Chen Ming thought, Worthy of a Main Character. This kind of pace is inconceivable. “See, there are no issues.”

Sect Leader eyed Zhuo Qingyao carefully, “Are you suggesting that Qingyao can cultivate that Nine Nines Mysteries Art?”

He then gave Li Changgeng a look and said, “Li Changgeng, walk with me.”

Li Changgeng had dark lines on his face.

Sect Leader smiled, “Qingyao, there has never been someone like you before, ha-ha. Then, um, in the inner sect disciple competition, do your best to make your Master proud.”

He then dragged Li Changgeng by the ear.

Li Changgeng’s wails could be heard from afar, “Sect Leader, this old fellow is over two hundred years old. Leave me some respect… ow ow ow…”

Zhuo Qingyao was puzzled. She noticed how odd these two geezers were, not acting their age, “Master, are they all right?”

“Ding! New mission: Help Zhuo Qingyao place first in the competition! Reward: 1000 merits!”

Hot damn, when a big mission appeared, a great reward followed!

Chen Ming shook his head, “Don’t mind them. I will now teach you a sword art. My family has two sword arts, of common origin. One is the Lustrous King Sword Art cultivate in, and the other is the Fairy Sword Art. The two of them complement each other and if the two swords are in perfect harmony, you can travel anywhere under the heavens. I will show you the first art.”

At the ‘two swords in perfect harmony’, Zhuo Qingyao’s face turned pink and nodded.

I’m teaching you sword arts so why is your face red?

But he didn’t pay it too much attention. He looked around and finding no audience, he unsheathed the five-foot-long Lustrous King Sword from his back. Although he didn’t practice the Fairy Sword Art for long, based on his familiarity with the Lustrous King Sword and their common origin, he could teach it to Zhuo Qingyao.

The sword’s rise startled the autumn wind, shifting the clouds. The white-colored Lustrous King Sword flowed in Chen Ming’s hand and—through dozens of moves—it created flowers as he danced about. Chen Ming rarely showed seriousness as the immaculate Lustrous King Sword caused great changes in the clouds and sky above, while his clothes fluttered, and sent chilling sword lights. Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes shined like stars, Master is so cool.

As the sword moves ended, Chen Ming’s voice sounded, “What do you think?”

She blurted, “So cool!”

Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched, “I know it’s cool. This is something everyone can see and common sense stops them from mentioning it. How much have you understood?”

Zhuo Qingyao blushed, Master is so cool, making anyone distracted, and I only saw how elegant and mesmerizing Master was…

Qingyao’s wheels spun fast, “Master, it was too fast for me to remember.”

Chen Ming thought, A girl who has never seen a sword art in her life will find it hard to understand a sword art like Fairy Sword Art that needs to form the Sword Heart to showcase it. Right, can’t I use merits to comprehend cultivation methods? Maybe I can also comprehend magical arts.

Chen Ming asked inwardly, “I want to comprehend the Fairy Sword Art!”

“Ding! comprehending the Fairy Sword Art to the Sword Energy level requires 10 merits (because the Lustrous King Sword Art is at the Sword Heart level and since the two sword arts complement each other, only 5 merits are required).

Comprehending the Fairy Sword Art to the Sword Heart level requires 100 merits (because the Lustrous King Sword Art is at the Sword Heart level and since the two sword arts complement each other, only 50 merits are required).

Comprehending the Fairy Sword Art to the Unity level requires 1000 merits!”

His Lustrous King Sword Art wasn’t even halfway to the Unity level.

Chen Ming checked his status.

Name: Chen Ming.

Realm: 2nd stage of the Dao Initiation realm.

Constitution: Limitless Dao Body.

Cultivation Methods: Dragon Form Art 6/9 stage. (At the 9th stage a Dao Seed is formed).

Magical Arts: Lustrous King Sword Art at the Benevolent Sword Heart.

Dao Seed: None.

Disciples: Zhuo Qingyao.

Merits: 60.

With 60 merits he could directly comprehend the Fairy Sword Art at the Sword Heart level. He thought, “Comprehend the Fairy Sword Art to the Sword Energy stage!”

“Ding! Please choose between direct comprehension or inferred comprehension.”

“Are they different?”

“Ding! Direct comprehension implies instant understanding. Inferred comprehension means you will understand it as you practice it.”

“Inferred comprehension!”

Chen Ming then said to Zhuo Qingyao, “Watch closely.”

Lifting the Lustrous King Sword in his hand, all the Fairy Sword Art’s moves flashed in his eyes. Each strike and motion echoed in his heart, becoming clearer. Chen Ming thrusted his sword and not only sword flowers bloomed, but they also possessed a mysterious intent. He only lifted his sword but in Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes, it stood still. To her eyes, each strike was broken down, each part having an indescribable charm that made her heart absorbed by them.

After practicing the Fairy Sword Art, bluish sword energy came from Chen Ming’s fingertip, This must be the Fairy Sword Art’s sword energy. It truly is in harmony with the Lustrous King Sword Art, how marvelous.

Chen Ming looked at Zhuo Qingyao who just came from her stupor, “Now, how much did you understand?”

“I seem to have understood a little.”

Chen Ming passed his sword to Zhuo Qingyao but found a problem. His Lustrous King Sword was too big for her…

Chen Ming didn’t even dare to imagine a little girl waving around a sword as big as himself. It wasn’t a pleasant sight.

Chen Ming scratched his head, “Think back on the Fairy Sword Art I just showed you, while I’ll be right back.”

Walking behind the Lustrous King Peak, Chen Ming chopped a green bamboo and shaped it into a bamboo sword. An hour later—and with a fresh wound on his hand—he returned to the courtyard, presenting Qingyao with the new sword, “Cough, use this to practice for now. When I have the time, I will go to the Regent’s estate for the Fairy Sword.”

As Zhuo Qingyao took the bamboo sword, Chen Ming’s eyebrow twitched from the pain in his palm. She then saw the bloodstains on the sword, “Are you hurt Master?”

Chen Ming laughed it off, “Your Master is a man of greatness, how could I get hurt from a bamboo sword? This was from fighting with a monster on my way back. Don’t you worry, I easily handled it!”

Zhuo Qingyao saw through it. She has always been an orphan and Master was the first to show her kindness, “En, Master is the best!”

Zhuo Qingyao went to practice with the new sword. The sword moved in her hand, and although the sword art was unfamiliar to her, she was already a third way there. Chen Ming thought, Sure enough, a cheat can’t be reasoned with! This perception left him a thousand miles behind!

Watching him comprehending also helped, but this girl’s talent was something else.

At night, Zhuo Qingyao changed her clothes with the new ones a servant brought her. She took the bamboo sword from the table and felt the scratch on its body. She felt immense regret, so she wrapped the sword in her old clothes and laid it under the quilt, then she picked a woodcutter’s ax and walked towards the back of the mountain.

“Master gifted me this bamboo sword. It won’t be good if I break it.”

In the courtyard, Chen Ming laid in his chair while swinging his legs. Old Fang entered and said, “Prince, young miss Zhuo Qingyao just left.”

“En, don’t get to close while protecting her and give her some freedom. Keep in mind that a genius has secrets. You need to give her room to grow. Don’t let her discover you.”

Old Fang thought, Prince seems to like many things recently, “Servant understands.”

In the dead of night, Chen Ming jumped out of bed and bellowed, “Who’s the bastard that chops bamboo at this hour? You better hope this young master won’t find you, or I will skin you alive!”