Chapter 295: Just Hand that Damn Punk Over!Five statues laid before the immense bronze gate. Four belong to the ancient immortal sects’ immortals and the last to Immortal Pill Cauldron.

The ten-li-tall immortal statues stood outside the gate like guards.

Chen Ming looked here and there, including the piles of weapons on the ground, but they were all ruined.

The place did have its fair share of skeletons but Chen Ming focused on a teleportation array, “Why on earth is a teleportation array here?”

Vermilion Bird said, “It leads to another star, but Ghost Immortal already wiped out all trace of life there. It’s just an empty and desolate star.”

“Why does he want to destroy all life on this star?”

An eerie crackling came from the slit in the gate, “He-he-he-he… Just a bunch of monks, what this old man hates the most are preaching baldies. Finding a star filled with them, how I just couldn’t help myself in laying it to waste.”

“But what caught me by surprise was the star neighboring theirs, a fertile and flourishing continent. It left me drooling!”

Chen Ming saw a bony arm, like firewood, coming out of the slit in the gate.

He asked, “You can’t come in, can you?”

Vermilion Bird rolled her eyes, “If he could, you think you’d be standing around talking?”

Chen Ming asked, “I want to ask you something.”

Ghost Immortal peeked through the slit at Chen Ming. He was the one who always thwarted his descent on this continent. But he didn’t look too upset about it. What point was there in wasting energy on a dead man? “Oh, you have a question. It’s been a thousand years since anyone talked to me, so I can chat with you for a bit.”

“What’s an immortal’s lifespan?”

Ghost Immortal disdained a chuckle, “This couldn’t be easier. All immortals know this secret, that one can live up to three thousand years!”

“Won’t that mean you wasted a thousand years in confinement on Scarlet Tide Continent? Just look, I’m even having a nice chat with an inmate like you. Go find another star and I will let you go. I will even open the path to immortality. What do you say?”

Ghost Immortal burst in laughter, “Not a bad proposition. I agree, but will you believe it?”


“he feeling is mutual. None of us is capable of trusting the other. Talk without a basis has no meaning. And we both hate each other too much for that to happen, even dreaming of killing the other. Why speak such falsehoods?”

“I’ve been coveting this continent for millennia, always preparing, so what’s a few more years? But I have to thank you. If not for the righteous-demonic war, I wouldn’t have had enough sacrifices to raise this undead tide.”

Through the slit in the gate, all Chen Ming could see was Ghost Immortal’s arm.

Chen Ming peered at his status:

‘Shi Jiuquan:

Danger value: 10,800 (peak: 15,000)

Danger rating: god.


Emergence Aura

Description: I’ve gone beyond the mortal coil, beyond the world of mortals.

Effect: surpassed the mortal flesh, unaffected by mortal sufferings.

Undead Ruler Aura

Description: between life and death lies the undead.

Effect: control over undead.

Corpse Poison Aura

Description: we toiled in breaking free from hell, to rise again, bringing with us hatred for the living.

Effect: poisonous effect on living beings.

Undead Body Aura

Description: the dead can’t die again.

Effect: immune to pain.

Frigid Aura lvl3

Description: after being frozen for countless years why would anyone fear the cold?

Effect: inseparable connection with the Dao of ice.

Dauntless Aura lvl2

Description: even if a gate crushes me for a thousand years, it matters not!

Effect: unbending will! Has a certain immunity to charm effects.

Soul Fragmentation Aura lvl2

Description: this is derived from and undead cultivation magical art to overcome the Heavenly Tribulation. Even after, undead cultivators found this art to have a vicious use, further improving upon it.

Effect: soul fragments have a certain amount of power.’

To be perfectly honest, Ghost Immortal’s auras were a bit lackluster, even bland when up against Wu Jiang’s.

Moreover, Wu Jiang’s auras were cooler, though nothing special. But they could at least increase that dude’s power again and again!

Even held down a thousand years, he still possessed a ten thousand danger value. Ghost Immortal was no pushover.

Chen Ming lacked the enthusiasm in going for a round against him, now that he had confirmation he wasn’t his match.

He walked to the teleportation array. This must be the star reward. Chen Ming stashed it in an orderly fashion then turned to Ghost Immortal’s arm, Hold on, there might be a way still!

This damn punk only has a power of ten thousand, and even the gate is squeezing him. (Truth be told, for Ghost Immortal to infiltrate the continent, to block the Scarlet Tide Continent from preventing his influence, he ran his hand through the gate and released his soul fragments upon the land.) He only got a thousand points over me. If I can make him leave his arm behind and adding the Four Elements Array, maybe it’ll spell his doom, no?

This damn punk has always got a knack for stirring up trouble, messing with the peace of the continent, spreading corpses left and right.

Gonna deal with this punk here and now!

Chen Ming had no clue his King Slayer Aura lvl2 of his began to play tricks with his mind.

Chen Ming regarded the bony arm, “Since you’ve been stuck in this gate for so long, let me led you a hand!”

Ghost Immortal gave an offhand reply, “A mere mortal challenging an immortal is only looking to die!”

Chen Ming’s gaze changed, “Well know it after I try!”

Allheaven Stellar Array emerged from Chen Ming’s back as he turned to Vermilion Bird, “Our fight won’t open the gate, right?”

“If it were that easy, the power of this star would be so weak not even Shi Jiuquan would covet it for this long!”

Chen Ming snickered, “Marvelous! I got just the thing for him, perfect for trying out my power on the likes of him!”

Chen Ming stood before the gate and scrutinized it, To fight is a must, but what’s the best way?

Don’t tell me I’m going to have to fight this punk’s arm!

Chen Ming was in deep thought over his next course of action.

Maybe the gap in the gate is large enough for a flying sword to pass.