Su Kuang was too stunned for words.

Two years ago, Ling Xian was the most outstanding genius in the Southern Border, with no one more talented than him.

A year ago, Ling Xian was the joke at every meal, everyone knew he became a cripple.

Three months ago, no one heard of Ling Xian again, only to pop up, now, as an Archfiend’s disciple. With his cultivation stepping into the Dao Initiation realm!

For him to reach the Dao Initiation realm in three months, with the Dao Canon no least, had a profound meaning.

This was a talent unheard of in the entire history of Southern Border!

The teacup of the Sect Leader of the Flying Immortal Sect fell from his hands and shattered, “Dao Initiation realm in three months? Is this your weakest disciple?”

Chen Ming reflected, then said, “He can’t take a hit from his senior sister.”

The voice coming from the Sect Leader from the Flying Immortal Sect was high and filled with emotion, making it easy for many others to hear it, “What? With this talent, he is still the weakest disciple? According to what Archfiend said, Ling Xian can’t even take a hit from his senior sister.”

Just what freaks was this Archfiend raising?

Or better yet, did he had a special way of training them?

The eyes of the young geniuses participants sparkled, If trash like Ling Xian could be trained to this degree, then how much stronger will we become after he takes us in?

Black Tiger saw how all eyes were fixed on Chen Ming, So cool! I should also get some disciples, then send the weakest to competitions. When he’ll win then I will act in the same casual manner as Chen Ming.

Ling Xian cupped his hands towards Su Kuang, “To what you said before, my response is total focus, to fight you with all I have.”

Su Kuang smiled, “Dao Initiation realm. Is it great? You’re cultivating the worst trash of them all, the Dao Canon. Once I defeat you, I will become the world’s greatest genius!”

Ling Xian’s concentration peaked, recalling the unshaken figure of senior sister; his eyes flashed with a hint of fierceness. He extended his finger, “Lightning of the ninth heaven, hear my call. Descend!”

Ling Xian’s finger flickered with lightning. His summoning caused the clouds to launch arm-thick lightning straight at Su Kuang!

Su Kuang was too slow and burned black, with smoke drifting from him. The stage floor beneath him also darkened, then puked blood and collapsed, never to get up again.

“That’s a lightning Dao Palace!”

“Only the lightning Dao Palace could summon heavenly lightning!”

“The lightning cultivators are the most dangerous. The destruction they cause is the greatest!”

Ling Xian didn’t stop at one finger, as he remembers what senior sister told him, and what it meant to have the same bearing as her.

To use all your power, without any restraint, because he was too weak when facing her. Even when battling with Zhuo Qingyao, his full power wouldn’t be able to harm one hair on her head.

Ling Xian rushed to the downed Su Kuang, each of his steps shaking his body. There, lightning flickered along his hands as he struck Su Kuang a dozen times!

After Ling Xian stopped, Su Kuang landed outside the stage, his state unknown.

Taking a short rest, Chen Ming found that these youngsters’ eyes had weirder and weirder glints. Then he heard, “Next fight, Ling Xian versus Hua Qingting!”

The eyes of the crowd shifted towards the stage, with Hua Qingting pulling a longsword, “Ling Xian, do you think you can act arrogant now that you’re at the Dao Initiation realm? Your last match wasn’t even of the same realm as you. I will once again prove to everyone, that you’re only trash! I am a true genius, a true proud daughter of heaven!”

The rage in Ling Xian’s eyes began to boil, “I will repay your humiliation a hundredfold! With your meager talents, you people don’t even have the right to admire my distinguished Master. I’ve never considered being a genius, I am Master’s weakest disciple. The word ‘genius’ no longer applies to me.”

Hua Qingting laughed, “Ha-ha-ha, show me the Dao Canon. How could I have been blinded, fooled by trash who cultivated the Dao Canon?”

Ling Xian nodded, “I won’t waste my words on you. The only reason I came here today, was to tell the world, that it’s not you calling off the engagement, but that you aren’t worthy of me.”

Ling Xian moved, “Since you all wanted to see the Dao Canon, then watch closely!”

The spiritual power surrounding him exploded, showering him in flickering lightning and taking the shape of a lightning serpent. Ling Xian struck his fist towards Hua Qingting, with the lightning serpent coiled around it!

Hua Qingting’s eyes showed surprise, “This is twice the amount of spiritual power I have!”

Chen Ming knew long ago how unordinary the Dao Canon was. After the 7th stage of the Dao Sense realm, Dao Canon’s amount of spiritual energy was far above when compared with other cultivators. When it reached the Dao Initiation realm, it increased to twice the spiritual power a normal cultivator would have. And that wasn’t all, the higher the cultivation the purer and stronger it became!

Ling Xian hard-pressed Hua Qingting with his assault, not giving her the chance to resist. Under this rain of attacks, Hua Qingting retreated bit by bit, all the while getting entangled by the lightning!

With a flash of lightning, Hua Qingting’s appearance worsened, as wounds covered her body. Ling Xian kicked her abdomen and as the lightning went through her, it sent her flying.

Ling Xian looked down on her, “You should be happy it was Mo Yun who sent others to kill me, otherwise I wouldn’t have stopped with just this. Remember, from now on there will be nothing between us!”

Black Tiger suddenly signaled Chen Ming, and he responded with one of his own. The fiend army has arrived.

Ling Xian returned at Chen Ming’s side, then whispered, “Master, it was Mo Yun who sent others to kill me. Is it alright if I end him?”

Chen Ming gave a curt nod. The mission wasn’t over yet as it needed Ling Xian to defeat Mo Yun.

Ling Xian continued, “Master if I kill him, we’ll have a hard time escaping Flying Immortal Sect.”

Chen Ming shot Ling Xian a look, then smiled, “You don’t need to worry, just focus on your match.”

Two tall and black-covered figures appeared in Chen Ming’s eyes. They even had a black veil and a bamboo hat. Who else could they be if not Eldest Bear and Second Bear? The two squeezed their way towards Chen Ming, who said, “I don’t recall telling you to come here. Why are you here?”

Eldest Bear said, “Young miss asked for us to got to her and try her bread.”

They had Chen Ming’s sympathy.

Eldest Bear went on, “And just recently, young miss called for us once again, but this time for noodles. And then we saw Archfiend Black Tiger’s Fiend Generals leading troops to this place, so we followed them.”

Chen Ming patted Eldest Bear’s shoulder, “Since you’re still alive after eating Qingyao’s dark cooking, I forgive you. “