Chen Ming didn’t feel any pressure from Vermilion Bird’s aura while talking with her. Maybe this was the effect of ‘Won’t kneel before a king’, making any pressure useless.

Chen Ming now knew the identity of that monster, a Ghost Immortal. When an evil spirit cultivates to immortality, he becomes a Ghost Immortal, and a thousand years ago, Shi Jiuquan wanted to turn this land into his Immortal Domain, no different from making the entire continent a Ghost Land.

Chen Ming said, “Didn’t a second immortal appear in these thousand of years?”

Vermilion Bird shook its head, “I’ve never sensed an immortal’s energy. This world does not have an immortal. Perhaps the path to the immortal stage is forever cut off, or it’s too obscure, preventing anyone from peering through its veil. I will give you the Four Elements Array scripture. Find the fated one and impart this parchment to him so that he may seal the Ghost Immortal once again!”

Vermilion Bird flapped her wings and a scripture fell in front of Chen Ming. When he took it, it still felt warm. This was a golden page, with tens of thousands of characters, each of them hovering above the parchment, but still distinguishable.

This was Vermilion Bird’s gift.

It just so happened he was missing an array to cultivate, and this Four Elements Array could seal a Ghost Immortal. ‘What give it to a fated someone, wasn’t he fated enough?’

‘There is nothing in this world that I, Immortal Master Chen, cannot cultivate!’

After saying bidding goodbye and taking extreme care, under Vermilion Bird’s disdain, to search the devastated area with no results, Chen Ming shifted to crow form and left.

With ten thousand spiritual knowledge points, but nothing to spend them on, a great scripture, yet no merits to cultivate it, Chen Ming kicked it in high gear, wanting to return and complete the mission of helping Ling Xian rebuild his Dao Palace. Three days later, he saw the aggrieved Jade Void Temple’s Sect Leader outside the sacred domain’s entrance, I didn’t cheat you did I? Why do you look so hurt? Just what is this old guy planning on doing to me?

The Sect Leader immediately presented the thousand spirit stones to Chen Ming. The Flying Immortal Sect’s Sect Leader heard there was an Archfiend in his territory and thought of threatening him, but when he knew that Archfiend was Wandering Crow, the Sect Leader’s legs turned to mush. That was no Archfiend, but a whole nest of them, and I heard that the Six Kings Alliance’s war with Pitfall Mountain was getting worse. In this battle between kings, the Archfiend Azure Lion can hold them back but I cannot!

Flying Immortal Sect’s Sect Leader left the Jade Void Temple’s Sect Leader to receive Wandering Crow while he high tailed it out of there.

“Sir Archfiend brings us a great honor by coming to Jade Void Temple, how could I accept your spirit stones? “

Chen Ming nodded, So that’s how it is. Wait, what!? Are you planning on giving me spirit stones? No way, I’m still vexed about finding a good site to dump them! You’re dreaming if you think I’ll let you use these thousand broken rocks to take space in my storage ring!

Chen Ming waved his hand, dropping another thousand spirit stones on the ground, “I don’t need such junk, but that doesn’t mean you don’t, your secret domain is a far greater place. This thousand will be for the next time I’ll visit the secret domain!”

Chen Ming jumped on his fiend cloud and bolted, having no time to waste on him.

The two thousand spirit stones on the ground were quite a fortune for the Sect Leader. And although there were many cultivators inside the secret domain, there wasn’t any who felt nothing when taking out a thousand spirit stones. But he had a daring thought about this Archfiend who threw them away like trash, It wouldn’t be bad to get closer to him!

Ling Xian was clasping the insights Chen Ming wrote with joy. The writing might be crude, but he thought it fitted Master like Chen Ming better, Master doesn’t enjoy calligraphy. If he did, then what if his writing mesmerized me and then neglect his teachings? Master cares about me!

In just a few days, Ling Xian took Chen Ming’s insights as a guideline. Where the Dao Canon pose him problems, then Chen Ming’s insights proved to be their answers.

Ling Xian didn’t lack perception. He even had the chance to break through to the Dao Initiation realm at nine years old. How could such perception be weak? The fact he already had three years experience with the Dao Canon, along with Chen Ming’s insights, a day was a thousand li progress. The more he comprehended the more he felt that the Dao Canon was unfathomably profound, holding incredible secrets.

While studying, Ling Xian sensed a change outside the door and went to see, only to find that Chen Ming returned.

Ling Xian wanted to pay proper respect, but at Chen Ming’s signal, he didn’t approach, “Ling Xian, if you want to be my disciple, you need to follow Master’s rule.”

Ling Xian was resolute, “Please inform me, Master!”

“Good, my first rule is that you cannot be in less than ten feet of me!”

Ling Xian’s eyebrow twitched, What the hell kind of rule is that? but Ling Xian cupped his hands, “Disciple understands!”

Chen Ming scratched his head, “As for the second rule, let me think it through.”

Ling Xian: …

Why do I feel like this Master is unreasonable?

Chen Ming didn’t want to stay under the influence of the Mind-numbing Aura.

Chen Ming asked, “Do you know the custom to become a disciple?”

“Disciple is aware.”

Ling Xian went to make tea while Chen Ming stretched in his chair, basking in the sun’s rays. Ten feet from Chen Ming, Ling Xian held the teacup as he knelt. Chen Ming used his spiritual power to bring the teacup over, then Ling Xian kowtowed three times as Chen Ming drank, “En, the ceremony is complete and I received your tea. You are now my second disciple, rise.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Chen Ming waved his hand and the treasures inside the storage ring appeared under Ling Xian’s eyes, “I seem to recall that your Dao Palace is shattered. These are Spirit Returning Fruits for you to choose from. While you’re at it, take these plants and use them to improve the scenery of this courtyard.”

Ling Xian looked at the pile of heavenly treasure, These are all legendary treasures and Master wants me to plant them to improve the scenery!?

When would I get to finish planting all these treasures? Hold on, I’m Master’s second disciple, then doesn’t that mean I have a senior brother? How about I do it with him?

“Master, do I have a senior brother?”


“Then why am I the second disciple?”

“It’s a senior sister.”

“What is senior sister’s cultivation?”

Chen Ming hesitated, “Of no importance, your senior sister’s talent is too poor. I don’t want to say.”

Ling Xian was delighted, Did Master accept me because of my senior sister’s lack of talent, to pass on his legacy?, “Then what about me?”

Chen Ming eyed him, then showed a disappointed look, “Worse!”

Ling Xian: …

“Can I plant these treasures with senior sister?”

Chen Ming examined Ling Xian again, “I advise you not to have such thoughts.”


“Because you’re not her match.”

Ling Xian: …