Chapter 300: Strife

Chen Ming laughed in Shi Jiuquan’s face, “Sorry, I’ve long since gotten hold of it. Did you perhaps think, ever since I killed your first soul fragment, I couldn’t get my hands on it?”

Shi Jiuquan was crestfallen, “You’ve had that tree all along!”

Chen Ming tossed his head around like a ball, and turned to the sealed path to immortality, “I gotta admit, I never believed I can win against you so I cut off my way back. How do I retunr now? Are your men still working on opening the gate like you told them to?”

“My eye!”

Chen Ming hastily pulled his finger from Shi Jiuquan’s eye socket, “Oops… sorry, I wasn’t looking.”

Shi Jiuquan said, “If you let me live, I will make the corpses return to their graves. The population won’t decrease and you will have a certain amount of souls each year. If not, the number will drop sharply!”

Chen Ming crushed his head into the pavement, “I don’t negotiate with enemies. Your sins are weighing heavily on you, and your death will make some amends. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have so many of my Yan Mountain disciples losing their lives!”

“Any Yan Mountain offender shall be put down regardless of distance, shall be fought regardless of strength!”

Then came system lady’s sudden notice in Chen Ming’s mind, “Your legacy disciple, Zhuo Qingyao, broke through to the Transcending realm. Reward: one million merits!”

“Wow, this lass finally transcended. Is she as strong as an Autarch now?”

Chen Ming leaned down on the path to immortality’s gate, eyes surveying the lifeless road ahead, “If I knew it’d be like this, I would have kept Shi Jiuquan alive. Now it’s so boring! ”

A month ago, all corpses fell to the ground lifeless, shocking the ancient immortal sects and the Autarch ranked sects. They also took their keys back.

They weren’t sure as to what caused it but it still left them speechless.

The Autarchs, united with Yan Mountain’s four sect leaders, marched on Jade Void Temple to inspect the situation.

They wanted to get to the bottom of it. A month later, after putting everything in order, the Autarch with Yan Mountain’s sect leaders arrived before the path to immortality’s gate. Vermilion Bird soon had them all aware of Chen Ming’s feat of entering the path and fighting with his life on the line against Ghost Immortal.

Vermilion Bird then turned to the four sect leaders, “Your Master’s final words to you were to tell you he loved you!”

Zhuo Qingyao mock-smiled, “This old bastard always told us not to get emotional, yet he goes and stirs us all up in the end!”

Ling Xian turned to the four key holders, “Since the corpses are no longer moving, it proves Ghost Immortal is dead. Can you open the path to immortality so Master can return?”

Fairy Zi Xia, the Astral Immortal Sect Sect Leader, had climbed to her position thanks to her close connection with Yan Mountain.

She began, “Right, with the corpses gone, Immortal Master Chen must have won. Why aren’t you opening the path to immortality and letting Immortal Master Chen return?”

Fairy Zi Xia went before Zhuo Qingyao and haded her key.

Zhuo Qingyao spared it a glance, without taking it, then turned to the other four ancient immortal sects’ sect leaders.

Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader said, “We have no clue as to the outcome of Alliance Leader and Ghost Immortal’s battle. What if Ghost Immortal won, and this is all a ruse for us to believe Alliance Leader is the winner?”

Sword King Pavilion Sect Leader said, “Right! If Ghost Immortal won and the path to immortality is completely sealed, he has no way to pass through. He can only let these corpses fall lifeless so that we would then believe this scheme of his and open the gate. If Ghost Immortal descends, there will be no one to stop him this time around!”

Li Suyi’s eyes began to reddened as he roared, “Ridiculous! If he won, he could still have controlled the corpses with the keys. An immortal corpse has the power of a Beneath Immortal. When could we defend against such power?”

Steel Ox Valley Sect Leader said, “Humph! What if the sealing of the gate means cutting off Ghost Immortal’s connection with the continent? How can he control the corpses in this case? They are unmoving because of this!”

Chen Ling’er could no longer sit still, “You just don’t want Master to return!”

The four Autarchs saw the situation quickly deteriorating so Zhong Tongzi said, “We, without keys, won’t intervene in this. We’ll let you handle this among yourselves.”

Steel Ox Valley Sect Leader smiled, “Of course we want your Master to return. With you four’s outstanding talents, once you reach the Immortal realm, you will have no trouble opening the path to immortality. Be it Alliance Leader’s victory, or Ghost Immortal’s, it doesn’t matter. It will only take you a few hundred years!”

Ling Xian grew furious, “How do we reach the Immortal realm if the path to immortality is sealed? And Master’s just a Dao Comprehending realm cultivator, he only has three hundred years to live!”

Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader said, “Then at least wait until there are enough Beneath Immortals, enough to fight off an immortal. If not, and Ghost Immortal is still alive, the consequences would be dreadful!”

Zhuo Qingyao looked in silence at the dispute. Li Suyi, Ling Xian and Chen Ling’er continued reasoning with them when she waved dismissively, “Enough! Their words hold wisdom. We will return to Yan Mountain.”

If head senior sister didn’t speak, they wouldn’t have let it go so easily.

Zhuo Qingyao walked away, with the other three legacy disciple on her tail.

Fairy Zi Xia threw an angry look at the sect leaders and chased after her.

When Fairy Zi Xia and Yan Mountain’s four sect leaders left, Steel Ox Valley Sect Leader said, “I just can’t tell if Alliance Leader is the one who won or was it Ghost Immortal instead.”

Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader smiled, “Does it matter? If Chen Ming won, then that brings him to an equal standing as an immortal, making us bow down to his authority. If Ghost Immortal won, the entire continent became a Ghost Domain. No matter who lives, it makes no difference. This is the best outcome we could have hoped for, us in control over half the continent!”

Sword King Pavilion Sect leader said, “If not for Yan Mountain’s glorious name, I would have attacked them by now!”