Chen Ming and Black Tiger followed the plan and spread the information to Black Tiger’s Fiend Generals, that Wandering Crow knows Archfiend Azure Lion’s weakness. Then, Black Tiger told the generals to retire while he and Chen Ming stayed behind to get drunk.

When all generals left, Archfiend Black Tiger asked, “Bro Wandering, no one can detect you with such a concealing skill. I’m dying to begin, and I will once you make the first move.”

Chen Ming smiled, “I ask that brother Black Tiger stays here and continue drinking.”

“Of course.”

Chen Ming’s body shifted, turned into a pitch-black crow inside the black fog, then flew out of the cave. He perched on Black Tiger’s lair overlooking Archfiend Black Tiger’s camp.

Chen Ming knew that the spy had to have a special method, to hid the fact he leaked information.

His sharp eyesight allowed him to stare fixedly at each of Black Tiger’s subordinates.

In the middle of the night, Chen Ming almost dozed off when he heard a pair of wings flapping. He looked over and a dove entered his sight, along with its place of origin.

It was no wonder Archfiend didn’t detect it when the spy used a dove to send messages.

Chen Ming flew towards the dove. There was no way it could lose him. Chen Ming got next to the dove and captured it with his spiritual power, then assumed human for and saw there was a message tied to its leg.

Chen Ming returned to Archfiend Black Tiger and gave him the bird, “You should know who it is!”

Archfiend Black Tiger opened the piece of paper tied to its leg and it was indeed what they discussed yesterday, making Black Tiger let loose a burst of evil laughter, “It was Fiend General White Dove all along. Let’s grab this traitor.”

“We need to keep quiet. This Fiend General White Dove can send messages to Archfiend Azure Lion and may have other uses.”

Archfiend Black Tiger seemed impulsive but wasn’t a fool, “I know, we can use White Dove to send Archfiend Azure Lion false information.”

Under the cover of darkness, the two sneaked up on Fiend General White Dove. When he saw the Archfiends, White Dove’s eyes panicked, and when he saw the dove in Black Tiger’s hand he knew the jig was up. He flew straight towards the cave wall.

Black Tiger released his spiritual power throughout the cave and captured him in a flash, “You won’t get off with such an easy death. If it weren’t for you, bro Wandering wouldn’t have been exposed and the stalwart Fiend General Stag wouldn’t have suffered such humiliation!”

Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched, No wonder Archfiend Azure Lion thought I wanted to kill myself when I tried to escape, it seemed all spies, when discovered, would take such action!

With White Dove detained, Chen Ming’s mission came to a close. His current spiritual knowledge reached 5600, enough to promote Dragon Form Art to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm.

But his power wouldn’t grow much with this. What Chen Ming needed was merits, urgently, since even if he got more spiritual knowledge he had nothing to spend them on.

As for this shitty thing called cultivating and comprehending, the slow and natural way, they weren’t even mentioned since he only had three years left since the Grand World Opening. At that point, he didn’t know how chaotic would the world be, or if the demonic sect’s Head Disciple Ya Mo would end him within one strike.

Also, how could slow and steady cultivation make him feel as wonderful as spending merits and spiritual knowledge?

It was time for him to find his second disciple, the time to plant another chive!

With his maps, the alliance should have not to trouble restoring the balance of power in this war. Even after years of war, no cultivator would put it to mind when a war between ordinary kingdoms didn’t last longer than a dozen or so years.

The Six Kings Alliance’s troops all knew that his only subordinate, ‘stalwart’ Fiend General Stag, was no more and gave him a mountain peak, along with a dozen of Great Fiends to attend him; he was an Archfiend, how could normal fiends be worthy?

In the harsh forest of a mountain range, some ones were tossing around a bloodstained youth. Two disciples in Daoist robes spat at him, “Who do you think you are? How can a Dao Canon cultivating trash could ever enter Flying Immortal Sect? Are you trying to bring us shame?”

“Let’s go, senior brother, this is the Myriad Mountains. Let the fiends give him a burial.”

“En, a fitting end for a mere Dao Canon cultivator trash!”

“He fancied entering Flying Immortal Sect only because of his engagement with Hua Qingting. But do you think senior sister Hua Qingting is someone you can use?”

“Senior sister Hua Qingting is a genius while you, trash. Remember, senior sister Hua Qingting already tore apart your engagement and you no longer have any relation with her!”

The bloodstained youth raised his head, gazing at the two Flying Immortal Sect disciples that beat him up. Three years ago, they acclaimed him as the most outstanding talent in all the kingdoms of the Southern Border. Even the Sect Leader of Flying Immortal Sect engaged his daughter, Hua Qingting, to him. But when he was one step away from reaching the Dao Initiation realm, while in the process of breaking through, his entire spiritual energy vanished, failing his breakthrough and shattering his Dao Palace. The only choice he had left was to train in Dao Canon.

The two disciples launched another round of abuse on the youth, and only when Ling Xian had no strength left to move did they stop, “Just let the beasts devour him. This way, we can justify his death to his clan.”

“When they hear that fiends ate him, then not even Ling clan will dare provoke an Archfiend. Let’s go, if we kill him, we’ll get in trouble.”

The Flying Immortal Sect disciples left the area, leaving the bloody, motionless youth behind.

“Do the heavens want my death?”

“No, even if I can only cultivate the Dao Canon, I, Ling Xian, will erase this humiliation!”

Ling Xian suddenly heard a peculiar voice, “En, he seems human.”

Ling Xian was struck dumb on the inside, Was I trashed so hard I no longer look like a human?

The voice resumed, “Anything that looks like a human, must be human.”

“Archfiend recently said that food doesn’t taste good, why not return with this human and improve Sir’s meal!”

“Yes, yes, this way we’ll also eat something exquisite; the last human meal was ages ago.”

Ling Xian struggled to look in the voice’s direction, only to find two fiends with human bodies and beast heads. Only fiends that reached the Dao Initiation realm, Great Fiends, could change their bodies into human form. As for a human-shaped fiend, well that was an Archfiend.

Ling Xian felt he lost all hope, Out of the frying pan and into the fire. It seems like my poor life found its end here.