I am Master’s weakness.

Chen Ming’s heart tightened at the sight of everyone around him aiming their swords at Zhuo Qingyao.

With his current spiritual power, Chen Ming could launch another Finger From Beyond at best, killing god knew how many. This might prove fruitless, but Zhuo Qingyao’s safety was above all else. He was an orphan before all of this, he knew how alone he was in that world, and if he slipped, he only had himself to lean on and get back up. There was never a second person to help him, making him lick his wounds in the night by himself.

Zhuo Qingyao has only me.

Besides him, there wasn’t another to lean on.

Chen Ming turned towards Zhuo Qingyao on his back, “Relax, I’ll keep on fighting. If it doesn’t work, we’ll leave. In this world, no one can hurt you.”

Chen Ming tore his black-feathered robe and draped it over Zhuo Qingyao. Since it was made from a Fiend General’s plumage, it could handle mundane weapons.

Chen Ming hacked a sword sneaking and attack on Zhuo Qingyao and spoke gravely, “Did you know? You managed to piss me off, and this fury can only be quenched by your kingdom’s annihilation!”

Chen Ming stopped slaughtering ordinary soldiers since their attacks couldn’t pierce his spiritual power shield, nor harm Zhuo Qingyao. His target was the Dao Initiation realm cultivators in the sky. If he could kill this danger towards Zhuo Qingyao’s life, then he could enjoy fighting without restraint.

The sky now held a total of twenty-some Dao Initiation realm cultivators.

Chen Ming jumped on his fiend cloud and charged at a cultivator, sending his sword energy towards him. At the same time, a flying sword appeared behind him, going after Zhuo Qingyao. With his Lustrous King Sword in mid-strike, Chen Ming turned around and took the incoming attack with his chest, sinking half an inch and drawing blood.

These were spiritual weapons, but even them couldn’t break his body when his Nine Nines Mysteries Art cultivation was equivalent to a peak Fiend General.

And now, he was one step away from entering the Archfiend’s domain.

The cultivator wanted to recover his flying sword, but Chen Ming locked it in place with his muscles!

The 10 stages of Dao Sense realm were to cultivate the body, to increase its strength. These 10 stages were then able to compress the spiritual energy inside into spiritual power. And the current Chen Ming was now at the 24th stage of Dao Sense realm!

Even a fiend’s body was lacking when compared to him.

His entire body was strong as jade, shining with a faint golden light. He tightened his muscles and, like steel pincers, locked the flying sword in his chest!

Chen Ming tapped the air, and in three steps he was upon the swordless cultivator, his own sword cleaving him in two!

Three more swords zipped towards Zhuo Qingyao, so Chen Ming could only grab the Dao Initiation realm cultivator in front and turned around. The swords skewered the shield and struck Chen Ming in the chest, waist, and arm, then threw this deader than dead Dao Initiation realm cultivator away.

Chen Ming glanced at the four swords sticking out of him. “Seems like either you beat me to death or me, you.”

“It’s sad that I don’t want to get beaten, and I am more curious to see what kind of faces do you make when you’re on the receiving end.”

He fished out a thousand-year-old snow ginseng from his ring and took a bite out of it, chew a bit, then swallowed. it might not cure his wounds, but it helped maintain his fighting state. His left hand now had a spirit stone, absorbing it spiritual energy while the Dao Initiation realm cultivators approached.

“I am cultivating the Iron Palm. Kill him while I grab his sword!” Said a tall and strong cultivator.

This Dao Initiation realm cultivator dashed at Chen Ming and went to grab the Lustrous King Sword. Chen Ming smirked, “You’re dreaming if you think you can grab my sword!”

Chen Ming pointed his sword at the sky, in preparation for the Overlord’s Rule.

He twisted his sword, and while enveloped in sword energy, he slapped the incoming cultivator into the ground, instantly burring him, and helped Chen Ming by taking three soldiers down with him.

The spirit stone in his hand turned to dust, and another took its place, resuming Chen Ming’s absorption process.

As dust kept drifting from his palm, Chen Ming found himself the target of five more incoming flying sword. He lifted his left hand to blocked, the five more wounds appeared on his arm and left side.

Chen Ming flew into a rage at this point, “All of you die! Overlord’s Rule!”

Sword energy erupted from his left hand, charging at the five swordless cultivators!

Three of them fell from the sky, turning into a pile of meat.

“He can’t hold much longer. If we keep this up, he will die from his wounds!”

“Attack together!”

“Work together and wound him!”

Chen Ming watched the approaching ten-odd cultivators and spiritual energy burst out of his left hand.

Even if his spiritual power was depleted, based on his body, no one could stop him!

“Finger From Beyond!”

Chen Ming extended his finger and the bluish finger once again swept everything as it sped towards the incoming cultivators.

The bluish finger crushed all, killing nine of them on the spot, entering the earth and leaving another great crater behind!

The aftershock met with the rest of the army, turning them to dust!

The remaining cultivators finally cowered, not daring to continue attacking Chen Ming. He killed thirty-eight Dao Initiation realm cultivators in this battle, and there was no other left in the Imperial City to come and surround him.

Chen Ming swept his sword, his gaze now landing on the soldiers on the ground, blood leaking from the corner of his mouth, “It’s your turn to suffer my wrath!”

He was talking like this because he was worried about Zhuo Qingyao getting hurt, getting ready to break away from here.

With no spiritual power left, Chen Ming waved around his five-foot-long Lustrous King Sword amidst the crowd. He was akin a T-rex, smashing and bashing anything in his path, knocking against spears and swords. A frenzied beast, slaughtering his way out of the enclosure.

Ordinary men weren’t his match, sending them flying with each collision!

Chen Ming slashed and hacked, all the while absorbing spiritual energy with his left hand.

“Ding! Death toll passed the ten thousand mark, Ten Thousand Slaughterer achievement complete. Killer Aura becomes Killing Intent Aura. Reward: 5000 spiritual knowledge, 500 fame.”

‘Killing Intent

Description: people are struck with terror by your slaughter, paralyzed in fear.

Effect: Intimidation. Resolute people will find their fighting spirit drained. Your magical arts now carry a hint of killing intent.’

“Activate Killing Intent?”


The blood spilled on the ground released a faint bloody mist, gathering around Chen Ming. His eyes turned blood-red, emanating a chilling killing intent.

Under the aura’s cover, the already fearful soldiers now avoided Chen Ming’s eyes.

“He’s no human, he’s a devil!”

“We can’t win against this monster!”

“Retreat, we can still make it!”

Chen Ming walked forward, until he felt he had enough spiritual power to sustain his flight, then left this place on his fiend cloud.

Chen Ming laid Zhuo Qingyao down next to a creek. She saw how hurt he was, the five swords sticking out of him and tears started gathering, “Master, does it hurt?”

Chen Ming rubbed Zhuo Qingyao’s head, “Don’t be too emotional, of course, it hurts. Owww! If you want me to live longer, quickly come and pull them out!”

“Easy, easy, ow!”