A wave from him took out all immortal ranked cultivation methods, “Starting from now, all Yan Mountain disciples must change to an immortal cultivation method. Before, it was impossible, but now I will guide you!”

With the bodhi tree’s fruit as support, they should handle comprehending such cultivation methods.

As cultivation methods differed in ranks, so did cultivation differed in speed. Chen Lingyu relied on her immortal ranked cultivation method to gain an early start on the other disciples.

After the disciples changed their scripture, their speed ought to improve.

As for the matter of resources, Chen Ming would figure it out along the way. After finishing up with his disciples’ cultivation, he had to enter the Galaxy via Obsidian Temple.

Zhuo Qingyao was of Autarch power now, and her cultivation method was trained to completion. He would have to find her a new one to practice.

He had to find his other legacy disciples new cultivation methods too, they were the apples of his eye.

Chen Ming also comprehended the immortal ranked cultivation methods through spending a few hundred thousand merits and began teaching the disciples.

This time, it took three months. His lectures were only going to get longer, as the intricacies and mysteries he needed to explain grew more complex.

Zhong Tongzi came to visit Chen Ming, where the latter said, “You must have witnessed by now Yan Mountain’s Alchemy House. Starting from now, all cultivators can learn Yan Mountain Alchemy House’s method of refining pills. Furthermore, the old trees in the Forest of Origin are adept at growing spiritual herbs. Go and subdue them so they can grow spiritual herbs across the whole land.”

Zhong Tongzi said, “Yan Mountain Alchemy House’s refining method is snatching heaven’s fortune. I will make it a reality. The Forest of Origin isn’t much trouble either. It’s just that, Mountain Lord, not all places are suitable to grow spiritual herbs. They need a Spirit Vein as a foundation.”

“Settle this matter first and I will find a way regarding the Spirit Veins. It won’t be long now, before the entire Scarlet Tide Continent will be packed with Spirit Veins!”

Zhong Tongzi’s shock almost turned him to stone, Indeed, with an immortal around things have taken a complete turn. To have Spirit Veins at every step, just how many stars does he need to rob?

With his departure, Chen Ming went to Chen Lingyu, This lass has no Luck Aura, nor a Reckless Aura or a Dire Straits Aura and the like. He wouldn’t find peace if he let her leave this star like this. I’ll just let this lass take charge of the Scarlet Tide Continent.

This was his hidden lair and, with Yan Mountain’s power, no danger would arise.

Chen Ming strolled around the mountain and soon found Chen Lingyu cultivating. Chen Ming opened his mouth, his tone aloof, profound, and eccentric, “Oh, oh, oh, aren’t you the most famous Yan Mountain’s alchemist? You’re cultivating instead of making pills?”

Chen Lingyu rolled her eyes, “Master, you’re barging into a lady’s room again. You set the Immortal realm as a goal for all disciple, so I can’t fall behind.”

I say, this lass’ angry mode is so adorable. She grew into a slender and elegant lady, but still has a puerile trait left when standing next to Zhuo Qingyao.

Chen Ming said, “As of now, the Scarlet Tide Continent will forever be in your hands. Protect our home, as Master needs to meet his fortune among the stars.”

Chen Lingyu sighed, “Master, you’re working this frail and delicate flower to the bone!”

Chen Ming held out his hand, “Here is an immortal pill recipe. You handle this recipe while I’ll be going into the Galaxy!”

Chen Lingyu had a laughing fit, hugging his arm, “Master’s the best. Leave the Scarlet Tide Continent in disciple’s care. With Master’s renown, your order will be heard and obeyed!”

Chen Ming rubbed her hair, then left.

But the moment he stepped out of her courtyard, Chen Ming bumped into Zhuo Qingyao. If I didn’t know any better, this last is blocking my way!

Zhuo Qingyao wiggled her delicate nose as she took a whiff of the thick pill smell on Chen Ming, “Master, I’ve only been practicing my sword lately, with no improvement in cultivation. When will we begin establishing ourselves in the Galaxy?”

“Any time is good, how about we start today?”

“I know how worried you are for fourth junior sister, she can’t come among the stars. I will wait for you to finish here and we’ll talk later.”

The second day, Yan Mountain’s self-proclaimed Ruler of the Land, the Lord of Yan Mountain, appointed Yan Mountain Fourth Sect Leader, Chen Lingyu, in quality of Scarlet Tide Continent’s Star-Lord. The news sent everyone abuzz with rumors.

“Immortal Master Chen is going into seclusion? Why else would he give Fourth Sect Leader the position of Star-Lord?”

“What do you know? Immortal Master is an immortal, he wants to go among the stars!”

“I see, no wonder Yan Mountain Lords’ armies are converging on Yan Mountain.”

“Immortal Master Chen is preparing to venture into the Galaxy?”

“I heard Immortal Master Chen conquered a star already. He must be taking Yan Mountain disciples to establish a Yan Mountain branch!”

Chen Ming listened to Zhong Tongzi’s latest report, figuring there were no unseen dangers from his recent changes. He could finally breathe easier. Chen Ming had to admit that even his worries were a little unfounded. He was immortal. Even if the continent rose up, he had the final say in the end.

An immortal’s presence was unshakable deterrence to all cultivators.

Free of worries, Chen Ming didn’t forget to warn Chen Lingyu again and again, not to let anyone besides his disciples know of the Heart Enlightenment Tree. Chen Lingyu bobbed her small head in reply, “Disciple shall bear in mind.”

Chen Ming smiled, “Master wrote down all you need to understand about the Illustrious Casket to achieve the Immortal realm. Remember to refer to it whenever you find yourself in difficulty! Oh, and tell Dragon Sovereign to accompany you when you wander around. You can’t just go out alone when you have low cultivation.”

Chen Lingyu said, “But Master, I am not a child. I get it. Look, head senior sister and the others are waiting for you. Go quickly. ”

Chen Ming waved as he flew towards the teleportation array in the Yellow Sea.

Chen Lingyu watched his figure until it vanished. She sighed, “Master, I know that the Galaxy is dangerous and because of my low cultivation you can’t take me with you. But worry not, a day will come when disciple will become strong enough to protect Master!”

Chen Ming landed in the Yellow Sea, with the other three sect leaders and many more disciples behind. He looked at the three and said, “Your fourth junior sister is the youngest among Master’s legacy disciples. She has been the youngest Master always dotes on. But having her stay here while you risk your lives in the Galaxy is without any complaint from you?”

Suyi cupped his hands, “Disciple has undying gratitude for Master’s care of fourth junior sister!”