The activation of Zhuo Qingyao’s constitution went without a hitch and Chen Ming was now thinking what cultivation method was best for her. This was the Main Character, there’s no way she would cultivate an insipid method!

But putting aside these bland cultivation methods, he hadn’t even seen a God, not to mention God rank cultivation method.

How to fix it?

Right, wasn’t there always a baffling cultivation method among the bland ones? One that only the Main Character could cultivate while all the others were stuck in a rut or dead?

Chen Ming smiled, “Qingyao, we will go to the Scriptures Pavilion to find you a cultivation method.”

When he arrived, he ran into Li Changgeng and his disciples, with the youth having the Destiny Sword Body following behind him. Chen Ming supposed that Li Changgeng offered many things to the Sect Leader to get hold of this disciple.

When Li Changgeng saw Chen Ming, he grumbled. He is outstanding and carefree, coming from an illustrious family and known throughout the land. Yet why did he took the worst disciple? Was it for her beauty? But with how old Zhuo Qingyao was, she hadn’t even developed yet. Hold on, I just had a crazy thought. Does Chen Ming like little girls…?

No way, no way. Even if Chen Ming found something different about her, Li Changgeng still believed that her talent was nonexistent.

Did Chen Ming’s cultivation go awry and damaged his eyesight?

Li Changgeng walked in front of Chen Ming and cupped his hands, “Elder Chen, have you come for a cultivation method?”

“Precisely.” Nodded Chen Ming.

His status still intimidated Li Changgeng, “Please go first, Elder Chen, to avoid the trouble of picking the same manual.”

“Then I won’t be polite.”

At that moment, the youth with the Destiny Sword Body, Wang Tian, walked in front of Chen Ming, “Elder Cheng, I would like to know why you didn’t choose me. You have the Ancient Desolate Sword Body and I have the Destiny Sword Body, constitutions for cultivating the Sword Dao, that are a perfect match. Yet you took this last piece of junk instead!”

Chen Ming was over the moon inside, Come, come, this is how it should be. If you aren’t yelled at for being trash a bunch of time, how could you be a Main Character? Then, he watched Zhuo Qingyao with blazing eyes. Truly a freak!

Chen Ming, however, was composed and smiled while faking greatness, “Under my teachings, you could easily become the first in the inner sect disciples competition. It would pose you no challenge, so how could I reveal my teaching skills?”

Wang Tian’s eyebrow twitched, F*ck, you didn’t accept me to show off? Couldn’t you have found a weirder reason?

Wang Tian raged, “Humph! Just you wait! Elder Chen should give your trash of a disciple many protective treasures or at the competition three months later, a careless move from me might end her!”

Chen Ming gave Wang Tian a three seconds silent prayer, You dumb sh*t, if there was anyone you shouldn’t offend that would be the Main Character!




Praying done.

Chen Ming walked to Scriptures Pavilion’s elder and asked, “Do you have any cultivation method that very few cultivated and the ones that did never advanced, while some ended up dying?”

Scriptures Pavilion elder’s eyebrow twitched, “There is actually, the Nine Nines Mysteries Art. I heard that before it was passed on, this method was very powerful. It was the strongest cultivation method in the Dao Sense realm, but some who trained in it died. The rest went crazy, and no one dared to try it ever again. Um, Elder Chen, why are you asking me this? You can’t possibly think of…”

Chen Ming laughed, “Nine Nines Mysteries Art, was it? Bring it for me.” Chen Ming then gave a soothing smile to his disciple, “Qingyao, you will be cultivating this art.”

It petrified her, Master, you’re evil…

It petrified Li Changgeng, Oh god, oh god, my crazy idea was wrong. Chen Ming was insane from the start. I need to report it to the Sect Leader…

It petrified Wang Tian, Thank god he didn’t accept me, what a close shave…

It petrified the disciples, Is this the living legend Chen Ming? Why was the legend wrong?

