Chapter 292: You’ve Got a Star!The status of master-disciple was highly seen in the cultivation world. When the master died, the disciple would usually inherit the school. In the current situation where we have Chen Ming as the Lord Beneath the Heaven, well, Yan Mountain disciples were imperial princes and princesses.

A disciple came before Chen Ming and bowed, “Master, something strange is going on on Yan Mountain! Corpses are moving, with bodies comparable to Autarchs. There’s even one such corpse that belongs to Flying Sword Sect Sect Leader, fighting with Dragon Sovereign as we speak.”

Chen Ming was in a panic, “What!”

Chen Ming thought it through, Is it Shi Jiuquan’s doing? How can these corpses move?

Chen Ming recalled how each time a Shi Jiuquan soul fragment appeared, it always relied on sacrifices. And the righteous-demonic war cut the number of living cultivators on the continent in half. Shi Jiuquan didn’t wish for the demonic sect’s victory, but the bodies of all those cultivators. And all our war did was help him with the sacrifices!

“Ding! You triggered a B+ ranked mission, Shi Jiuquan’s Ploy. He incited the righteous-demonic war all so he could have enough bodies to sacrifice the whole continent. Please remove this undead calamity, kill Shi Jiuquan. Reward: unknown.”

Chen Ming jumped to his feet, “Return to Yan Mountain with haste!”

Chen Ming jumped on his cloud and was already speeding his way towards Yan Mountain. He wasn’t too far from his destination and could barely control the five-colored cloud as it dashed just when he touched it.

The people in the tavern stood in a daze at the Yan Mountain Lord. Did he just call that man Master?

That meant the one drinking tea and listening to the story was the Righteous Alliance Leader, the Lord of Yan Mountain Chen Ming!

The Great Fiends’ hearts were touched, “Did we just caught a glimpse of Alliance Leader?”

“That’s the Alliance Leader? He sure has an air of immortal, dignified and poised as well as righteous.”

“Alliance Leader must have been analyzing our tale. Such an Alliance Leader is a blessing to us common folk!”

Chen Ming’s anxiety only grew, If even Flying Sword Sect Sect Leader rose, then what about on the ancient immortal sects’ side?

If immortals come back from the dead, the situation will take a turn for the worst!

And the most to suffer will be the mortal kingdoms.

With another calamity descending, Chen Ming’s killing intent towards Shi Jiuquan only grew. This damn punk always likes to stir up the biggest of troubles!

This thinking is too dangerous.

Not to mention it stirred grand boss Chen Ming’s killing intent.

But Shi Jiuquan’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The Righteous Alliance disbanded, and each sect now had corpses rising to bring disaster.

Chen Ming checked his compass:

Zhong Tongzi: “Corpses are moving around my sect, but it’s fortunate that we did not have many strong people.”

Bai Wuxia: “From my observation, these corpses are a stage lower than when they were alive.”

Fairy Zi Xia: “My dad, Zi Tianzang, has fallen in battle fighting our sect’s immortal skeleton.”

Steel Ox Valley Sect Leader: “The situation is dire. Our sect is one of hardship cultivators, with matchless body strength. Our Ancestor’s body didn’t decline at all! ”

In this calamity, the ancient immortal sects had it the worst. They were armed with deep knowledge and produced many strong generations. They even had immortal skeletons!

As for the Steel Ox Valley, they were through! The undead in those corpses weren’t strong, but the bodies made up for it. But when it came to Steel Ox Valley’s Ancestor…

Chen Ming recalled that if immortals rose, then wouldn’t it mean Immortal Pill Cauldron would come back too? If he took away the Elemental Cauldron then all hell would break loose!

Chen Ming sped through the Yellow Sea, discovering Dragon Sovereign and wind fiend battling Flying Sword Sect Sect Leader. The Sect Leader had a rotting body, wrapped in thick undead energy, with pieces of himself missing. Right then, he released Spring and Autumn sword art at Dragon Sovereign and wind fiend, but Chen Ming discovered that the Sect Leader was no match for the other two.

Chen Ming flew inside the battle zone. “Go handle the disaster on Yan Mountain! Once you cleaned the areas, wind fiend will defend Yan Mountain while Dragon Sovereign will go to Steel Ox Valley for support and help them flee! I must go to the most crucial location, Jade Void Temple. If something happens to it, no one can escape alive!”

The two shouted, “We obey, Mountain Lord!”

On the compass:

Sword King Pavilion Sect Leader, “We’re taking heavy losses of disciples and elders. I beseech Alliance Leader for help!”

Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader: “The Nine Frozen Springs erupted and our Ancestor rose, killing left and right. I beg Alliance Leader for assistance!”

Chen Ming: “Zhong Tongzi, Bai Wuxia, Wind Reign Sect, Jin Buhuan, settle the matters with your sects and rush to the ancient immortal sects’ help. The battle is far from over. The loss of the demonic sect in the war has only just begun. I already sent Dragon Sovereign to Steel Ox Valley, while I’ll be going to Jade Void Temple. My hands are tied.”

Chen Ming took care of some matters, though he didn’t pay them too much attention in his flight to Jade Void Temple. Chen Ming stood above the sect in time to see a figure in mid-air. It had Daoist robes, and blue flames for eyes, the flames of death.

The corpse held a mountain in his hand as it attacked the Jade Void Temple, turning it to ruins.

The cultivators on the ground were each running every which way for their lives.

This had to be Immortal Pill Cauldron.

Some cultivators didn’t even realize what just happened, kowtowing, “Disciple failed in reviving Jade Void Temple. This is disciple’s wrongdoing. I beg Ancestor’s leniency!”

“Please calm down Ancestor, disciple admits his wrong!”

Chen Ming was now drifting his eyes over the other B ranked mission: All-out War, completion 96%.

It seems like Li Suyi, Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao unified the demonic sect, bringing the mission close to completion.

96% should be enough for this mission.

Chen Ming then eyed Immortal Pill Cauldron’s danger value, 8000.

It wasn’t high, but his aura was horrifying. Zombie Aura alone gave him immunity to pain and fear of death.

But Chen Ming didn’t have the time to waste on useless thoughts, Against one who is able to rain death from above, why the hell must I get beaten to an inch of my life before breaking through?

Chen Ming spoke in his heart, “Turn in All-out War!”

I wonder what a 96% B rank mission has in store for me!

“Ding! Mission assessment… Completion rate:96%. Mission evaluation: outstanding. Reward: 15 million spiritual knowledge, 300,000 fame; you got a star.”

Chen Ming checked his reward, I’m not seeing things, I really did get a star!

Can it be the Scarlet Tide Continent?

No way! Mission rewards are something gotten out of the blue, with little to no effort. How much trouble will it cause if I were to attack with the Scarlet Tide Continent?

So then, what in the hell is this star?

Based on the rich spiritual knowledge reward, this start can’t be the same as the ones on my back. It must be a real, genuine star.

But where can it be? Anywho, let’s raise our power first and blast this Immortal Pill Cauldron to kingdom come!