Chapter 293: Pill Cauldron: I-I-I Can’t SpeakChen Ming thought, “Use all spiritual knowledge to upgrade the Dao Palaces!”

Fifteen million were gone like the wind and, with them, another five hundred Dao Palaces reached the Divine Palace stage.

I am always lacking spiritual knowledge at this point. The realm lock got lifted but now I have a thousand Divine Palaces. Forget about reaching the Aspect stage, when I don’t even have enough to bring them all to the Divine Palace stage!

With basic math, three thousand Dao Palaces will require a hundred million spiritual knowledge to reach the Divine Palace stage. As for getting to Aspect stage, ha-ha, what’s the point in wondering?

He then checked his danger value.


I almost breached the ten thousand mark. This means I’m not far from an immortal’s power.

Mountains upon mountains crumble and shatter on the ground, while the frantic cultivators ran for their lives.

Most of them were Jade Void Temple disciples. They were overjoyed Chen Ming rushed here as he was the greatest being on the continent, “Alliance Leader, I do not understand why Ancestor revived and started slaughtering everyone. I beg Alliance Leader for help!”

“We also ask for Alliance Leader’s help in urging Ancestor to stop!”

“Our Ancestor doesn’t recognize us, wanting to kill us ever since he came back!”

“Please, Alliance Leader!”

Chen Ming sensed the bursting spiritual power within. With this amount let alone one Conquering Immortals Art, he could release seven of them!

He could even fight the peak Wu Jiang, to a tie!

Chen Ming saw the immortal power around Immortal Pill Cauldron, as well as undead energy. His Conquering Immortals Art countered the immortal’s pressure and Everlasting Valor Aura countered undead energy. He had the advantage on all grounds!

He would obliterate Immortal Pill Cauldron in a battle!

Disregarding other magical arts, Chen Ming went straight to release the Star Chart, shrouding Immortal Pill Cauldron, holding him tight while also working to suppress him.

Chen Ming towered among the stars, dishing out fists in a flashy way. Pill Cauldron held a floating green pearl in his hand then threw it at Chen Ming.

The pearl ignited the air around it in a greenish flame, shocking the Jade Void Temple disciples, “That’s the Jade Fire Pill! It has inexhaustable flames. Founder has always relied on it to refine pills!”

Chen Ming’s heart burned when gazing at the Jade Fire Pill, If I can get my hands on that pearl, refining pills couldn’t be easier!

Immortal Pill Cauldron relied on the vary same pearl to refine his way to immortality. His alchemy skill wasn’t lacking in the least. Though he did lack in writing, leading to the devastating decline of the Jade Void Temple.

Endless flames swept the ground as they engulfed Chen Ming. But with the help of the starlight and spiritual power, he kept them at bay. They couldn’t even get near him.

Chen Ming, immersed in starlight, charged Pill Cauldron. His hands danced, giving birth to a black sea behind him. His arm was ready, ready to punch Pill Cauldron.

The might of the punch shocked the people and scared the wildlife!

One punch was enough to bury Pill Cauldron deep deep underground!

He’s not my match at all!

But Pill Cauldron ignored Chen Ming, rushing towards the secret domain!

You think I’ll let you?

With Ghost Immortal controlling Pill Cauldron’s every move, he must be thinking of having him take the Elemental Cauldron and release Ghost Immortal.

Chen Ming’s 9800 danger value held little value when even 1500 and 200 were two different concepts. He reckoned that an immortal would have at least 12000. Ghost Immortal’s current condition alone was enough to handle Chen Ming, not to mention the time when he got out and met him face to face.

For now, at least, it wasn’t the right time to mess with Ghost Immortal.

Chen Ming stepped on his five-colored cloud and the next second he was before Immortal Pill Cauldron unleashing another fist to his chest.

Immortal Pill Cauldron’s bones snapped in two, getting blown away.

Chen Ming then gestured with his hands and unleash raging waves.

He flew towards Immortal Pill Cauldron wanting to end him!

Immortal Pill Cauldron towered in the air, immortal’s pressure growing colder. Heaven and earth converged its spiritual energy on Chen Ming then sealed him in a cauldron, ready to refine him into a pill!

In Chen Ming’s heart, I see now how Immortal Pill Cauldron beat Ghost Immortal. He relied on alchemy to become immortal, with little battle capabilities.

When it came to alchemy, Chen Ming was the best.

But not all alchemists had Chen Ming’s battle skills.

With the help of his Star Chart, Chen Ming blew the cauldron wide open, You must be kiddin’ if you think the Allheaven Stellar Array, on which I spent a million merits, is for nothing.

Chen Ming plunged from the sky, pierced the heavens and punched Immortal Pill Cauldron.

With the fall of the mighty fist, Immortal Pill Cauldron’s head fell, crushed to dust!

Then, a golden light scattered, and the golden bone fragments flew in all directions.

Chen Ming showed astonishment as he watched Immortal Pill Cauldron, “He’s still alive?”

He didn’t get system lady’s notice, nor the kill reward. This is gonna be annoying!

Chen Ming found him operating Jade Fire Pill as he went on the offensive. Chen Ming hadn’t the time to think, responding with a fist and blowing Jade Fire Pill away.

Chen Ming flew in front of him, punched thrice, and finally crushed Immortal Pill Cauldron to bits, This should end it, right?

“Ding! You put an end to zombie Immortal Pill Cauldron. Reward: 200,000 spiritual knowledge, 10,000 fame.”

His mission progress got bumped, not by much but each zombie immortal seemed to increase it by 5%. Seems like this undead disaster will need me to kill many living corpses!

Chen Ming checked the compass, to get the latest update on the other’s situation since Zi Tianzang already died in battle.

Bai Wuxia: “The living corpses in our sects are almost destroyed.”

Zhong Tongzi: “The corpses in our sects are mostly crushed. We will come to assist.”

Steel Ox Valley Sect Leader: “I don’t know why, but Ancestor is rushing towards Yan Mountain.”

Sword King Pavilion Sect Leader: “Our Ancestor is doing the same. But it’s not Yan Mountain but Jade Void Temple!”

Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader: “That’s a disaster!”