The sword trial was a long-time tradition in the cultivation world. On one hand, it let their disciples the chance to safely display their skills, on the other, it showed the sect’s power, bringing glory to the sect.

Moreover, when two sects were in conflict and were they to fight, they would both suffer great losses. Even the winner would have to pay the cost of several experts. And so, they chose another way, let their disciples fight each for them.

The Flying Immortal Sect was the strongest of them in the kingdoms of the Southern Border. But because it was too close to the Myriad Mountains, it didn’t control many kingdoms. Yet it didn’t impede today’s sword trial, further proving the sect’s status.

The second strongest, the Black Saber Sect, with a Saber King as overseer, prevented Flying Immortal Sect from influencing the other kingdoms.

Today’s Flying Immortal Sect could be said to be a place of great spectacle, with disciples of great talent coming here to participate from all the other sects. To avoid any accidents happening to them along the way, the sect sent a team of elders to accompany them.

“Sect Leader Huang, your disciple’ cultivation is very profound. He’s so young and yet reached the 7th stage of Dao Sense realm!”

“You’re too kind, Sect Leader Wu. Your disciple isn’t weak either. He will surely get a high position! ”

“Sigh, I don’t expect him to be in the top ten, be he should be able to secure a place in the first hundred.”

“I wonder who’s sect will take the first place.”

At this point, a Daoist came, “You don’t know? the Black Saber Sect has an otherworldly talent, Mo Yun. They say he is only fifteen years old and already in the Dao Initiation realm! And that’s not all, he is also very close with Flying Immortal Sect Sect Leader’s daughter. I heard that both sects plan to marry them.”

“Now that is a match made in heavens!”

“Talent with talent, this is how it should be!”

Mo Yun was currently touring the Flying Immortal Sect with Hua Qingting as the guide. He was already fifteen years old, a tall and imposing youth. His hair flowing down his body, carefree and graceful, yet of wicked presence. He pointed at a white lotus on an overhanging cliff and said, “Qingting, isn’t that the Heavenly Mountain Lotus?”

Hua Qingting looked elegant, at fourteen years old, beginning to show the signs of womanhood, with long luxurious legs, snow-white skin, and eyes like drifting clouds. If Zhuo Qingyao was here, “With looks like this, I can pummel her a hundred times!”

Hua Qingting described, “That is the snow lotus father requested from the Snow Domain. This is its time to bloom, spring.”

“With Snow Lotus’ beauty and exquisite purity, it shows how rare it is, definitely the most beautiful flower in this world. And this flower can only match the most beautiful person. I will give it to you as a gift!”

Hua Qingting’s face showed a hint of blush, but Mo Yun already disappeared. Hua Qingting cried out, “Be careful, it’s very slippery!”

A moment later, Mo Yun was in front of Hua Qingting, speaking tenderly, “Let me help you put it on.”

A sudden dark cloud loomed, as two fiend clouds approached, covering the sky and enveloping the Flying Immortal Sect in darkness.

“What’s happening?”

“This is the Flying Immortal Sect, yet fiends dare look for death here! ”

“Two Human Kings are overseeing the trial, not to mention many Dao Initiation realm cultivators. What fiend dares to come here?”

“Subdue the fiends and destroy the demons is our life-long mission. See how this old man will behead fiends and demons!”

“Today, my Fiend Killing Sword wants a slaughter!”

Chen Ming and Black Tiger landed in front of the main gate, with Ling Xian behind them.

Chen Ming never expected for Black Tiger to be so energetic, but when he heard how Chen Ming wanted to bring his disciple to a competition, he decided on the spot to come along and cheer for him. Archfiend Black Tiger said, “Sixth brother, if it weren’t for those maps we wouldn’t have had such a relaxing time. With the Pitfall Mountain sealed off, unaware of outside events, I came with you in my free time to get to know the Southern Border kingdoms better .”

Chen Ming saw two old men past their two hundred pointing swords at him. He was somewhat baffled, “Sigh, are you telling me Flying Immortal Sect’s custom is to point swords out of respect? What a strange rule.”

Regardless of Chen Ming’s thoughts, he was still using the identity of an Archfiend. No wonder Dao Initiation realm cultivators dared to attack.

‘Wait, where’s Ling Xian?’

Chen Ming looked around, while the two old cultivators pointed their swords at Chen Ming were ready to boil from rage.

The two of them looked at Chen Ming questioningly, thinking he was trying to talk them out of it, “How can that be, please go ahead and inspect our new swords, Archfiend!”

His eyes landed on the swords, spiritual swords actually, and since they wanted him to appreciate them, then he didn’t need to show restraint. He reached for the two swords, saying, “With suck kindness, how could I be disrespectful! I will definitely return this gift!”

The two exchanged a pained look, then smiled at Chen Ming, “That would be wonderful.”

While Chen Ming and Black Tiger passed through the gate, the two old men yelled, “Sir Archfiend, our sects are Drifting Wind Sect and Chilling Ice Sect.”

Chen Ming waved his hand, showing acknowledgment.

The two looked at each other, “Two spiritual swords, they don’t seem to be wasted when they’re used to get closer to an Archfiend.”

Chen Ming looked at what Ling Xian set his eyes on. He saw how Mo Yun put a Snow Lotus in Hua Qingting’s fine black hair. The two were looking in each other’s eyes, sending intimate looks, and making Ling Xian roll his eyes as he spat, “Adulterous couple!”

Hua Qingting never gave him such loving expressions, and then his breakthrough failed and couldn’t wait to kill him! And to avoid dirtying her name she tried using the fiends to end him.

Hua Qingting and Mo Yun sent others to do their dirty work. Ling Xian remembers this suffering well.

Hua Qingting caught sight of Ling Xian, eyes wide, “Weren’t you dead?”

Ling Xian smiled, “Thanks to your help, I am now alive an well!”

Mo Yun said, “Little bastard, I let you get away that time, yet you came back. You must be impatient to die! ”

Ling Xian’s fury spiked. He wanted to teach Mo Yun a lesson, but Chen Ming stopped him with his spiritual power, making him yell, “Let me at ’em, let me slaughter this adulterous couple!”

Chen Ming peaked at the couples’ danger values. Their hundred and a bit was no match for Ling Xian’s 120. So he spoke throght his spiritual power in his ear, “This little bastard is getting on my nerves. Killing them won’t make them feel true despair, so mess around with them, slowly. I want them to fall when they are at their highest, permanently!”