Chapter 288: In a Time Without Heroes…

Killing intent reached its peak as Butcher’s Cleaver was made only to kill. This was his strongest saber, as a good butcher was he who slaughtered in one strike.

Dragon Sovereign arrived just in time to see Wu Jiang pulling out his last saber.

The name was on the crude side, but none dared deride it.

There was no saber beyond this one. It’s either you die, or I die.

Wu Jiang took this gamble a thousand times before but always came out on top.

And he wanted to do it again.

Chen Ming sensed the thick killing intent, He wants to fight with his life on the line?

He was already in the strongest stance, with no other paths to take. This was where the outcome was to be settled!

The sea wave came at Wu Jiang. He had no way out because he only had one final saber. He gazed upon the huge wave, at its throat. His saber thrust, water splashed and he treaded on the wave on his way to Chen Ming!

Chen Ming’s eyes flashed in shock, Wu Jiang saw through Conquering Immortals Art with one look. He is worthy of being called the world’s crown.

Yet fear never reached his heart. Chen Ming punched, launching another tide, reaching the sky as it rushed forward. It turned into a black Flood Dragon as it attacked Wu Jiang!

The Flood Dragon roamed withing the waters, ready to come out and take flight!

Wu Jiang struck with Butcher’s Cleaver right at the Flood Dragon’s throat, turning it back into water as it fell into the sea.

Chen Ming’s eyes were anxious, Somethings is wrong about this saber!

Is it possible that the Dao within this saber is that of beheading?

Just like how Dao Empyrean Bamboo’s Dao was that of stilling the Heavens if this saber had the Dao of beheading, it would bring trouble!

Chen Ming reflected on this for a bit, then stood on the sea surface as he punched. This punch left many Autarchs speechless. The resulted Flood Dragon had no head, nor neck, just a body!

Wu Jiang’s eyelids twitched, How do I behead it now!?

Wu Jiang didn’t stop, hacking at the Flood Dragon’s body. Despite the half-assed fist art, Wu Jiang was the one to recoil. Blood seeped from all over his body, with even one of his ribs snapping. His chest wound also opened and blood poured out like rain.

Wu Jiang’s face was exceedingly pale. It was a first for him to meet such an incomplete magical art.

Chen Ming’s was jumping in joy within his heart. He stood on the sea, punching three more times!

It was his first time he unleashed the full power of Conquering Immortals Art at this stage. His mind was filled with boldness and his fist, with overflowing power!

Conquering Immortals Art took the path of fury. It bolstered the power of his body and turned his punch unrivaled!

The sky-high wave was fast approaching Wu Jiang, filled with Chen Ming’s punches, filled with unstoppable power!

The three punches left Wu Jiang coughing blood each time.

The Righteous Autarchs wen wild with glee, Chen Ming has the upper hand!

“Alliance Leader’s Conquering Immortals Art has reached perfection!”

“The power of his Conquering Immortals Art appears to be enough to handle two moves from an immortal!”

“Wu Jiang will lose!”

“Let’s deal with the rest Demonic Autarchs quickly!”

They swarmed the five Demonic Autarchs, now that they had the added help from Dragon Sovereign, holding the upper hand as they made them retreat again and again.

Wu Jiang’s blood dripped from his mouth. His eyes conveyed helplessness as he gazed at Chen Ming, “If it weren’t for this wound of mine when I killed the four Sages, how can a kid like you hurt me?”

Chen Ming knew his meaning. His win didn’t have much merit, “This is war. In war, there’s only life and death. In a competition, I would never be your match. Pity that this is no contest!”

Chen Ming punched at the incoming Wu Jiang, sending another tide his way. Wu Jiang hacked it but it proved meaningless. Three punches landed, wrecking his body and dying it red.

Chen Ming attacked again, seeing him powerless, knowing the time came to kill him.

Chen Ming punched, unleashing the full might of Conquering Immortals Art, letting it reach its peak!

Wu Jiang flew high in the sky, from where blood kept raining down.

“In a time without heroes, anyone can become famous! (1)”

Chen Ming stared at Wu Jiang, “Ever since I came into this world I knew, knew that I was no hero.”

A hero was the genius who had the right to wield a Main Character aura. Chen Ming wasn’t that lucky, nor did he had the chance. He was the Lord of Yan Mountain, the strongest on Yan Mountain. He had no one to rely on but his fist in fighting off the world.

Chen Ming dropped next to Wu Jiang out of the blue, his fist filled with power as he punched his heart.

Wu Jiang’s eyes held regret, and helplessness, which all froze at this moment as his boy fell from the sky.

It crash-landed, stirring up the dust.

When the dust settled, Chen Ming received the notifications.

“Ding! You killed Wu Jiang. Calculating contributions… 50% from wounding him and 30% from killing. Reward: 400,000 spiritual knowledge, 100,000 fame and Wu Jiang’s wealth.”

“Ding! You killed Wu Jiang. All-out War completion rate increased by 30%.”

“Ding! You killed Wu Jiang. Reward: World’s Crown Aura.”

“Ding! You killed Wu Jiang. Reward: Ruler’s Presence Aura.”

“Ding! You killed Wu Jiang. Reward: King Slayer Aura advanced to lvl2.”

“Ding! You killed Wu Jiang. The progress towards your advancement mission increased by 50%. You completed the advancement mission, realm seal unlocked for Aspect stage.”

“Ding! You triggered an advancement mission. Of the three thousand Daos, I cherish all of them. Please form three thousand Dao Seeds to release the seal.”

Chen Ming’s heart was endlessly happy for all these rewards. The use of World’s Crown Aura and Ruler’s Presence Aura wasn’t that outstanding, but what was astonishing was the upgrade of the King Slayer Aura to lvl2.

The previous effect of King Slayer Aura was unyielding in the face of kings. I wonder what effect does it have now!

This was Chen Ming’s strongest aura, with none of the others coming close to it.

Chen Ming opened his status in a rush to see its effect.

‘King Slayer Aura lvl2

Description: Instead of meeting kings, you confront them! Then lift the sword of a king slayer, look down on a king’s ambition!

Effect: you won’t kneel before a king. You meet a king, you break the king.

The effect’s description was beyond vague. I don’t know it’s proper use, but I do know it’s for combat. King slayer isn’t pleasant to hear, giving off an evil vibe, but all of this doesn’t matter when compared to the usefulness of this thing!

(1) The sentence comes from the Three Kingdoms period’s thinker, Wei Ruan. Refers to the incompetent who became famous by chance.