Chapter 304: Headless AssemblyChen Ming had a general understanding, the strongest in these stars were all in the Immortal realm.

But he lacked knowledge on the division of power and the factions in the Galaxy. Or at least make it clear as to what backwater place is this star located.

He said, “As a sect with an immortal, didn’t you report this to the higher-ups?”

Yuan Ji was under constant pressure from Chen Ming’s aura, guessing this man wasn’t of small background. He replied, “Our Venerable’s paramount immortality is somewhat special. He cannot mind such small matters.”

Chen Ming was taken aback, Small my ass!

Chen Ming asked, “I just left my home star and am unclear as to the workings of the Galaxy. I would like to ask, who is the one this part of the Galaxy belongs to?”

The monk’s reply was instant, “The Headless Assembly.”

Chen Ming asked in doubt, “Headless Assembly? What is that?”

“Just as it sounds. The Headless Assembly is a strange faction. They lack a Tree of Martyrs, but they control three great constellations among the twenty-eight in the Azure Dragon star sector. The Headless Assembly relyed on brute force when it took over its territory, then began using souls to trade for Tree of Martyrs fruits. As such, it is called the Headless Assembly. They may not have a Tree of Martyrs but their brute force made them an uncrowned king!”

There was something Chen Ming couldn’t help but notice, “If they lack a tree, then how did they defeated the other factions with a tree? I heard that the Tree of Martyrs has undying martyrs, something that won’t die no matter how many times you defeat!”

“From hearsay, Headless Assembly’s members are all reincarnated immortals. But this is too much of a shock for anyone to believe.”

Reincarnated immortals all of them!

How exaggerate can you get?

But Chen Ming got the basis about reincarnated immortal from Ling Xian’s ring grandpa. A reincarnated immortal was more powerful than an Immortal King.

For a whole faction to be made of only reincarnated immortals, that would be too horrifying!

Can that master in the shadows be this Headless Assembly?

Yuan Ji took out a map for Chen Ming, “This is the map of our constellation. Please take it.”

Chen Ming received it and roamed his eyes slowly over the stars. Yuan Ji pointed to one particular star at the fringe, “This is the star we’re currently residing.”

Chen Ming now had his bearings straight. This star was at the edge of the Three-headed Dragon Constellation. It had a huge path to immortality stretching even further away.

These paths to immortality were just like branches, and the stars the leaves.

As for the Scarlet Tide Continent, hell if he knew where it was.

But that held no importance whatsoever since Chen Ming wanted to seal it off completely from the path.

With Yuan Ji giving him so many things, he finally reached the topic that concerned him the most, “Benefactor, I wonder if you could help Obsidian Temple overcome this disaster.”

“Ding! You triggered the B+ ranked mission, Obsidian Temple’s Misfortune. Please assist the Obsidian Temple in pushing back the beast tide. Reward: 10 million spiritual knowledge, 300,000 fame, and Obsidian Temple’s gift.”

In Chen Ming’s mind, I do lack cultivation methods anyway, as opposed to spiritual knowledge. I might as well have a chat with Obsidian Temple. “What’s the general level of this beast tide?”

Yuan Ji felt hope, “There’s no immortal rank, but at least ten Beneath Immortals, with more than ten thousand Sovereign ranked savage beasts! As for the rest, they are even more!”

Chen Ming’s thoughts on this, With how many they are, there’s no way for me to handle on my own. “It’s not that you can’t have my help, just that I am not one to act without reason.”

Yuan Ji’s eyes flashed with glee. He wasn’t afraid of Chen Ming asking his fee, but afraid he’d shy away, “Abode of Immortals said, if sir is willing to lead the subordinates and help, we will give you a hundred Spirit Veins and two Heaven Spirit Veins!”

This reward almost made his mask slip, Such profit?

How is this monk so rich?

Laughter blossomed in Chen Ming’s heart, but his face was forever pure. After all, he just unified the continent and he only got four Heaven Spirit Veins along the way, “I am also a man with an interest in cultivation methods. If you would add cultivation methods below immortal rank, your Obsidian Temple’s Buddhist scriptures, I will agree in helping you.”

Yuan Ji was overjoyed. So long as immortal ranked cultivation methods were out of the question, he could do whatever with the rest. As a star ruling sect, in possession of an immortal, what worth would those books below the immortal rank hold?

Yuan Ji slapped his hands in prayer, “Many thanks, benefactor. This humble monk reckons the Abode of Immortals will agree. This humble monk will now report to the Abode of Immortals. How will we keep in touch?”

“I will dispatch disciples here to transform this place into a branch of our sect. When you return to this star, just look for a newly formed cultivator city.”

Yuan Ji held his hand in prayer, “Many thanks benefactor for his help! This humble monk will not tarry any longer and shall return to report to the Abode of Immortals.”

Chen Ming held Yuan Ji back, “Haven’t you forgotten to tell me the time?”

“Oh, if benefactor hadn’t reminded me, it would have slipped my mind. The beast tide will happen three years from now!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Go, go and talk with your Abode of Immortals.”

Chen Ming reconsulted the map. He had to say, Something was odd here. This star had only the monk filled Obsidian Star as neighbor. Chen Ming was scared these bunch of monks would seal the path to immortality, Then we’ll be stuck here for good!

If not for this, he wouldn’t have readily accepted to help them.

Chen Ming mulled over, Three years should be enough to turn this place into a battle fortress.

It’s time I return to announce it to my disciples, to prepare setting out for this star and get things started. This star will one day become Yan Mountain’s garrison.

As such, I might as well name it Expansion Star.

The next expansion order will have this star at the center.

But truth be told, what had Chen Ming in most doubt was how did the Headless Assembly controlled such a large territory, They don’t seem to care about this at all!

It didn’t have the usual ‘bow and serve’ attitude either, nor any people from the Headless Assembly around.

Was it possible they gave free rein over these stars?

The f*ck kind of talent is that Galaxy ruler anyway?

Yet I wonder if there’s a chance of sneaking into the Headless Assembly. And whether it can be beaten or not. Can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

If you can’t surmount a person, your only choice is to become that person.

But Chen Ming didn’t indulge in a too-long flight of fancy. I don’t even know what this Headless Assembly thing is to begin with.

Let’s play nice and manage our land first.