Zhuo Qingyao said, “Come on Master, who here doesn’t know you? Let’s go and stop grumbling like an old crone. It’s not like you part forever!”

Ling Xian added, “Yeah, Master, I want to wander the Galaxy, see if peak Transcending realm Dao Canon cultivation can kill an immortal.”

Chen Ming’s eyes quivered, Sigh, all my pupils are inconsiderate broken toys!

Chen Ming stepped on the teleportation array and he was already there.

The three legacy disciples jumped out of the lake to look around. Ling Xian said, “Master, is this our war fortress? It’s a jungle!”

Chen Ming said, “If it was done by now, what use would I have of you? Hmm?”

Ling Xian rubbed his head. He was 18-19 years of age, still a baby by cultivation world standards. But he had the right to pout in front of Chen Ming.

As more and more disciples came out of the lake, what followed them was the Scarlet Tide army. From the sky, one would see a large stampede of savage beasts trampling towards them. Chen Ming looked over, Oh my, the seven Beneath Immortals lions are also among them.

Must be from the large movements of Yan Mountain.

They were around three million cultivators here, not a small number.

Zhuo Qingyao stood on her cloud, eyeing the lions with glee. She had a cloud but, as a hardship cultivator, she still dreamed of having her very own savage beast mount.

Li Suyi and Ling Xian were standard cultivators, but even they were moved upon glancing at the lions.

Chen Ming knew their minds from a glance, “I know what you’re thinking. Just take your pick and Master will grab it.”

Zhuo Qingyao said, “Master, I want the one who looks the strongest and meanest.”

Ling Xian said, “Master, I want the most refined and graceful one, suiting my elegant demeanor of a carefree gentleman!”

Li Suyi said, “Master, I want the most savage, enough to scare anyone!”

Chen Ming had no inclination of getting a mount. What’s the use of props? Can you eat them?

Speed is the number one priority when keeping my life!

He had the five-colored cloud, not caring one bit about these Beneath Immortal savage beasts.

Chen Ming said, “Fine, fine, they have a use anyway. There are seven Beneath Immortals in all and Master will handle it justly, not playing any favorites. Your head senior sister and two senior brothers are all above Sovereign in power, so each will have one. As for the other four, they belong to the ones who are the first to break through to Sovereign rank!”

Yan Mountain disciples were shocked to their souls. We just came out for a stroll and already provoked Beneath Immortals savage beasts!

That’s a Beneath Immortal!

What was a Beneath Immortal?

Something equal to Wu Jiang. But from Master’s words, if one reached Sovereign rank, he could ride a Wu Jiang!

Truth be told, there wasn’t much of a difference between legacy disciples and the rest, so far.

What a legacy disciple cultivated, so could they, as long as they understood it.

What pills a legacy disciple ate, so could they eat their fill!

But they still couldn’t outrun them in cultivation. They had inhuman pill capacity, unlike any drunkard out there. Ah, but this can’t be said Master was partial.

Might as well hand over all the immortal equipment I got from the demonic sect and the ancient immortal sects. He said, “Once the four savage beasts are divided, Master will continue by giving you immortal equipment when you breakthrough. I will help you chose one that is fitting to each one of you!”

If there was something Yan Mountain had plenty of, that was money, pills and, to some extent, immortal equipment.

Chen Ming added, “Despite all of you being disciples, in Master’s heart, you’re legacy disciples. What a legacy disciple has, you can all have. As long as you work hard on your cultivation, everything is possible! If there’s any who doubts Li Suyi, Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao’s qualifications as legacy disciples, can go challenge them. But you ought to let fourth senior sister slide. She toils in refining cultivation pills, and taking her position as a legacy disciple would be crossing a line!”

The Yan Mountain disciples were laughing now. They had not an ounce of desire to steal Zhuo Qingyao and Chen Lingyu’s positions. Chen Ming was right about Chen Lingyu, and they weren’t fighting in professions!

And adding to that Chen Lingyu’s pill refining skills as well as her kind nature, she was second only to Zhuo Qingyao in their hearts.

As for why they held Zhuo Qingyao in such high regard, well, that was easy enough. Because head senior sister was dignified as a mountain!

Icy mountain.

There isn’t anyone out there who can beat her!

Zhang Ming shouted, “Third senior brother, let’s spar when you’re free!”

There wasn’t any lack of disciples aiming for the other one either, “Second senior brother, just wait for me to reach the Sovereign rank and we will spar!”

“Third senior brother, I heard Master passed on the Demonic Blood Saber to you. My humble self has also learned a few immortal arts. I wonder if you have the time to get further acquainted.”

“Second senior brother, I heard you train in the Conquering Immortals Art, a very powerful art. How about we spar this evening?”

Li Suyi was not the least afraid, as usual, “I accept any challenges, but only one per day!”

Ling Xian could feel the pressure but didn’t fuss about Master’s arrangement. Master already explained to him the reason. If he were to say his talent allowed him to train in immortal arts and cultivation methods, then his strongest asset wasn’t this but his luck.

Ling Xian understood that Master only had four legacy disciples, and this stirred incredible yearning in the hearts of other disciples.

Ling Xian smiled, “If you want to come, then come. We’ll see who’s afraid of who!”

Chen Ming’s heart jumped in glee, Rivalry, check. Eagerness to cultivate, also check. Today’s motto: if you buy this offer, pei, strive in cultivating to Sovereign rank, be it Beneath Immortal savage beast or immortal equipment, you can have it all with a simple click!

This way, his disciples would have a reason to strive harder.

Chen Ming knew the time for jokes was over. He needed to resume his teaching role, “Yan Mountain disciples, bear in mind. If disaster approaches, Master will be the first to die before you, your senior brothers will be the first to die before you. This is our, Yan Mountain, rule!”

The disciples and the legacy disciples knew he was being serious and bowed in respect, “Disciple shall follow Master’s order!”

Chen Ming laughed then turned to the ever-nearing beast tide, “Behold, my apprentices! Your Master shall go forth and capture Beneath Immortal savage beasts for you!”

Chen Ming left on his cloud, one man against all adversity, with disciples’ eyes fixed on his figure. It was this figure, common as any, that left the deepest impression in their hearts, their one and only Master. He guided their paths, giving everything they needed without asking anything in return. He was their Master, protecting them like a lofty mountain.

If Heaven were to be nine thousand and nine hundred zhangs tall, Master’s grace was a foot higher.