Chapter 301: The Reaper Has Come to Reap!

Steel Ox Valley Sect Leader said, “The fame of saving the world will change in some specific cases. Time will change everything. Who knows what inappropriate things Yan Mountain would do? Like Li Suyi, who is a demonic cultivator!”

Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader laughed hard, “A demonic cultivator has the most likeliness in getting into an incident!”

Outside the Yellow Sea, Fairy Zi Xia saw Zhuo Qingyao waiting for her.

She asked, “Yan Mountain Head Sect Leader, do you believe their nonsense?”

“Where there’s three Autarch, I am not their match. If I died there, then all hope for saving Master would be lost. I am clear about their mindset. They have always controlled the entire land under heaven, and if Master lives, such power is lost.”

“Then what do we do now?”

Zhuo Qingyao gazed into the distance, eyes filled with unspeakable rage, “Since they want war, then this young miss will give them one! Any that dares to even point at Master will have his whole sect in ruins! The Yan Mountain of today does not fear such rulers!”

“But Yan Mountain only has Dragon Sovereign as Autarch while my father fell in battle.”

Ling Xian smiled, “I now understand head senior sister’s thinking. We were rash. Yan Mountain isn’t limited to one Autarch. Dragon Sovereign is no match for head senior sister!”

Zhuo Qingyao said bluntly, “With Master gone, elder sister shall act the mother, and third junior brother shall obey me!”

Li Suyi bowed, “Please speak, head senior sister!”

Zhuo Qingyao’s killing intent struck a cord, “All Yan Mountain disciples are to return to Yan Mountain with their Scarlet Tide armies!”

“Junior brother is setting out!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Head Sect Leader, what about me?”

Zhuo Qingyao chuckled, “With your strength, you won’t have a stable footing as Astral Immortal Sect Sect Leader. Go ask Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader for help in securing your position. ”

Fairy Zi Xia bowed, “A trifling matter. Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader would be most willing.”

“Second junior brother, send word to Yan Mountain headquarters to prepare for war! Fourth junior sister, assure we have enough pills!”

Ling Xian and Chen Lingyu bowed and left on their clouds.

“Fairy Zi Xia I will be troubling you. Please arrange it then send me word of notice.”

“Worry not!”

Three days later, all Yan Mountain disciples heard a piece of infuriating news. Chen Ming was cut off on the path to immortality by the ancient immortal sects after killing Ghost Immortal!

The wrath in their hearts only grew. Master gave his everything for this continent, only to be driven out for eternity!

Such a reward they would never accept.

They charged back, filled with anger, uniting before Yan Mountain.

Zhuo Qingyao felt gratified to know all were present. She descended the mountain and stood on the stage. She glanced at Chen Ming’s chair he used in teaching, while a disciple below began shouting, “Head senior sister, just say it and I will crush any who dares keep Master away!”

“Head senior sister, we fear nothing! Not the ancient immortal sects, not the Autarchs!”

“Head senior sister, obliterate the ancient immortal sects, unite the continent!”

“I will not live alongside those vile, disgusting and petty people!”

Zhuo Qingyao waved for silence, “I feel your burning hearts. On the aspect of military, we do not fear such rulers, our Yan Mountain fears nothing. But, they have three Autarchs. Therefore, I and Dragon Sovereign will go to Astral Immortal Sect and kill Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader. Then we will have our chance to prevail over the three ancient immortal sects!”

“Stoke the fires of rage and get ready to set out at any time. Once news of our deed gets out, fourth senior sister will lead a thousand disciples to assault Snow Mountain Sect. Second junior brother, you will lead another thousand towards Steel Ox Valley. We will strike with speed and precision. Third junior brother, your task is the most crucial. You must lead the demonic sect’s power alongside a thousand Yan Mountain disciples and make a joint attack on Sword King Pavilion. Hold them down while we take the Steel Ox Valley down!”

Li Suyi smiled, “Head senior sister, be at ease and leave it to junior brother. None shall walk out of Sword King Pavilion!”

At night, Dragon Sovereign and wind fiend paid a visit to Zhuo Qingyao.

Only now did the two found out of the Heart Enlightenment Tree’s existence. They felt an even stronger attachment towards Yan Mountain. Here, the speed of comprehending scriptures, the speed of cultivation, was faster than anywhere else.

The two notified Silver Wing, who soon came down again to convey they were allowed to climb.

On this mountain, all could climb it only if they received approval. Dragon Sovereign was no exception.

Arriving beneath the Heart Enlightenment Tree on the mountain peak, Zhuo Qingyao rose from her meditation and spoke, “Wind fiend, you must remember your oath. I know that spirits always keep their promises. In this war, you will remain here on Yan Mountain, to protect it from any sneak attack!”

Wind fiend cupped his hands, “Understood, Head Sect Leader!”

Zhuo Qingyao turned to Dragon Sovereign, presenting him with a black robe, “Sir Dragon Sovereign, this time, you and I will go to Astral Immortal Sect and kill Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader.”

“Subordinate obeys! I will do everything for Alliance Leader. Without him, I would have never been free. If not for him I wouldn’t be alive.”

Zhuo Qingyao chuckled, “Wonderful!”

A month later.

The three ancient immortal sects released a piece of information saying Alliance Leader Chen Ming and Ghost Immortal fought, but it was unknown whether they were dead or alive.

The cultivators across the whole land lost some light in their eyes. Chen Ming was their greatest protector. And with such sacrifice, everyone proposed for Yan Mountain to be called an ancient immortal sect.

The three ancient immortal sects were silent on this motion.

Astral Immortal Sect Sect Leader, Fairy Zi Xia, invited Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader for a feast. Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader agreed without delay, having already received prior notice from her through a letter. It stated she needed help in quelling the Astral Immortal Sect and the price would be her marrying into the Snow Mountain Sect.

Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader laughed, “Fairy Zi Xia is quite perceptive. Without an Autarch, such a position can’t be hold on for long. One of my disciples is perfect as a groom. From now on, Astral Immortal Sect will bow its head before the Snow Mountain Sect!”

Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader was prompt in his arrival. He came without caring for an escort. Who in these lands could kill an Autarch without a hassle?

Astral Immortal Sect was out of the question!

When he emerged in the Main Hall, there was no feast to welcome him, just two persons dressed in black. Snow Mountain Sect Sect Leader thought they were rebels against Fairy Zi Xia, shouting, “What have you done with Fairy Zi Xia? Is the Astral Immortal Sect rebelling?”

Zhuo Qingyao and Dragon Sovereign took off their hoods. She gave a faint smile, “No need to panic, the reaper has come to reap!”