Chapter 305: To Immortality!From Chen Ming’s survey of the star, he found eight Spirit Veins. After taking them for himself, he turned to a large lake where he set the teleportation array to Scarlet Tide Continent at the bottom.

Chen Ming stepped through to Yan Mountain. Silver Wing was already waiting at the gate, “Zhong Tongzi is seeking an audience.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Let him in.”

Chen Ming cast another look at the Heart Enlightenment Tree. This tree is a precious treasure even in the entire Galaxy, a crucial item for a rising power. Chen Ming’s only course of action as of now was to keep providing Scarlet Tide Continent’s souls into maintaining the bodhi tree’s current state. As for maturing it, he held no faith in that possibility.

The Trees of Martyrs belonging to the factions in the Galaxy relyed on the souls of innumerable stars to grow them.

Any live man privy to the secret would one day reveal it to another. Chen Ming had to amass enough power to protect the Heart Enlightenment Tree for when news of its location breaks out.

He heard a voice behind him, “Zhong Tongzi greets Mountain Lord!”

Chen Ming turned to see him half-kneeling. Chen Ming dismissed his courteous gesture and let him speak, “Subordinate wishes to collect all spiritual weapons, royal arms and immortal equipment, cutting off any means of the populous fighting back, for them to reach the same level as Yan Mountain.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Your idea is not bad. In a unified land, conflict is frowned upon. All people are living under a shelter, a shelter called Yan Mountain. Cultivators embark on the path of cultivation for longer life. What they want, I can give them. On Yan Mountain, there shall be no conflict.”

Zhong Tongzi asked, “If some want to break through to a new realm, how do we handle the tribulation?”

“As the time for tribulation nears, one can apply for a spiritual weapon, royal arms and even immortal equipment from Yan Mountain. Based on his dedication, the higher it is the more devoted to Yan Mountain he is, and the same goes for his right to apply for a greater treasure.”

Zhong Tongzi asked, “And in case one reaches the Beneath Immortal, how do we handle it?”

Chen Ming eyed him, This Zhong Tongzi is very thoughtful in his questions.

“When cultivators reach such a stage, I will help them soar. On the Scarlet Tide Continent, I won’t allow anyone to become immortal!”

What a tasteless joke. This was his hidden lair, and only his most trusty people could become immortals here.

The Scarlet Tide Continent was by no means the same as others. There was an Underworld River here, something Chen Ming failed to discover on other stars.

This star was bound to have some unfathomably deep-seethed secrets.

Zhong Tongzi bowed, “Mountain Lord, subordinate understands. Many many cultivators have begun expressing their devotion to Mountain Lord, treating you as their master. Mountain Lord is in the Immortal realm, and many cultivators wish to pay respects to you. Subordinate wishes for Immortal Master to become the Master of the Land!”

Chen Ming already showcased his immortal-like power, and not even the wise Zhong Tongzi could tell it apart.

The entire continent only had Chen Ming as immortal while the rest were only at the Autarch rank, though none Zhuo Qingyao’s match. If not for seeing their status, he would still worry if his legacy disciples would ever reach the Immortal realm.

After all, in a continent who had an immortal, he would never allow another immortal to appear to avoid other immortal’s influence on his ruling.

But it was different if said person was Chen Ming’s disciple. He wasn’t yet sure if he could help them in reaching such a high realm.

This was also Zhong Tongzi’s scheme, leaving himself a way out.

Chen Ming shook his head, “No need, I already have three thousand disciples and needn’t for more. You don’t need to mention this proposal again. If their hearts aren’t appeased then they can pay respects to my disciples. Raising some disciples of their own should pose no difficulty.”

What Chen Ming wanted was the best of the best, for each of his disciples to be strong. If the Age of Stars came and they weren’t immortals, then there was no point.

Having more disciples didn’t make much sense. Chen Ming wanted to get the Galaxy’s commodities through selling pills, which the Yan Mountain disciples were in charge of making. All Yan Mountain disciples needed to have high loyalty. Where was the loyalty if a disciple never saw him?

All Yan Mountain disciples were raised from nothing. The loyalty of these little fellows was unquestionable.

Moreover, his image in their hearts was flawless.

Chen Ming waved, making a fruit fall in his palm, then presented it to Zhong Tongzi, “You’ve done well. Take this fruit and your cultivation will increase.”

The moment he received it, he already sensed the difference.

Zhong Tongzi bowed, “Many thanks, Mountain Lord!”

He left swiftly, resuming his task of tidying up the continent. Chen Ming followed him with his eyes, “Keep in mind to leave everything you know of the Heart Enlightenment Tree and its fruit here once you leave. ”

He wouldn’t let anyone know of the Heart Enlightenment Tree’s secret.

Back on Yan Mountain, Chen Ming convened his disciples. This time it was to prepare for the future.

The disciples filled the hall and Chen Ming took his seat on the high stage. The disciples kneeled before him, “Disciple greets Master,”

Chen Ming smiled and waved, “Rise!”

The light in their eyes was filled with reverence. Chen Ming was the Lord Beneath Heaven, and even an immortal on top of that!

He began, “Since becoming immortal, I beheaded Ghost Immortal and also discovered a much larger world. To protect Yan Mountain, I conquered a star. I want to make this star into Yan Mountain’s battle fortress, where all war assets and troops shall reside. Therefore, I need you to leave for this star and establish a Yan Mountain branch.”

The disciples were thrilled at the news. They were about to embark on another star!

They used to think Sovereign rank was the peak yet now they could travel to another star!

Chen Ming continued, “And I hope that each one of you aspires to become at least immortals in your Dao Hearts, to walk further on the path to immortality.”