In the world of cultivation, parents would leave the world earlier, while a Master would always be there by your side. So when they called Ling Xian a bastard it was, without a doubt, an insult to Chen Ming.

Ling Xian listened to Chen Ming and showed restraint.

Mo Yun thought Ling Xian was scared, and laughed harder, “Trash is trash. What morals and skills give you the right to be next to Qingting when I am a proud son of Heaven?”

Hua Qingting patronized, “Did you returned to Flying Immortal Sect to beg for scraps, trash? It wouldn’t do to die of hunger. Men, come bring this dog a bone!”

Hua Qingting brought the bone to the starving dog, smiling, “Eat, this is delicious, a normal dog couldn’t even dream of a treat like this!”

The bones in Ling Xian’s fists crackled, forcefully suppressing his anger, “I have come to join the Sword Trial!”

Mo Yun guffawed, “Sword Trial? Even trash like you is qualified to enter? Do you even have a Master? Did you become the disciple of the Beggar Sect’s Chief? Do you think any nameless punk can enter the sword trial?”

Chen Ming wanted to applaud Mo Yun and Hua Qingting’s speech, I’m touched, you have finally stirred my interest!

Ling Xian glanced at Chen Ming, “Master, they say I’m not qualified to enter!”

Mo Yun and Hua Qingting looked over at Chen Ming, all the while thinking he was just a small-time sect leader or elder. But when they saw the fiend energy around him, Hua Qingting’s voice wavered, “A c-complete t-transformation… it’s an Archfiend…”

Mo Yun paled on the spot, were they courting death just now?

Chen Ming smiled, “This King would like to ask, does the disciple of Archfiend Wandering Crow, from the Six Kings Alliance, have the qualification to join the Sword Trial?”

He was after all an Archfiend, even accompanied by Archfiend Black Tiger, and not to mention he belonged to the recently famous Six Kings Alliance. This kind of existence was something even her father needed to be careful around. Hua Qingting spoke, “Naturally!”

Chen Ming glanced at her, “I didn’t ask you, or others might say I’m bulling children.”

Hua Yang, the Sect Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect, ran over with Mo Tian, the Sect Leader of the Black Saber Sect. Hua Yang said, “Fellow Daoist Wandering Crow, fellow Daoist Black Tiger, welcome to Flying Immortal Sect. You are gracing us with your honorable presence. Of course, fellow Daoist Wandering Crow’s disciple has the qualification to enter the trial.”

Then Mo Tian asked a peculiar question, “But did you know Ling Xian lied to fellow Daoist? His Dao Palace is shattered, trash, wouldn’t he ruin your reputation as a Master?”

Chen Ming laughed, “You’re saying that I’m blind, that I can’t see right from wrong?”

Mo Tian cupped his hands, “Old Daoist has no such intention, only wanted to warn fellow Daoist.”

Hua Yang butted in, “Since fellow Daoists brought a disciple to join the Sword Trial, please follow me to the seats worthy of your status, to witness his performance.”

Hua Yang brought them at the highest terrace above the stage, as two extra seats and a table were added, filled with refreshments. The two Archfiends showed no restraint, plopping into the big chairs. The Sect Leaders bussied with trial arrangements, when Black Tiger whispered to Chen Ming, “Didn’t expect the border of Myriad Mountains to have such arrogant Human Kings, to not even put the Six Kings Alliance in their eyes.”

The reasonable way would have been for the sect leaders to not provoke them. After all, they were only two King rank experts while the Six Kings Alliance were six.

It can only mean that trouble lurked beneath the surface.

The two of them were seasoned cultivators with plenty of life experiences. If they couldn’t even see through this, then they weren’t worthy to be called Archfiends.

Chen Ming said, “I came here to see the guarding array of this place. Little brother has some understanding of the Dao of arrays, enabling me to see through it.”

Black Tiger laughed, “Relax, I already broke the talisman. This talisman comes in pair, when one breaks, the other follows. Two of my Fiend General are bringing over Great Fiends as we speak.”

The two’s eyes met, coming to a mutual understanding.

“Ding! Triggered a group mission: Archfiend Black Tiger trusts you to see through Flying Immortal Sect’s guarding array! Reward: 2000 spiritual knowledge.”

Chen Ming peaked at his merits, seeing how to the previously measly ten or so points 550 were added with Ling Xian’s breakthroughs, and 800 were added from rescuing Zhuo Qingyao, bringing it to a total of 2241 merits.

Comprehending the Four Elements Array would make him a human rank array master. He didn’t hesitate for a second and spent the 1500 merits price.

But his danger value didn’t increase because he only had the Fire Crow Art and Dragon Form Art at the 6th stage of Dao Initiation realm.

With the comprehension of the Four Elements Array, Chen Ming was now privy on how to use it. He knew that it needed cultivation methods of the fire, earth, wind and water elements to set it up.

The Dragon Form Art was of earth attribute, while the Fire Crow Art was of fire attribute, but the Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art and the Dao Canon weren’t suited for the Four Elements Array. He looked behind and saw the two sect leaders who welcomed him at the sect gate, from the Drifting Wind Sect and Chilling Ice Sect.

Chen Ming’s smile made the two nervous, and said, “You two, walk with me!”

Chen Ming rose, with the apprehensive two in tow. Chen Ming began when they entered a room, “Do you have wind and water cultivation methods?”

The two thought, So it’s about our cultivation method. My heart was close to jumping out of my chest!

Drifting Wind Sect’s Sect Leader said, “Sir Archfiend, this cultivation method is the life of a sect. Why is Sir asking?”

Chen Ming waved his hand and a thousand-year-old spiritual herb landed on the table.

Chilling Ice Sect’s Sect Leader said, “Sir Archfiend, I’m sure you know this, but a cultivation method is hard to come by. Our elders shed blood and even lives to be in its possession.”

Chen Ming directly said, “Ten thousand spirit stones.”

Drifting Wind Sect’s Sect Leader said, “Spirit stones won’t last forever, but a cultivation method can hold for a lifetime.”

Chen Ming followed with, “From now on, you will be under the Six Kings Alliance’s banner.”

The meaning couldn’t be clearer. They would be under the protection of the Six Kings Alliance, they would be their men.

Drifting Wind Sect’s Sect Leader fished out a booklet from his chest and put it on the table, “Sir Archfiend, this is our sect’s treasure. When the Nirvana Astral Wind is trained to completion, you can absorb the Big Dipper’s energy, allowing you to break your foes and melt metal!”

Chilling Ice Sect’s Sect Leader shifted his sleeve, then revealed a book, “This is my sect’s secret legacy, Jade Water Core Sutra. When cultivated to completion, you can form a Jade Water Core and absorb rivers!”