Chapter 298: Those who Wavered Are Already DeadEven if I grasp the Conquering Immortals Art, I won’t be able to use it. But this doesn’t diminish my expectations for this continent.

Since his power lowered in sending those soul fragments, they finally completed their mission in stirring up war all over the continent. It gave him enough sacrifices to summon the dead and fight for him.

If not for Chen Ming, no one on the continent could meddle in his affairs. With his death, the gate barring the path to immortality would open without effort. No one would stand in his way!

Shi Jiuquan’s eyes focused on Chen Ming. Gaining immortality wasn’t based on genius or whatnot. He already lost count to how many of his geniuses died. One became immortal on the path of battle. Only when the last breath came was one presented with the chance to rise as an immortal.

And now, he wanted to kill that chance, kill Chen Ming.

Chen Ming was upon the corpses with his fists bearing left and right, turning one to dust and then another with his unstoppable might.

Chen Ming took a walk among them, laying to waste a corpse with every punch.

Shi Jiuquan sensed the difference between other immortals and Chen Ming. There was also a legend in the world of immortals. That of a ruler of a continent, one proclaimed first under heaven, who was far more amazing than those in the same realm.

This pointed at their chests, where they nurtured an unparalleled will. When they fought, their confidence was matchless, echoing through the overbearing power in their fists.

In times like these, he needed to remain calm above all else. Only with calm would he annalize everything. The opponent might have impressive power, but he lived for thousands of years. Based on the battle experience he gained over all this time it didn’t make him any less stronger than his opponent.

A lion must use all his power even when fighting a rabbit. He saw many who had different cultivation levels than his die at his hand all because of thoughtlessness.

Being careless was the easiest and shortest way down.

Shi Jiuquan’s dour look landed on Chen Ming. He needed to examine him, but that didn’t mean he should let him have an easy time destroying his undead.

Shi Jiuquan flashed behind Chen Ming, who punched backward just as he arrived.

Chen Ming had no way of judging the other’s attack so he used the trick in trading blow for blow. Even if he didn’t come on top in this exchange, he wouldn’t have lost either. They would both suffer!

Shi Jiuquans’s eyes flashed in amazement. He didn’t expect such a decisive action from Chen Ming. The fist struck his chest while his bone staff landed on Chen Ming’s back, letting pain explode from his waist.

Chen Ming felt he just received a light internal injury.

There was still some immortal power left around him and the release of Conquering Immortals Art over himself dispelled it.

But then came another pain from his flank, Damn it! There’s still that corpse poison!

A Dao Palace worked on Illustrious Casket, while the rest’s urged the spiritual power to pass through the Illustrious Casket’s Dao Palace, dispelling the poison.

Shi Jiuquan laughed, “I never took you for such a decisive person.”

Chen Ming chuckled, “Those who waver are already dead.”

Shi Jiuquan’s icy power gathered in his staff, giving the illusion it froze space itself. Chen Ming felt icy energy permeated the area around him, numbing his body from the cold.

What strange attack is this? “Icy energy?”

His opponent was well versed in the Dao if ice.

And this was his strongest move.

Chen Ming felt the icy energy burrowing in his body. Flaming Star, Fire Crow, Firestorm and other fire attributed Dao Palaces were on the move. The air on his body shimmered as the icy energy was kept at bay!

Shi Jiuquan felt Chen Ming’s spiritual power on his body, “You can use every attribute. Such a baffling cultivation method.”

“It seems you still have some use. It won’t be bad if you live as my slave. But you accomplished in making me feel threatened. I will just have to make do with your corpse.”

Shi Jiuquan chanted while moving his bone staff around as if drawing in the air. Chen Ming felt his frantic spiritual power, how he was about to unleash a magical art of unspeakable power!

“I know you have many pills, making a drawn-out battle pointless. I decided to end you in one move!”

Chen Ming wasn’t about to sit still and give him the chance. He charged Shi Jiuquan in the hope of putting him in danger if he released it. But three corpses had him surrounded.

Chen Ming punched and crushed them one by one.

But then the remaining corpses reached him, “Damn it!”

Chen Ming urged his flying swords over to Shi Jiuquan.

Shi Jiuquan smiled, “I already said your nation weapons have no use!”

With a simple wave from him, each nation weapon fell lifeless to the ground, broken. This was a first for Chen Ming to find so many of his weapons destroyed.

Other then immortal equipment all are nothing in an immortal battle!

But he still had one immortal weapon, Spring and Autumn!

Chen Ming blasted the top of the incoming corpse from his left with a well placed right, then threw Spring and Autumn at Shi Jiuquan.

Shi Jiuquan’s eyes narrowed, his bone staff never stopped moving. An ice half-dragon came to be before the staff, fierce and powerful, surging with icy energy.

Chen Ming punched the leftover corpse into retreating, while the Spring and Autumn was still flying towards Shi Jiuquan. Shi Jiuquan pointed with his left finger at the sky, “Finger From Beyond!”

It was the same move as his!

Chen Ming turned to the flying Spring and Autumn, and used his immortal flying sword art on it, unsure if it could take the Finger From Beyond.

A huge sky-blue finger flew at Spring and Autumn and, after a loud boom, Spring and Autumn was blown away.

Chen Ming disregarded anything else as he appeared above Spring and Autumn, who’s position was far outside the corpses’ attack range.

Chen Ming rushed and punched Shi Jiuquan. Qiongqi and Flood Dragons were roaming inside the black sea. They broke the surface and darted at Shi Jiuquan.

Shi Jiuquan was far from finishing his magical art but he had no time to ponder such matters. With a half complete art, he formed an ice half-dragon, aiming it at Chen Ming’s incoming punch!

Chen Ming saw the Flood Dragons and Qiongqis freezing on the water surface along with the sea itself, while the ice half-dragon made its way ever closer to him!