White Wolf escorted Chen Ming, while Archfiend Azure Lion was in front, preventing any chance of escape.

“Ding! Undercover mission’s fourth objective: you’ve blown your cover, staying here any longer will mean death. Escape! Reward: 1000 spiritual knowledge, 100 fame.”

F*ck! What good would a mission do now? I am sure Archfiend Azure Lion will tear me apart.

Arriving at the underground prison, White Wolf chained Chen Ming to a cross, then introduced to him the tools of his trade laid on the table, “You haven’t seen such a barbed whip before, right? One slash will flay your flesh, leaving nothing but bone.”

Then White Wolf picked up an iron tool, “While this branding iron here, will give you an unforgettable memory.”

White Wolf continued, “This is a termite, relax, it doesn’t eat meat. After making some cuts on your body and filling them with honey, the termites will start to tear at your flesh, not killing you, but causing an unbearable itch. You will open your wounds, mutilating yourself, and stopping only you’ve lost consciousness.“

“There’s also this, a common housefly. I will cut your leg and these flies will lay eggs inside. They would eat you from the inside, bite by bite until you’ll become a bag of skin, a bag filled with bugs. And the best part is, that you will feel each and every one of them crawling inside of you.“

“But they aren’t the worst, oh no. The most terrifying torture is to give you aphrodisiac and then leave you alone with a female boar. Ha-ha-ha-ha, this will become your most cherished memory.”

Archfiend Azure Lion found this moment to enter, “How is it?”

White Wolf said, “I was just introducing him the wonderful effects of my wares.”

“En, continue.”

Chen Ming’s forehead dripped three drops of sweat, “Wait, ask me anything and I’ll answer!”

Fiend General White Wolf: …

Archfiend Azure Lion: …

Horsefly: …

Female boar: …

Archfiend Azure Lion eyed Chen Ming carefully. ‘It didn’t even start and you’re ready to spill the beans?’

“Then let me ask you. Name?”

“Wandering Crow.”



Archfiend Azure Lion yelled, irate, “You take me for a fool? Did you form a Dao Seed at 23? No one will believe you. You don’t want to talk, fine. Do it, White Wolf, begin the torture!”

Chen Ming panicked, Even if I say the truth, you still won’t believe it, “What if, I’m 240?”

Archfiend Azure Lion nodded, “That’s more like it, you’re indeed younger than me.“


Chen Ming thought, What’s with these questions?, “Male?”

Archfiend Azure Lion and White Wolf’s eyes met. They appear to be hesitating.

F*ck! Why the long pause? you’re telling me I’m female?

Fine, I admit I’m very handsome.

Archfiend Azure Lion shook his head. Chen Ming still thought he wanted him to admit he was a female but then he heard Azure Lion, “This isn’t right, this interrogation is useless. All spies have hardened wills, or they wouldn’t be able to bear the torment of killing their companions. When we exposed him, he wanted to bash his head on a wall and kill himself…”

‘When did I even had the chance to escape?’

Archfiend Azure Lion added, “You can see that his heart is set on killing himself. Towards such a man, no punishment will work. We need to find his weakness.”

Archfiend Azure Lion appeared enlightened, and clapped, “Bring that one over!”

Archfiend Azure Lion pointed at the heavily chained Stag and watched Chen Ming, “You recognize Fiend General Stag, don’t you?”

Chen Ming kept silent, but then he heard him, “Fiend General Stag made us think he was the spy, to cover for you. But after exhausting himself and using all tactics, what was even more startling was the night attack on the cats, the water attack on the Old Turtle Pond’s water fiends, and the fire attack on the fire-resisting Blazing Mulberry Nest. And even now he is so loyal to you. Isn’t there something you want to say?”

Chen Ming wanted to applaud Stag for his performance, but said, “No, Fiend General Stag has nothing to do with me.”

Archfiend Azure Lion laughed, “Ha-ha-ha-ha, when death is at hand, you still want to take Fiend General Stag’s place. Humph, don’t think it’ll work!“

Stag roared, “Archfiend, I have always been your faithful servant. I am no spy, I’m truly not a spy!”

Archfiend Azure Lion waved his hand, “Block Fiend General Stag’s mouth, I don’t want him to interrupt my discussion with his leader.”

Archfiend Azure Lion said to Chen Ming, “I know that no punishment will work on someone with a death wish like you. Fiend General Stag’s loyalty to you is unquestionable, and if you don’t speak, then I will try all these eighteen torture tools on him.“

“I already said I’ll answer, but you won’t believe me!”

Archfiend Azure Lion raged, “You’re still trying to cheat me into believing with your flowery speech. Fiend General White Wolf, use the worst torture, and give enough aphrodisiac to Fiend General Stag! “

Archfiend Azure Lion watched Chen Ming, and bellowed, “I’ll ask you again, will you finally speak the truth?”

Chen Ming wanted to say, You’ve asked again already.

Archfiend Azure Lion continued, “Seems you won’t be sorry until you see the underworld. White Wolf, give Stag three doses of aphrodisiac, then put him together with the female boar.”

White Wolf pried Stag’s mouth open and poured the medicine, then sent him a female boar.

Archfiend Azure Lion was in no rush, as he sat in front of Chen Ming, “You’re calm, Wandering Crow, but so am I. It’s not my man being tortured, anyway. I want to see just how long can you hold it in. How long do you believe your devoted soldier can last? “

Chen Ming couldn’t see the other cells, only hear ‘pa-pa-pa-pa-pa’, and the cries of both Stag and the female boar!

Chen Ming’s thought, Fiend General Stag’s suffering must be excruciating, thank god it’s not me.

Two hours later, Archfiend Azure Lion was calm as ever, all the while urging Chen Ming, “Do you know what I cultivate? I’ll become a Grand Archfiend in a few years, while for you, it was all a matter of time before you became an Archfiend. If you stayed with me, I would have given you so much when I became a Grand Archfiend, giving you the chance to reach the Archfiend stage much sooner. Wouldn’t it be better than standing against me?”

White Wolf arrived in front of Archfiend Azure Lion, embarrassed, “Can’t take it.”

Archfiend Azure Lion laughed, “Fiend General Stag reached his limit, so why are you acting so awkward?”

White Wolf coughed, even more embarrassed, “It’s not Fiend General Stag who can’t take it, it’s the female boar. Fiend General Stag wanted me to bring another one…”

Archfiend Azure Lion’s smile froze, “What did you say?”

“It’s not Fiend General Stag who can’t take it, it’s the female boar. Fiend General Stag still wanted me to bring another one…”

Chen Ming’s thought, How terrifying, the torture opened the door to a brand new world for Fiend General Stag.