No wonder the Jade Void Temple, the protector of this treasury, couldn’t get any items, with such a low cultivation it was tantamount to death. A treasury like this would always attract attention, so the sect had to let other people enter.

“This area’s spiritual energy inhibits my Fire Crow Art. While the Fire Crow Art’s spiritual power is thirty percent lower, the Dragon Form Art shows nothing out of the ordinary. I’ll first go to the center of the Four Elements Array to see if there is any information regarding the Spirit Returning Fruit.”

Chen Ming stepped on his fiend cloud and three days later he spotted a bronze cauldron in the distance, standing proudly on a mountain peak, the Elemental Cauldron. The cauldron was perfectly round, with ancient seals carved on it, two three-foot handles and had a part of inside the mountain peak. Trees were even growing on the bronze cauldron.

The surrounding spiritual energy grew calmer as he got closer to the Elemental Cauldron.

Many cultivators who came here in search of treasures stood at the edge of the silver lake inside the Elemental Cauldron. Most of them were humans, while some, fiends. When they sensed a strong fiend energy approaching, they all came out of their dwellings to look at Chen Ming, “Who released his fiend energy with no regard, do you have a death wish?”

“I’ve seen many arrogant fiends in my life, but this is a first.”

“Then let’s teach him some manner, get him acquainted with his limits!”

“Eh? That fiend is in human form.”

“Fellow Daoist, what did you say?”

“That fiend looks to be in a complete human form.”

Complete transformation, that meant Archfiend.

“So it was Sir Archfiend gracing us with his visit. Didn’t I say he had such an overflowing and boundless power?”

“Sir Archfiend’s fiend energy is indeed flawless, without equal!”

Chen Ming landed on the shore of the silver lake and surveyed the cultivators, “Let me ask you, where can I find the Spirit Returning Fruits?”

The only one present, a Fiend General with a human body and horse head, said, “In the fire world. Go South a thousand li and you’ll see a Spirit Returning Tree protected by a group of savage beasts.”

Savage beasts, they weren’t fiends, but transformed wild creatures lacking intelligence. But because they had strong bodies and savage natures, who enjoyed killing, they were not easy to handle.

Chen Ming flew towards the fire world and saw a stampede of thousands of beasts, the ground shaking beneath their feet. When he entered the fire world, there were ever-burning flames wherever he looked.

Chen Ming didn’t care, as he kept flying South, and after six hours he finally saw a ravine with ripples of spiritual energy. In the center of these ripples was a blazing sapling stood, tall as a person, but its spiritual energy seemed to have taken shape.

Three fruits hanged on its branches, two red and one with lightning flickering around it. He didn’t expect for this tree to bear a lightning attribute Spirit Returning Fruit. There were few cultivators with a lightning attribute, as this attribute held great power, much higher than any other. Those who found a lightning attribute Spirit Returning Fruit would choose to shatter their Dao Palace then rebuilt it.

He had many Dao Palaces, and who knew if he might suffer some accident then have a palace or two shattered in the process, ‘Let’s just take the whole tree, regardless of its fruit.’

In the ravine, among the many sleeping savage beasts, there were some as long as three zhangs, and these weren’t something a Fiend General could handle. No wonder no cultivator set his sight on this tree.

Chen Ming was, at best, a Fiend General, and a weak one at that. If he wanted to kill them, then he would die. Killing them? Ha! More like the other way around.

Chen Ming shifted his Dao Canon’s Dao Palace in front, turned into a crow, then released his spiritual energy generated by his Dao Canon cultivation and flew towards the Spirit Returning Tree. The savage beasts were uninterested to pay him any attention. How could a creature as big as a dot settle their appetite?

Chen Ming landed gently on the tree then formed a connection with his storage ring, throwing the Spirit Returning Tree into it.

Afterward, Chen Ming patted his rear and flapped away, leaving the savage beasts searching for the disappearing tree. With their intellect, they would never even begin to consider that a crow could fly away with it!

Chen Ming did some thinking, ‘Their savage to the point of idiocy. Since I’m here might as well see if there’s anything else good around here.’

‘Eh? There is a thousand-year-old spiritual plant on the cliff. Check. That little lass Zhuo Qingyao is a bottomless pit.’

‘Huh! This should be a jadeite banana, with its trunk akin to jade. Check.’

‘Oh! There is a spiritual pagoda tree here, used in refining King rank weapons. Check!’

Chen Ming showed not an ounce of restraint as he raked the fire world of worldly treasures. Hi only complain was that his storage ring was too small, that it couldn’t hold them all.

The usual happy feeling he got when he looked at spirit stones was now gone. It was replaced whit something akin to dead weight and was on the lookout for a place to dump them.

Chen Ming was about to return to the silver lake, but saw that the savage beasts on the ground were going crazier than usual, ‘Eh? What’s going on with this horde of savage beasts? I only took a couple of trees, do they need to go this far?’

Chen Ming followed the horde and discovered that these raving savage beasts were all rushing in a single direction. Far away, he heard their roars, as they fought against each other. It looked strange to Chen Ming’s eyes, as they weren’t fighting but killing themselves. From the mound of corpses, blood flowed, drawing a large array on the ground. The blood seemed to have a mind of its own, moving in a certain pattern.

A blood sacrifice array soon took shape, with a blood pool in the middle. The blood pool hid a human-shaped monster, that seemed to absorb the blood.

Chen Ming didn’t dare to close in and only watched from afar. In fact, he already thought of bolting, since everything that happened here was too strange.

Many people won’t die at first, but they liked to watch, and then watch how they died. A standard method like this didn’t affect Chen Ming.

Want to use such a plain method on Immortal Master Chen? Keep dreaming!

From the South, a fiery great bird flew over. It wasn’t a great bird actually, but a ball of fire in the form of a large bird.

The large bird flew above the blood sacrifice array and spat flames on the figure inside the blood pool. Even at this distance, Chen Ming could still feel the scorching heat, almost igniting him.

Chen Ming looked at the large bird. Danger value: 5400. Danger rating: disaster.

Chen Ming then glanced at the human freak. Danger value: 3100(12800 maximum). Danger rating: demon god.