Chapter 291: Pff!

I must have owed you bastards even my shirt in my past life!

Zhuo Qingyao took my heart blood and now you want my flesh!

Vanquishing demons requires a thought in one’s heart to harden and strengthen one’s Dao Heart!

Chen Ming brought Li Suyi to a remote and desolate area, a place where they were the only ones around, living that is.

Chen Ming began, “From now on, you’re vegetarian. I will pass on to you a page of the Everlasting Demonic Dao. Henceforth, you shall cast away the Bones of the Taotie.”

With the falling of the page in Li Suyi’s hand and a hundred thousand drops in merits, Chen Ming comprehended it in an instant.

This price was dreadfully expensive, but Chen Ming was overjoyed when he finished. This Everlasting Demonic Dao spoke of the process of one becoming demonic and looking to severe his demons. Demons were strong, and removing them from one’s heart would mean one’s Dao Heart was far stronger.

Going in and out of the demonic state was one way of getting stronger.

Ergo the ‘Everlasting’ part.

Chen Ming guided Li Suyi through the page’s contents for three days. Once he understood the path he needed to take, he began cultivating.

Cultivation was hard enough, so what more needed to be said about vanquishing demons?

A month flited by, in which Li Suyi seemed to have lost his mind. Chen Ming saw how he reached a critical moment. To remove the demon in his heart, he needed to harness his willpower.

Li Suyi’s eyes were bloodshot, a madman. Chen Ming waved, setting up five spiritual power chains, locking him tightly.

Li Suyi said, “Master, I wanna devour. I will die if I don’t.”

Chen Ming rolled his eyes. You’re at a crucial part. Why would I let you enter the demonic path again?

Spring and Autumn flashed in his hand. He then proceeded to peel a jin of flesh of his arm. He had to admit, That hurt! But he had to act as a Master before Li Suyi, not showing any hesitation nor pain. Chen Ming then wrapped the flesh in a lotus leaf.

“In a desolate place like this, if you want to eat, you’ll have to peel it off your Master.”

Li Suyi grabbed the leaf, yet he was incapable of bringing it to his lips. This is Master’s flesh. His eyes flashed clearer, then bloodshot, then mad, then clear again.

Two hours later found Li Suyi kneeling, “Master, I’ve returned.”

“Ding! Vanquishing Demons complete. Reward: 300,000 merits.”

Li Suyi changed again to the cruel Li Suyi he was before, but the difference was in his eyes, calmer, steadier.

Chen Ming set his jaw from pain, setting the Illustrious Casket to work on recovering his arm.

He began, “Once you return to Yan Mountain, I will ask your head senior sister to lead Yan Mountain disciples into unifying the demonic sect. Soon, the demonic sect shall be Yan Mountain’s three sect leaders’ subordinate. Do you understand?”

Li Suyi cupped his hands, “Disciple obeys!”

Demonic cultivation and entering the demonic path were too different concepts. The first was regarded as becoming stronger while the second referred to letting your thoughts be controlled by a demon.

As Li Suyi vanquished his demons, he should no longer have any problems.

And as for the whole land obeying Li Suyi, Ha-ha, if any dares say it then come tell it to my, Immortal Master Chen, face.

Back on Yan Mountain, Chen Ming recouped in peace, then sank into researching King ranked pills. He had a newfound interest in the Forest of Origin. With his power, he would subdue it with ease. I’ll just make those bunch of trees plant medicinal plants for me since their skill in gardening reached perfection.

Li Suyi tagged along under Zhuo Qingyao’s leadership in annexing the demonic sect. Who could contest her if no Autarch was there to fight her?

With the Demonic Autarchs dead, she had it in her to sweep across the demonic sect, by herself. And having Yan Mountain disciples along was even easier.

With everything handed over to Yan Mountain, the large sects disbanded, returning to their homes. And so, the curtain fell over this continent-wide disaster, with the righteous faction’s victory.

Chen Ming was idly strolling the streets of Overflowing Fiend City, listening to the tales and plays regarding his glorious battle with Wu Jiang.

This city was built by the Great Fiends he conquered before. Yan Mountain did not allow any Yellow Sea’s secrets leaking. Since these fiends enjoyed the peaceful life on Yan Mountain, they also kept its secret tight.

But to conduct business with the outside, they erected the Overflowing Fiend City just outside the Yellow Sea.

This was currently the most packed and flourishing cultivator city on the continent, with close to all pills on the land coming from this very city.

Medicine King Valley was still fighting back, despite nearing its end. Chen Ming didn’t care since such trifling matters needn’t his involvement.

A startling voice came out of the blue, “To everyone gathered here, I will now recount the marvelous and timeless legend of the battle between the Righteous Alliance Leader and the demonic sect Head Sect Leader, the tale of the Saber and the Sword!”

“I heart that the sun and moon darkened while the wind whistled, and the sky was painted in endless stars. The demonic sect Head Sect Leader stood on a mountain peak, looking at the moon, ‘No one can contend me in this land, the only thing it has is a saber!’

“Then, from thirty thousand li, an immortal flew on his sword. The Righteous Alliance Leader stood on Spring and Autumn watching Wu Jiang from afar as he shouted, ‘I am the Lord of Yan Mountain and came to ask how unrivaled the demonic sect is!’

“Wu Jiang smiled, ‘I am the moon of this land. People are like stars, with you, a mere glimmer among them. Yet you dare to contest against the moon’s brilliance? Only the sun and moon stand above the land!’

“Alliance Leader gave a silent smile. Then, at the place where mountains and the sky merged, a ray of sunlight basked the land, ‘If you are the moon, then I am the sun!’

“Wu Jiang was enraged, he drew Winter Lightning and Summer Snow, star-cleaving blades. The Righteous Alliance Leader smirked, ushering forth endless tides from his fists!

“Dear listeners, in anticipation of what is about to happen, please hear…”

“S-stop, stop hitting! This humble old man shall resume the tale.”

“Wu Jiang flew in a fit of anger at Alliance Leader, who, without the slightest fear, punched brazenly, and killed Wu Jiang in three hits!”

“Pff!” And there went Chen Ming’s tea. I know understand how those legends came to be. Three punches… what joke is this!?

A Yan Mountain disciple watched Chen Ming with nerves stretched taught, then eased his heart. The fiends around rose and kneeled before him, “We greet Yan Mountain Lord!”

The Yan Mountain disciples of now were worlds apart from before.