‘Impossible! This monster’s power is over ten thousand!’

An existence at the rank of demon god!

‘I didn’t bump into the main storyline, did I?’

Just where was this a secret domain, this was that monster’s seal from the start!

If I continue watching from the sidelines, I reckon I will die from the fallout of their battle, just like a cannon fodder.

Chen Ming flapped his wings, getting ready to slip away when a violent gale swept the surroundings. Black clouds gathered, forming an immense vortex while shadows broke out of the ground slaughtering any living being in their path.

The places through which the shadows walked decayed, while the wind turned darker and the water colder. It was hell on earth.

Where ever the massive flames passed, the shadows burned to a crisp, and although Chen Ming saw the scorched earth, he could sense the vitality returning to it.

The energy of death and decay surrounded the shadows.

I made even Chen Ming drowsy. He shook his head and redirected his eyes back to the front just to see how the danger value of the large bird took a plunge while the human-shaped monster was at his last point, ‘Impossible! I was dazed for a mere moment and you guys finished already?’

It seemed he was dizzy for longer.

A bold and reckless idea struck Chen Ming.

‘This monster was down to his last point and if my blade can end him, then maybe I’ll trigger an achievement and get myself a brand new aura.’

‘You need to be tough to stand up straight!’

‘That fucking Heaven! If I come out of this one, I swear I’ll live an honest life!’

Chen Ming turned human, then unsheathed Lustrous King Sword!

He threw the sword straight at the human-shaped monster, while the monster still held his cruel smile, “You won this time, but this world will still die, this only drew closer to death! The moment has arrived!”

The large firebird wanted to say something, completing the storyline, but it heard a roar from next to her, “What demons, gods or monsters! Just die!”

The firebird looked at Chen Ming but did nothing. When it turned around to glance at the monster, it discovered that a five-foot-long sword ran through his chest. The bird frowned as if to say ‘This kid acted first and then shouted?’

The monster raved and wailed, akin to demonic sounds, then his body exploded, leveling the surroundings in the blast. The firebird gazed at Chen Ming and flapped its wings, making a firewall in front of him and protecting him from the shock wave. Chen Ming looked around and found that everything has turned to dust.

The black clouds quickly dispersed and rain started pouring down.

And on the ground, there was an extra-large bottomless hole.

The entire secret domain trembled and quaked, collapsing countless mountains, unleashing ten-zhang tall tsunamis and violent storms!

But Chen Ming didn’t have the time to notice this since he was waiting for the rewards.

“Ding! You killed Shi Jiuquan’s double. Calculating contributions from the attack… 0.0001%. Deathblow rewards 30% contributions. Reward: 10000 spiritual knowledge, 15000 fame.”

“Ding! You killed Shi Jiuquan’s double, calculating achievement… Shi Jiuquan’s power is determined to be at Grand Sovereign. Congratulations on completing the Kingslayer achievement.”

“Ding! You killed Shi Jiuquan’s double, obtained Vermilion Bird’s approval and gift. “

“Ding! You killed Shi Jiuquan’s double, obtained a lottery ticket, giving you the chance to get one of the items he possessed. This drawing cannot be controlled or predicted. You won the incomplete immortal art A Finger From Beyond.”

With so many rewards, Chen Ming eyed his status.

Name: Chen Ming.

Fame: 2625.

Rank: high-level cannon fodder. (Your endless struggle helped you in finally shedding your mid-level cannon fodder fate and becoming a glorious high-level cannon fodder)

Realm: Dao Initiation realm. (There is no longer any relation between your strength and your realm)

Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

Cultivation Methods: Fire Crow Art, completed. Dragon Form Art, stage 6/9. (At the 9th stage a Dao Seed is formed). Nines Mysteries Art, stage 24/81. (At the 72nd stage a Dao Seed is formed). Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art, stage 1/9. Dao Canon, volume 8/18.

Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword Art, Benevolent Sword Heart. Fairy Sword Art, entry-level.

Dao Seed: Fire Crow.

Disciple: Zhuo Qingyao, Ling Xian.

Merits: 13.

Spiritual knowledge: 15872.

Aura: Killing Intent, Kingslayer.

Danger value: 260 (Not calculated when it’s controlled)

Danger rating: dangerous.

Fate: A year after the Grand World Opening, at the Demon Subjugation Gathering, cut off the hand of demonic Dao Head Disciple Ya Mo.

‘Big risks, big win! Not only a great amount of spiritual knowledge but also a lot of fame, and even an immortal art!’

But the most important was his second aura!

Chen Ming rushed to open the Kingslayer’s description.


Description: Instead of meeting kings, you confront them! Lift the sword of a kingslayer, look down on a king’s ambition!

Effect: You won’t kneel before a king!

‘Won’t kneel before a king? What kind of damnable effect is that? I know I’m not fated to have Luck Aura, and I seem to walk further and further on the road of a boss.

Vermilion Bird’s voice reached his ears, “Little guy, you saw what happened and knew that if this creature came out everything would be disastrous. Is that why you helped me?”

Chen Ming turned around, and as the Lustrous King Sword returned to its sheath, he put, in passing, the immortal art in his storage ring. At Vermilion Bird’s words, he knew that a mission was coming, “Did you choose me because of karma?”

Vermilion Bird’s lava-like eyes trembled, then released flames, ‘This guy doesn’t look too bright.’, “You think I’ll tell you? You don’t even have a ten-thousandth of the genius of an immortal and you think you’re heaven’s son, fated to go on killing demons and immortals?”

Chen Ming hesitated, “I’m not?”

Vermilion Bird wiped her forehead. If this bird made of fire could sweat, then that action was wiping it away, “Sorry, you’re not it at all. There’s nothing special about you. The reason I let you help me is because I don’t trust other people.”

“Then why do you trust me?”

“Because you killed Ghost Immortal’s double. And if you don’t help me, you will be his first target when he comes out.”

This was such a sad story…