Ling Xian wasn’t foolish to plant these plants alone, so he called for the bears to it for him. When their gaze landed on these plants, the brothers drooled so much they made a three-thousand-foot long stream. This confirmed that Ling Xian was right about these plants being the spiritual herbs from the legends, of the spirit rank.

Ling Xian picked the best Spirit Returning Fruit from the pile, the one with lightning attribute. If he could use it, then he would have spiritual energy with the lightning attribute!

It would still be powerful despite him cultivating the Dao Canon.

Ling Xian ate the fruit and sensed the change in his body. When the Spirit Returning Fruit hit his stomach, it went to his Dantian, turning it into a sea of fire and fine streaks of lightning here and there. The lightning increased and converged on his Dao Palace, then began repairing it, rebuilding it!

Six hours later, Ling Xian finally has an intact Dao Palace. With a reforged Dao Palace, Ling Xian was eager to cultivate the Dao Canon, reaching the 2nd stage of Dao Sense realm in a mere hour!

Chen Ming basked in the sun while waiting for his reward. “Ding! Ling Xian rebuilt his Dao Palace, mission accomplished. Reward: 1000 merits, the third disciple position.”

“Ding! Ling Xian reached the 2nd stage of Dao Sense realm. Reward: 20 merits!”

It was time to put these merits to good use and upgrade his power. Holding the Finger From Beyond Art, Chen Ming saw that this immortal art had three stages, “How many merits do I need to comprehend Finger From Beyond Art’s initial stage needs?”

“Ding! The initial stage of Finger From Beyond Art requires 532 merits, continue?”

“How many merits do I need to comprehend the Four Elements Array?”

“Ding! The Four Elements Array has 3 stages. Comprehending the first stage will make you a human ranked array master, requiring 1500 merits. Comprehending the second stage will make you an earth ranked array master, requiring 15000 merits. Comprehending the third stage will make you a heaven ranked array master, requiring 150000 merits.

You’re telling me I don’t have enough merit to learn even the first stage?

How will I become a walking array then?

As for the second stage, Chen Ming held no interest whatsoever. The Four Elements Array only used four Dao Palace and held no meaning for someone like him that could have three thousand of them to learn it. But it was crucial to have the first stage, yet his merits were lacking. Each cultivation method comprehended to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm would require 300-500 points, so he could promote his Dragon Form Art to completion.

You can never have enough merits.

“Ding! Ling Xian formed his Dao Palace, but the humiliation he suffered in the Flying Immortal Sect is affecting his Dao Heart. A martial trial is held in the Flying Immortal Sect three months later. Please assist Ling Xian in defeating Hua Qingting and fulfill Ling Xian’s revenge! Reward: 1200 merits.”

Eh? The reward ain’t bad. I solved the cultivation method problem, but regarding magical arts, I can’t teach him the Lustrous King Sword Art. It would be too demeaning. Later on, the entire world will say that Chen Ming had nothing to teach but Lustrous King Sword Art!

The best art he had was the immortal art Finger From Beyond, so he might as well try it first.

“Comprehend the initial stage of Finger From Beyond!”

Chen Ming didn’t want Ling Xian to witness his training in the Finger From Beyond. The reason couldn’t be simpler: this was an immortal art. It would be weird if Ling Xian could comprehend it in the first place!

Chen Ming thought about writing a lesser Finger From Beyond after understanding it, then used it to build Ling Xian’s foundation. When Chen Ming finished comprehending the Finger From Beyond, Ling Xian training would progress much faster.

Chen Ming was clear on this, Might as well say I am a portable cheat for these Main Characters, just like a parent! It’s so difficult!

They’re all a bunch of broken toys: Zhuo Qingyao gnaws spiritual herbs like radishes, and the second will probably gulp pills like peanuts!

“Used 532 merits to comprehend Finger From Beyond!

The Finger From Beyond’s words echoed in his mind, showing the path to wield it, An immortal art indeed. When this finger descends, it will leave my Fire Crow Art‘s Dao Palace bone dry of spiritual power.

“Upgrade the Dragon Form Art to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm.

“Used 6320 Spiritual knowledge to upgrade the Dragon Form Art to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm.”

It wasn’t good to be empty of spiritual power after one finger, so he upgraded the Dragon Form Art.

Oh right, Ling Xian is also cultivating the Dao Canon. Might as well bump it to the Dao Initiation realm and see what’s so special about it. Spending another 180 merits and 900 spiritual knowledge, he had the Dao Canon upgraded. After the upgrade, Chen Ming found that the amount of spiritual power was staggering. It only entered the Dao Initiation realm, and it already had the same amount of spiritual power as one who reached the 4th stage of Dao Initiation realm. As the realm increases, spiritual power’s rise would become even greater.

No wonder the Dao Canon needed so many merits to comprehend.

While he was at it, Chen Ming checked his danger value and saw it climbing to 280, comparable to a Fiend General.

He needed 20 more points and he would have an Archfiend’s might. Chen Ming reckons that once he learned the Four Elements Array and upgraded four cultivation methods to the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm, he would step into the domain of Archfiends.

Not having comprehended the Four Elements Array, he still didn’t dare to confront Archfiend Azure Lion, even if he had the other five Archfiends’ help.

It would be best to wait for a while longer.

He called Ling Xian over, “I wish to impart an immortal art to you, but after careful consideration, you won’t understand it with your inferior perception. So I will give you the lesser version.”

Ling Xian was delighted, Ancestor was right, this was a reincarnated immortal. When he teaches, he imparts immortal arts, incomparable to any magical arts!

After Chen Ming wrote the simplified Finger From Beyond and demonstrating it a few times, it helped Ling Xian understand it. Even though it was lacking, it still proved useful for a disciple like Ling Xian. With this, he had no worries, and with his innate Luck Aura, he would find a treasure wherever he walked.

As he taught Ling Xian for half a month, he also broke through to the 4th stage of Dao Sense realm. When compared to Zhuo Qingyao, his speed was slower.

I wonder how is that lass doing on the Cliff Mountain?

Being gone for so long, it’d be a wonder if he didn’t miss her.

“Ding! Triggered an urgent mission: Wuji Kingdom captured Zhuo Qingyao and are torturing her for the Bandit King’s treasure. Please save Zhuo Qingyao in seven days. Reward: 800 merits! Failure: Zhuo Qingyao dies.”

Chen Ming jumped out of his chair, “What, Zhuo Qingyao got captured? “

The reward is irrelevant. Since they dared touch my, Chen Ming’s disciple, someone must be itching to die!

But what the hell was the Bandit King’s treasure!