, they suffered setback after setback.

Second Sect Leader said, “Activate the guarding array!”

Just when the guarding array was activated, they heard a boom.

The starry sky crushed the guarding array to splinters.

A heaven ranked array master was too strong!

Their guarding array was set by a mere earth ranked array master.

On this continent, heaven ranked array masters were the rarest of the rare, no matter the time period.

Wu Jiang noticed the five Demonic Autarchs were at a disadvantage and flew at the stary sky while brandishing Tyrant, to cleave it. He left a hole in the array but, in mere moments, it recovered without any side effect.

An array had a core, but Wu Jiang never saw Chen Ming placing any such thing and yet the Allheaven Stellar Array was set up.

That meant only one thing, “You’re the array core!”

Chen Ming laughed, “What if I am? What if I’m not?”

Wu Jiang said, “Only if you act as the array core could you then become a heaven ranked array master. You do not need to enter the Dao because you are the array. It seems only by killing you will this headache go away.”

Wu Jiang jumped with his saber at Chen Ming, who welcomed him with a slash from Spring and Autumn, sending him into a mountain.

Chen Ming felt the power behind Allheaven Stellar Array. It not only suppressed the opponent but strengthened the user, with all its power focused on his body.

Chen Ming charged over where Wu Jiang made a new cave mouth in the mountain. He slashed the mountain open while Wu Jiang lifted his saber to block the attack.

Wu Jiang knew he was weaker than Chen Ming in this state.

Wu Jiang reached for Elusive on his back, drawing it. Chen Ming didn’t manage to find it after he killed Owl. How could he if he didn’t even see it?

Wu Jiang shouted, “Reality and illusion engender one another. Between them, the Dao shall lay bare!”

He stood in the air as he hacked at Chen Ming, rupturing space. Chen Ming sensed how more and more scars appear in space!

Wu Jiang’s power has reached such a degree?

Chen Ming returned Spring and Autumn in the Dao Empyrean Bamboo. Pitting his sword arts against Wu Jiang’s saber arts was a death warrant. He couldn’t afford to underestimate the Saber Dancer Aura.

Chen Ming stuck Dao Empyrean Bamboo in his robes at his nape. His eyes flashed and a sea roared as he unleashed a tsunami.

The black sea spread for tens of li, enveloping the two. With the support of the array and large reserves of spiritual power, he could finally unleash it to its full potential.

Chen Ming reckoned he could only use it once.

Chen Ming’s thinking was as simple as it got, Either I kill you with the Conquering Immortals Art, or I return to Yan Mountain to recover then come kill you with the second strike, or I go recover and come kill you with the third strike!

To sum it up, I’ll just beat you to death!

Wu Jiang flew closer. Elusive’s attack pattern was different from other sabers. Its main advantage laid in its invisibility, and fighting the opponent up close would put the opponent in a difficult situation.

Chen Ming’s hands began moving. His left hand cut across the boundless sky, while his right traversed the eight directions. He was akin to a living and breathing star emperor walking on earth. He punched and the sea roared with a humongous wave, rumbling towards Wu Jiang. He tried to hack his way out but it only sent him reeling, leaving his hand numb.

Such a boundless power didn’t come from an average immortal art. Wu Jiang turned to Chen Ming, “Your Conquering Immortals Art actually reached the level of an immortal!”

This Conquering Immortals Art could be used from the Dao Comprehending realm. When Dao Canon cultivators transcended, they could battle immortals based solely on the second stage of the Conquering Immortals Art!

Chen Ming punched, drawing his spiritual power. The punch’s power shook the heavens!

Wu Jiang threw away Elusive then grabbed the fifth saber. But he didn’t pursue to attack Chen Ming with it, and instead stabbed it before him. He then pulled his sixth saber, the last one.

Its name was Butcher’s Cleaver.

He carried this saber with him the longest. It was also the one he was most familiar with, and also the one who pulled him out of dangerous situations.

This was his final and strongest saber.

Before Butcher’s Cleaver, all living things were pigs while he, a butcher.