The atmosphere took an awkward vibe.

The army and cultivators prepared for war, stood dumbstruck, carefully inspecting Chen Ming, and whispering comments, “Did the fear get to his head?”

“Where did the Yan Empire found this clown?”

“Since he came alone, his head must have a screw loose. This must be a common occurrence to him.”

Chen Ming’s thought, Wasn’t that a declaration of war? Why aren’t they attacking?

“Ding! Host entered the battlefield. Setting up the death toll, when it passes 10000, the achievement Ten Thousand Slaughterer will be obtained.”

Chen Ming was thinking, It’s perfect! When a rare chance to earn an achievement shows itself, you cannot miss it.

Zhuo Qingyao was worried, “Master, let’s leave.”

“Don’t you believe in Master? Daring to do something like this to you, I will give them an unforgettable lesson, forever engraved in the history books of the Wuji Kingdom.”

Chen Ming saw how the dozen or so Dao Initiation realm cultivators in the sky launched their swords attacks. There was a storm, an inferno and even flickering thunder among them. In contrast, Chen Ming coated his Lustrous King Sword in three-zhang long sword energy then hacked with a move from the Lustrous King Sword Art, the Nine Mountain Crusher!

Like a sword cutting reeds, the ten-odd incoming swords shattered. The sword went through them unaffected, as if they were rotten wood, then continued to engulf the cultivators, forced into retreating!

“Just how powerful is he?”

“I can’t see his cultivation!”

“One sword made us retreat, he must be a Great Cultivator!”

“How did the Yan Empire invite such a terrifying man?”

“He must be using a secret art, he won’t last long. Continue attacking, I just can’t believe he can withstand the might of our entire kingdom by himself!”

The generals also sensed something amiss, “Fire, quickly!”

The black cloud in de sky rained arrows straight at Chen Ming, who turned his head, “Hide yourself and don’t get hit.”

Chen Ming stomped the ground. The thirteen years old Zhuo Qingyao could easily hide behind him, but Chen Ming wasn’t assured as the spiritual power burst from within and created a barrier. The stone crumbled beneath his foot, as he launched himself towards the armed and ready soldiers.

He wasn’t worried about their strikes as none could hurt him, but Zhuo Qingyao couldn’t handle these hits.

The three-zhang long sword energy swept across, splitting tens of soldiers in two, then followed with another step and with another swipe, killing dozens more.

Each swing of his sword shrowded all who stood before Chen Ming, spreading death to tens of soldiers.

A hack would cause a ten-zhang long crevice in the ground, while a sweep split the soldiers at the waist!

The cultivators above didn’t let Chen Ming continue his wanton slaughter, as they rushed at him. Chen Ming was pondering something, Should I use it? He was afraid it would scare them into retreating.

Chen Ming reached a conclusion, then faced the twenty-some cultivators charging at him and sheathed his sword, “Finger From Beyond!”

Power erupted from his finger, drawing an entire Dao Palace’s spiritual power, making the cultivators feel the touch of death. The power in his finger was too horrifying!

Up above, the clouds turned into a vortex and a blue finger came out, disintegrating everything in its path.

When it landed, it rent the ground asunder. The aftershock struck the soldiers, turning them to dust, then it ran into the cultivators, sending them crashing down like meteors, all the while coughing blood. This finger alone annihilated more than half of the Imperial City, leaving behind an immense crater as proof of its power.

Throughout the attack, the earth split open, revealing the deep abyss, and after the finger landed, it turned into a ten-zhang deep and tens of zhang wide crater!

Chen Ming withdrew his sword, “This is an immortal art, this is what relentless power looks like!”

“Ding! Death toll: 3217.”

“Ding! Death toll: 3218.”

“Ding! Death toll: 3254.”

Chen Ming surveyed the ground, the Dao Initiation realm cultivators on their last breath, and then at the soldiers who, because of the crater left behind, were now buried in the remains of the Imperial City.

This was why an Archfiend was called an Archfiend. They would kill this many, but when they struck, they changed their surroundings.

Chen Ming’s finger was one the strongest even among the Archfiends.

The cultivators and the soldiers now knew, “This is… a King stage’s destruction…”

“He’s a King…”

“Our enemy is a King…”

The cultivators didn’t have the same thoughts, “He’s no Human King, he just used a secret art. His spiritual power must be bone dry. Let’s attack together, kill him!”

“If we let him go, then wouldn’t he come again? Only killing him will remove this torment!”

Countless soldiers and cultivators rushed at Chen Ming, like a tide of steel. He brandished his sword, releasing his three-zhang long sword energy, followed by constant strikes, with each of them leaving tens of soldiers motionless.

This time, Chen Ming was the one advancing, while the army and the cultivators retreated again and again!

After wiping out two thousand soldiers more, and seven-eight cultivators, one cultivator finally managed to hit Chen Ming’s body. His sword struck Chen Ming’s chest, slashing his clothes, but with a ‘clank’, the sword snapped!

Chen Ming grabbed his neck with his left hand, smashing him on the ground then dumping him in the resulted hole.

Chen Ming jumped so that all the attacks were focused on him, to protect Zhuo Qingyao on his back.

The cultivators and the soldiers noticed, “Attack Zhuo Qingyao on his back. He came to save her!”

“He won’t have an easy time protecting her!”

“Attack Zhuo Qingyao and pin him down!”

“Surround him, there’s no reason to fear him. His fatal weakness is Zhuo Qingyao!”