Chapter 303: Grabbed a Baldy, I Mean a MonkThese souls no longer had the awareness of the living. It was the same as being in a profound sleep and only the Tree of Martyrs could give them a body through which they could regain their sense of self.

This world didn’t have hell nor reincarnation, only the Tree of Martyrs.

A genuine and heaven-collapsing power would, most often than not, have such tree. Like the Jade Lake Shi Jiuquan mentioned, or the Heavenly Court. Such a faction most definitely had the authority to hold a large expanse of the star river.

If others would discover the Heart Enlightenment Tree’s existence, then all hell would break loose. His power was not nearly enough to protect it.

Chen Ming’s thinking went along sealing shut the Scarlet Tide Continent, and it would be even better to destroy the path to immortality and severe its connection with the Galaxy.

As for keeping in touch with the Galaxy, that couldn’t be easier. Didn’t the system reward him with a star?

Setting up the teleportation array here, the one leading to that desolate star, courtesy of Shi Jiuquan, he would then have a path to the stars. As for the Scarlet Tide Continent, it would become his hidden lair.

The best scenario would be to snatch a few stars and make those Buddhist Domain stars into fortresses filled with Yan Mountain’s troops. He would then turn any new star into a Yan Mountain’s branch.

While Chen Lingyu was picking up the souls here, he said, “Once you’re done taking the souls, return beneath the bodhi tree on Yan Mountain and release them. I will set up an array there.”

Chen Lingyu nodded cutely, having no clue what so ever as to what these souls were good for.

Chen Ming went on, “Oh, and if you see any Yan Mountain disciple souls, keep them for now.”

Chen Lingyu was shocked and awed, “Master, you can revive them?”

Chen Ming shook his head, “No, for now.”

Chen Lingyu nodded, while her heart was in chaos, Not now means that there is a chance later. Just who is Master?

Chen Ming said, “From today, you are to establish Yan Mountain’s Martyrs Hall, in charge of bringing these souls back to Yan Mountain. Remember, everything you do cannot be leaked. You are to report only to me.”

Chen Lingyu nodded, “Disciple understands.”

Chen Ming left. This had serious implications. He couldn’t allow one soul to know of the identity of the Heart Enlightenment Tree. The ones that do know weren’t many, just Yan Mountain’s core people.

Back on Yan Mountain, Chen Ming set up an array under the Bodhi tree to hold the souls and send them to its roots.

After three days’ work, he finally finished the job.

Chen Ming now had the time to check on that new star of his, see its current state.

Deploying the teleportation array in the Yellow Sea, he used it, becoming the vanguard for exploring new lands.

When he appeared, there were only ruins around him. He felt the moss under his feet and seeing all the muddy array, Chen Ming waved to remove all the dirt from it; then stashed the array.

Chen Ming turned to his surroundings. Lush and overflowing with life, yet not a trace of humans, giving off the impression he entered a virgin wildlife.

Chen Ming took the cloud for a spin, surveying the area from above. He got a general idea that despite being called a star, it was far from round. It was more of an island drifting in the void. And the so-called path to immortality was an open passage in the sky.

As for the reason why one needed to break open the path to immortality and become immortal, it was because one needed to connect it to the Galaxy and let the complete Heavenly Tribulation descend.

Only through the baptism of a full Immortal Tribulation would one’s spiritual power transform into immortal power and become immortal himself.

While the power source of the star allowed for it to float.

After flying around for a day, he more or less grasped the situation. This stretch of land had been left barren of any signs of cultivators. In their place ruled savage beasts, with seven golden lions at their helm.

Chen Ming discovered that these golden lions were all Beneath Immortals!

The strongest was even close to becoming an immortal beast.

If luck would have it, it would one day become one.

Touring the island once again, Chen Ming also found it was only half the expanse of the Scarlet Tide Continent. But after a thousand years, the spiritual herbs here were very much flourishing, in far greater quantities than back home.

Why don’t I let Yan Mountain disciples come over and establish a branch on this island?

But this wasn’t Chen Ming’s main concern. His worry was related to the location of this star’s path to immortality. With not a shadow of humans on this island, the path to immortality ought to be closed shut.

He then sensed a Sovereign flying from afar. Chen Ming focused his eyes to come upon a man dressed in kasaya(1). He was a monk!

He lives so long on the Scarlet Tide Continent but never found any Buddhist sect. And because of this reason, he scoured the land for all cultivation methods, reading most of them, and forming a thousand Dao Seeds.

If he could get his hands on Buddhist scriptures, his Dao Seeds would increase again.

Yuan Ji descended on a mountain as he muttered, “This island has no human vestige. Is it possible for Ghost Immortal to have died on another continent at that time?”

Yuan Ji felt a hand patting his shoulder, scaring the life out of him. He turned to see Chen Ming, “Benefactor, may I ask your name?”

Chen Ming chuckled, “Aren’t you from this star?”

Yuan Ji put his hands in prayer, “A Mi Tuo Fo(2), this monk comes from the Obsidian Temple for the purpose of scouting this area.”

Chen Ming was skeptical, “What are you doing here, on this star?”

“Every hundred years, a beast tide befalls our Obsidian Star, harming the innocents. Little monk knows this island leads to a mysterious continent. Little monk came to ask for help. Could sir be from that mysterious continent?”

Chen Ming asked him, “What is the strongest realm on your star?”

Yuan Ji said, “The Abode of Immortals from our Obsidian Temple has an immortal.”

(1) Buddhist monk garbs

(2) Lit. ‘praise Budda!’