Chapter 294: The Path to ImmortalityGhost Immortal gave the order for the immortals to rush over at Jade Void Temple. Do they want to surround and kill me?

From what he felt from Immortal Pill Cauldron’s strength, he wasn’t strong, not his match at all.

Recently revived corpses have little undead energy. Even if they want a fight, they should at least wait for a while and recover; then come to me looking for a fight!

Chen Ming mulled it over, There’s no way Ghost Immortal sent all immortals over. They just came out of a battle, with little spiritual power left to spare.

Ghost Immortal is playing the feint card. Its purpose is to make me defend Jade Void Temple, ignoring those other lively corpses acting around the continent.

Chen Ming now unraveled the mystery of the disappearance of Wu Jiang’s body. It couldn’t be a fresher body, and Ghost Immortal must have had wonderful uses for it.

This can’t go on! O need to go to Ghost Immortal’s seal area, inspect it and figure it out what traps him there!

Chen Ming collected Jade Fire Pill, entered the secret domain through many pools. When he broke the surface of the sea, he flashed his eyes open and scrutinized the heaven and earth for clues.

This was all an array, in and of itself. As a heaven ranked array master, he could naturally see through them!

The entire secret domain revealed its original appearance in front of Chen Ming. This is an array!

It wasn’t that complex either, just an earth ranked one. Compared to Allheaven Stellar Array, it was trash, but the ingredients were excellent, four dissimilating Heaven Spirit Veins.

This kind of veins, under the owner’s instructions, possessed fighting skills. These veins would never have the chance to improve, nor produce spiritual stones. The spiritual energy they gave birth to was chaotic and violent, incapable of being used in cultivation. The same principle wind fiend had as a basis.

And this process could not be undone.

Chen Ming saw Vermilion Bird in the distance and, with the help of the five-colored cloud, he was next to her in moments. She was standing on a volcano, in the lava.

Chen Ming landed on a scalding rock to the amazed look of Vermilion Bird, “You’ve become so strong in such short years!?”

Chen Ming chuckled, “My strength goes beyond your imagination!”

“Your war was foolish, handing over sacrifices to Ghost Immortal on a silver platter. Half the cultivators died in this war, a never before seen disaster in these lands. This only helped Ghost Immortal in rasing the immortal corpses.”

Chen Ming waved, “Stop!”

Vermilion Bird glared, “What, you won’t dare admit it?”

“What’s done is done. What good will it do to mention it? And my strength doesn’t make me fear Ghost Immortal!”

“I am not your match, true, but you look down on immortals too much!”

Chen Ming found her danger value at 8000. Even if he only punched a few times while the four spirits united against him in the form of an array, they still couldn’t suppress him.

If they can’t handle me, then they can’t handle Ghost Immortal.

“None of you can contain me, so how can you suppress Ghost Immortal? Can it be that if Ghost Immortal isn’t wounded or any other reason, you four simply can’t hold him down?”

Vermilion Bird burst in mocking laughter, “You think the four of us are enough to hold Ghost Immortal?”

“Then how exactly?”

“Your current realm must have given you an inkling as to the purpose of the Immortal Domain.”

Chen Ming understood. The four were powerless to hold Ghost Immortal but the only place that could was this land.

“You mean to say that Immortal Pill Cauldron turned these lands into his Immortal Domain, to gather the continent’s power into keeping Ghost Immortal sealed?”

“Was there any other way besides this?”

“Then were is Shi Jiuquan sealed exactly?”

“In those days, as Immortal Pill Cauldron hasn’t been in the Immortal realm for long, he couldn’t grasp the whole continent. Otherwise, Ghost Immortal would have stood no chance.”

“Ghost Immortal couldn’t defeat an immortal alchemist?” said Chen Ming in shock.

“Why else do you think those immortals want to turn a continent into their Immortal Domain? In their Immortal Domain, their power doubles! This is why the immortals in the Galaxy are spread to the four corners of it. Before one has absolute power, no one can attack another immortal. Therefore, immortal battles are quite rare in the Galaxy, as no one is finding victory a foregone conclusion.”

“Leaving the Galaxy aside, as long as we’re on our star, our power doubles?”

“The path to immortality wasn’t sealed before Immortal Pill Cauldron became immortal. It could lead to the Galaxy. Every star has a border, and the closer an immortal gets to it the lesser the power he receives. That is why each star is precious in the Galaxy. And the strongest of them all are on the Constellation Board. But none of this matters, not while the path to immortality is closed off.”

“Ghost Immortal is held on the path to immortality. The gate leading to it is in the Jade Void Temple. Ghost Immortal wanted to invade the continent. He reached with one hand and we hold him down, but only his hand.”

“Could you take me there?”

“With your power, only you can handle it. I will take you and show you what this being called immortal is.”

Vermilion Bird took flight, with Chen Ming taking a seat on her, unabashed in his uncouth demeanor. But she didn’t seem to mind as she plunged into lava, down in the bowels of the earth.

After ten li, Chen Ming arrived in a wide underground palace. It was desolate beyond description, where ineffable silence ruled, without so much as a man’s shadow.

It stretched for hundreds of li, made of black iron. And as he flew on Vermilion Bird, at one point he saw a ten li gargantuan gate. Is this the entrance to the path to immortality?

Three-li-wide and ten-li-tall, a truly spectacular sight!