The Wuji Kingdom wasn’t a great power, far below Pitfall Mountain or the Six Kings Alliance.

At the border of the Myriad Mountains, each king was bidding their tome for hundred of years, allowing them to grow in power, to the point of enabling them to hold great wars. But they were still under the thumb of real authority, like Pitfall Mountain and the Six Kings Alliance.

Chen Ming didn’t want to fly, but he couldn’t worry about this right now. He took the several hundred spirit stones from his lair, the income he from his territory, then some mature spiritual herbs from the medicine garden to help in Zhuo Qingyao’s recovery, and stepped on the fiend cloud, speeding into the horizon.

Although Chen Ming flew with all his might when he used up his spiritual power, he supplemented it with spirit stones. He was holding two spirit stones in his hands as it took him three days to arrive at the Cliff Mountain in Yan Empire, then flew straight to the temporary Regent estate where he roared, “Wang Meng, get over here!”

Not a moment later, Wang Meng brought a dozen Dao Initiation realm Relentless Tiger Guards outside the estate. As his eyes gazed upon Chen Ming, guilt rose inside of him. He had Chen Ming’s sole disciple in his care, yet he was unable to protect her. Wang Meng couldn’t stand on his own as others held him straight.

Chen Ming saw that Wang Meng’s wounds were grave. With how serious his condition was, Chen Ming didn’t continue blaming him. Wang Meng forced himself to his feet, “Prince, I deserve death, I am useless.”

Chen Ming took a spiritual herb and put it in his hand, “For now, tell me where is Zhuo Qingyao.”

“The Wuji Kingdom captured young miss, and from the information we received from the Relentless Tiger Guards, she is held in the tightly sealed Imperial Palace.”

Chen Ming nodded, his eyes suffused with a trace of ruthlessness, “It doesn’t matter if you attack me, not even if you attack Yan Empire, but, what the hell are you doing detaining a thirteen-year-old girl?”

Cliff Mountain wasn’t far from the Wuji Kingdom and had many conflicts with its neighbor, Yan Empire, “Tell grandfather and father to prepare an army to destroy the Wuji Kingdom. I want it raised to the ground.”

He then flew on his fiend cloud towards the Wuji Kingdom, arriving outside the Imperial Palace a day later. Seeing the dazzling palace, he went inside in crow form. He didn’t fear a straight fight but did fear the Wuji Kingdom but that they would harm Zhuo Qingyao.

Chen Ming had some doubts if the Nine Nines Mysteries Art was only a Dao Sense realm cultivation manual. But even in the Dao Sense realm, he could stand aloof as a great lord. He was currently pooling all his merits and spiritual knowledge into the Nine Nines Mysteries Art, “How far can I upgrade the Nine Nines Mysteries Art right now?”

“Ding! Because your strength isn’t defined by realms, you cannot upgrade the Nine Nines Mysteries Art, and can only promote it to the 24th stage.”

“Then use merits and spiritual knowledge to promote it!”

Using more than 200 merits and 8000 spiritual knowledge, to promote it to the 24th stage scared Chen Ming. His original 10000 spiritual knowledge was now reduced to a mere 1500.

But he could see that his danger value increased until it reached the 299 value. He was one point away from entering the domain of Archfiends!

Danger value: 299(Matchless below the Archfiend stage)

This promotion of Nine Nines Mysteries Art was so strong? Making him invincible under the Archfiend stage?

Worthy of a freaky cultivation manual that killed any who dared cultivated it.

Based on his current body strength, Chen Ming could fight head to head with a Fiend General! Below his feathers, his skin had a faint golden glow, giving him immunity to mundane weapons, making his body as tough as jade.

Chen Ming landed on a large tree and spread his awareness in search of Zhuo Qingyao. He scoured the entire palace and breathed easier when he found her. Chen Ming flew towards her position, inside the main hall. Zhuo Qingyao was in chains, with a pale complexion and blood leaking from her mouth.

“Zhuo Qingyao, you can avoid this needless suffering by telling me where the Bandit King’s treasure is!”

Zhuo Qingyao twisted her head, “Aren’t you afraid my Master, Chen Ming, will come smashing now that you’ve captured me? ”

The golden armored Commander questioning her, guffawed, “Chen Ming? He died at the hands of Pitfall Mountain. Your resistance is futile. I advise you to tell me where it is.”

They didn’t realize as a black crow landed on Zhuo Qingyao’s shoulder.

The Commander exposed a cold and ruthless smile, then punched at Zhuo Qingyao’s stomach. A black smoke emerged before him, holding his hand in a metal vice, unable to shake it.

The smoke scattered, showing Chen Ming’s face and startling the Commander, “Who are you?”

Chen Ming gave a wicked laugh and tightened his grip, as craking sounds were heard with the increase in pressure.

Chen Ming crushed the Commander’s hand to pieces!

“This King is Chen Ming!”

With the Commander only at the 5th stage of Dao Initiation realm, Chen Ming knew he could easily crush ten of them with a single hit.

Chen Ming’s fist struck, and like a tiger, it erupted with a powerful wave of energy cracking the Commander’s chest!

The blow rag-dolled the Commander out of the main hall, ending up nothing more than a pile of meat, with every bone in his body broken.

Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes flashed with vigor at the sight of Chen Ming. “Master, I knew you’d come.”

Chen Ming broke her chains with a flick of his hand, but Zhuo Qingyao’s body was too weary and swayed. Chen Ming crouched in front of her and said, “Grab on.”

There was a huge commotion outside, as even a fool knew an intruder came from looking at the Commander’s corpse. More than twenty Dao Initiation realm cultivator rushed here, bringing along even more cultivators, all on flying swords, right behind them. From all around the Imperial City, tens of thousands of soldiers converged here like clouds, bows at the ready.

There was a sea of spears outside, while the cultivators sealed of the sky. They intended to fight Chen Ming to death!

Zhuo Qingyao noticed the disturbance, “Master, leave, I’m only a burden. Use this chance to escape.”

Chen Ming’s thought, This lass is still worried about me, “Don’t be afraid, these tens of thousands of soldiers are all in my grasp. What!? You haven’t seen me for so long and you no longer listen to me?”

Zhuo Qingyao grabbed on to Chen Ming’s back, her arms circling his neck. Chen Ming knew that the tortured left hear weak and exhausted, he was afraid she would fall from his back. Grabbing a cloth from the main hall, he tied Zhuo Qingyao to his back using his spiritual power.

Lustrous King Sword flew from its sheath and landed in his hand, and with Zhuo Qingyao on his back, he walked outside the main hall. From a thousand steps above, Chen Ming watched the army below and the cultivators in the sky, then laughed, “Listen closely, you are all in my grasp. If you surrender you still have a chance at life. If not, then you have the right to remain silent, anything you say will turn into your dying words.”