Chen Ming didn’t care and walked with Zhuo Qingyao towards the Lustrous King Peak. She probed, “Master, will I cultivate that Nine Nines Mysteries Art thing?”

“Look it over first.”

Zhuo Qingyao opened it after some hesitation. She was afraid at first but soon became entranced. As she was reading, the spiritual energy began converging inside her body.

Chen Ming heard a ‘pop’ and Zhuo Qingyao reached the 2nd stage of the Dao Sense realm.

What the f*ck just happened?! Would someone tell me if there is any chance of winning against the Main Character? One look and she advanced. This cheat activation is way too obvious!

The system lady’s voice echoed, “Ding! Zhuo Qingyao reached the 2nd stage of Dao Sense realm. Reward: 20 merits!”

So a disciple’s advancement can also yield merits. I will see just how incredible this method is when I comprehend it with merits when I arrive at the Lustrous King Peak.

Zhuo Qingyao felt her advancement and smiled overjoyed at Chen Ming, “Master, it looks like I can cultivate this Nine Nines Mysteries Art. Master is truly great. I shouldn’t have doubted you.”

“Cough, cough, it’s only natural. With Master’s cultivation, nothing escapes my eyes. There is nothing amazing about these trifling matters. If you can practice it, then continue.”

Zhuo Qingyao cheerfully went cultivating. Chen Ming was finally at peace. He boiled the compassionate jade tea, that even the emperor couldn’t drink, and with a cup in hand, he lied back on his chair, basking in the sun while surrounded by the fragrance of tea.

You might ask yourself, why was he so relaxed? Why didn’t he cultivate? Humph, so what if cultivation was the focus in a cultivation world? As an NPC and a Main Character’s Master, it was enough if he followed the Main Character’s script. With the Main Character taking the spotlight, he didn’t need to be impatient. Cultivation would rise by itself when needed. The script wouldn’t let you advance, no matter how much you trained. When the script let you rise, then you would breakthrough, regardless of danger.

Sorry, Chen Ming saw through all of it.

Li Changgeng was behind Sect Leader and behind him followed a hundred physicians, as they burst into Chen Ming’s courtyard. The Sect Leader had a good friendship with his grandfather, as they were lifelong friends. He hoped that Chen Ming would one day replace him, but never thought he would turn crazy.

The Sect Leader’s life was close to ending and wanted nothing to happen to Chen Ming in this important period. He stopped Li Changgeng’s explanation and marched up the mountain with a hundred physicians in tow.

Sect Leader’s age showed through his white hair and beard, while wearing white Daoist robes. He found Chen Ming was sipping tea without a care in the world, “Are you all right, Elder Chen?”

Chen Ming just accepted a Main Character as a disciple, bringing joy to his heart. How could there be anything wrong, “Everything is great. Why are you asking, Sect Leader?”

Sect Leader was serious, “Chen Ming, you will take my mantle in the future and need to learn to cherish your disciple. Although you took a talentless disciple, it doesn’t mean you should give her a deadly cultivation method! If this comes out, your fame will plummet!”

Chen Ming’s eyebrow twitched, So that’s why, “Sect Leader, I have no intention of harming Qingyao.”

Li Changgeng advised, “Elder Chen, teaching a disciple needs time. You mustn’t be impatient with your first disciple, as cultivation must be done one step at a time.”

Sect Leader extended his arm, “Examine him. Check if Elder Chen has any wounds or if his cultivation suffered from cultivating too harshly.”

A hundred physicians swarmed him, scaring Chen Ming into jumping to his feet, “Sect Leader, I am perfectly fine.”

“How can I face your grandfather if something happened to you? Ignore him and make a thorough inspection!”

Zhuo Qingyao took that moment to skip inside the courtyard while giving an ecstatic yell, “Master, Master, I broke through to the 3rd stage!”

Sect Leader: …

Li Changgeng: …

“Ding! Zhuo Qingyao reached the 3rd stage of Dao Sense realm. Reward: 30 merits!”