Chapter 296: Showtime!Chen Ming looked at Ghost Immortal and, after careful pondering, came up with a fresh new idea.

As an array master, he had to showcase his profession’s strong suit.

As the saying goes, each array master setting them up in advance is a scoundrel. And as for scoundrel work, for us, array masters, it is a breeze.

But the crux of it is to ensure that Ghost Immortal doesn’t have all the keys.

Chen Ming checked his compass:

Chen Ming: “How many keys from the path to immortality do you guys got hold of?”

Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader: “Ancestor stole mine.”

Fairy Zi Xia: “It also took my father’s key.”

Steel Ox Valley Sect Leader: “Mine also got stolen.”

Sword King Pavilion Sect Leader: “How could you not defend your keys? They are what keep Ghost Immortal sealed. My key is still… uhm… Nevermind, it also got stolen.”

Just what use is there for you fools !?

Chen Ming gazed in the distance, “In other words, I have no chance of leaving here, do I?”

Rampant laughter burst from beyond the gate, “You’ve lost, my boy!”

Chen Ming turned to Dao Empyrean Bamboo, As an array master, one always carries his life-saving array with him.

I am the array!

Chen Ming’s face took a turn for the worse, “Ah!”

Ghost Immortal’s voice boomed, “What’s the matter, my boy? Do you feel it, yes? That’s your death drawing near!”

“When a man saves the world, shouldn’t there be a woman next to him, one that kisses him, opening up a brand new universe for him? Why the hell am I stuck with an ugly thing like you?”

Ghost Immortal: …

Chen Ming turned to Vermilion Bird, “Get ready to handle the incoming corpses.”

“But just Ghost Immortal’s arm…”

Chen Ming waved, “Leave it to me.”

Ghost Immortal chuckled, “Take your time. I will send all the undead over to kill you.”

Chen Ming was fearless, “What good will numbers do? Aren’t they all equal beneath an array?”

Ghost Immortal said, “At the least, it will wear you down. I only need an instant to crack the gates open.”

Chen Ming’s eyes had a wicked glint, “I must say, your words make a lot of sense. Opening the gates takes no time at all, and there’s no one coming here to help me. I’m all by my lonesome. ”

Ghost Immortal said, “You’ve grasped your mortality? The only thing left before death is despair!”

Chen Ming waved, unsheathing Chaotic Ground, and again for Spring and Autumn. He put Dao Empyrean Bamboo behind him grasping the first sword in his left and the second in his right.

“I am a person who doesn’t look fondly on despair!”

Ghost Immortal’s voice held some curiosity, “What are you planning to do?”

Chen Ming’s eyes glinted with madness, “Light, ready. Stage, set. Actors, on positions. It’s showtime!”

“Killing you couldn’t be easier!”

Chen Ming threw Chaotic Ground inside the gate’s gap as he activated King Slayer Aura.

He used Spring and Autumn to hack at Ghost Immortal’s left hand!

Ghost Immortal’s arm fell limp, with Chen Ming speaking heartfelt words to Vermilion Bird, “If I don’t come back, tell my disciples I love them!”

Chen Ming used a nation weapon to blink on Chaotic Ground. Ghost Immortal’s rage peaked as he looked in glee, “Did an array master left an array on your sword?”

“Then this sword is connected with the continent?”

Ghost Immortal’s heart throbbed. He only needed that sword and he would reach his goal.

Chen Ming snapped his fingers, “Before you finish, yes, you’re correct.”

He linked with the teleportation array on Chaotic Ground and destroyed it, “But not anymore, terribly sorry.”

Ghost Immortal charged Chen Ming from the darkness, revealing his face. He was like a dried-up old man, only skin and bones, his eyes pulsing with a ghastly flame.

“You, a mortal, want to challenge and immortal?”

Chen Ming saw Ghost Immortal’s danger value at 9900. He is a worthy opponent.

Ghost Immortal glanced at the broken sword on the ground, “Your sword is done for. Tell me, is it because you don’t think you’re my match that you want to give time for your disciples to escape before the keys open the gate? You’ve lost the fight before it even began. You don’t have any hope of winning in your heart, so how will you ever prevail?”

Chen Ming chuckled, “No, your words are wrong. Precisely because there’s no way back, I have a way forward. You die and I’ll live.”

Ghost Immortal smiled, “But this goes both ways. If you die, I’ll live.”

“I don’t entertain that possibility.”

The one-armed Ghost Immortal was stone-faced, “I’ve worked for a thousand years on this. You killed two of my soul fragments and now it’s time to collect the interest.”

The stars on Chen Ming slowly rose, activating the Allheaven Stellar Array.

Ghost Immortal looked above, becoming acutely aware of the Dao power hidden within. And that tribulation energy, for the undead race, no, for everyone, gave off the most terrifying feeling.

“I’m truly curious. You stole a part of Heavenly Dao’s authority yet how are you still alive and well?”

Chen Ming chuckled, “Must be because I cherish all three thousand Daos. Carrying for all living things is precisely the Heavenly Dao.”

Ghost Immortal laughed, “With death around the corner, you still run your mouth. Once you die, I will know the true secret behind it.”

A jade-white bone staff appeared in Ghost Immortal’s hand, formed of vertebrates and a skull at the top. With the added black cloak, his whole person gave off a sinister and malevolent feeling.

Ghost Immortal stuck the bone staff into the ground and ice began to spread in a flash on the surface, rushing ever closer to Chen Ming.

Chen Ming didn’t seem to mind, looking behind to find a path a hundred li away and beyond the path a vague place. While a hundred li in front of him was a huge platform. It seemed the path behind led to other continents while the platform was the blocked access to the Scarlet Tide Continent.